90+ Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare Questions

Sexual Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare Questions Game
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In as much as we all love spontaneous leisure time activities, there are times when organized fun makes the most sense.

I know your brain is popping with lots of good “why” or “how” questions.

Well, having explored most of the party games, be it drinking or card games, the more you play the more the new options get limited. And, in this scenario, new ideas are hard to come by.

Why not try the beautiful questions games that offer unmatched fun only limited by your level of imagination? One of them is the amazing sexual dirty dares from the truth or dare question game.

There are always new dirty questions and dirty dares that are good and are worth exploring in every list. And where the list is limiting, you can get creative and add more questions of your own.

The beauty of this age-old game is that it can be played by almost anyone and everyone. The only difference comes with the interest of the persons participating in the game or the variation of the game you choose.

A party? Sleepover? A little get-together party for a small group of close friends? Dirty dares from the truth or dare questions game are what you need.

Dirty Dares – List

1. Describe in detail what it feels like to be inside someone.

2. Describe what it is like for someone to be inside you.

3. Do a lap dance and striptease to all opposite-sex persons in this game.

4. Kiss everyone playing this game on the lip.

5. Describe your best make-out session.

6. Call your partner’s ex seeking advice on how to deal with one of their bad habits.

7. Remove [name] bra using just one hand.

8. Demonstrate your face when climaxing for 10 seconds.

9. Demonstrate your voice when climaxing for 10 seconds.

10. Whisper something naughty.

11. Smack your partner’s booty.

12. Google the dirtiest thing you can think of and show it to the person next to you.

13. Undo [name] pants with just one hand.

14. Accidentally sext your ex.

15. Accidentally send a nasty text to one of your parents.

16. Get a mature content video, watch it and narrate it to everyone here.

17. Remove [John’s] shirt with one hand.

18. Take a nude selfie in the bathroom and show it to everyone for 3 seconds.

19. Take off your shirts with just one hand.

20. Lick your lips in a sexy seductive way.

21. Text a random friend something really dirty and apologize.

22. Text your ex 3 dirty dares for adults “accidentally”.

 23. Send everyone here a different dirty dare for adults’ text you can ever think of.

24. Guess who among us is most likely not to have underwear right now.

25. Describe your most embarrassing bedroom story ever.

26. Give 3 guesses of the color of underwear for each of the persons playing this game.

27. Tell a fantasy you have only dreamt of and have never been able to actualize so far in your life.

28. Have the most seductive pose you can and hold in the position for 20 seconds.

29. Strip down your underwear and stay without one for the rest of the game.

30. Describe your ideal b##bs in detail.

31. Describe your ideal size, shape and any other traits of your ideal d#ck.

32. Tell us the one thing you love the most in men’s or women’s bodies.

33. Describe your ideal b#tt size and shape.

34. Go through your partner’s call register without saying a word.

35. Describe your ideal b#oty shape and size.

36. Tell us the one bedtime secret no one knows about you.

37. Whisper to the person next to you the one secret you will rather die than let someone else know about it.

38. Write an erotic story of what you want to do to someone in case you get a chance to.

39. Describe your best bedroom experience in detail.

40. Go through your partner’s message without saying a word.

41. Describe our worst bedroom experience ever.

42. Tell us what going down on a man or woman is like.

43. Tell us the one s#x position you will never repeat in your life again.

44. Say loud the one s#x position that you feel is largely overrated.

45. Tell us one s#x position that you strongly feel is largely underrated.

46. Call a random restaurant or any other place in your mind and tell the person who receives your call a dirty joke or story.

47. Drink two torts of your favorite drink on your body.

48. Read to me the dirtiest poem you have ever come across.

49. Play the dirtiest music you will not wish your kids to ever find or listen to in the future.

50. Tell us the nastiest thing you have ever thought of doing that you currently find embarrassing.

51. Sing the most romantic and dirty song you have in mind.

52. Compose the dirtiest poem and read it aloud for everyone to hear.

53. Look me in the eye and say the dirtiest thoughts that come to your mind.

54. Update your Whatsapp status with, “I AM FEELING H#RNY” for an hour.

55. Write down your best bedroom experience and give it to the next person to read it aloud.

56. Describe your last bedroom experience in detail.

57. Demonstrate to e how you will love to be cuddled.

58. Describe how you will prefer someone to make love to you.

59. Wink twice in a more seductive way possible.

60. Demonstrate how you love to be massaged.

61. Try convincing me to make out with you right now.

62. Try a hot lap dance on me right now.

63. Tell us the best pickup lines that someone has ever used on you and you fell for them.

64. Tell us the worst pickup lines ever that someone has ever used on you.

65. Do a dirty sexy dance, record it, and send it over to my phone.

66. Go to the bathroom, take a selfie and show it to everyone 4 seconds at a time then delete it.

67. Change into a night robe with nothing inside show your naked body to your partner for a few seconds and record how they react.

68. Wear your partner’s underwear and take a selfie with it.

69. Act shyly like a ten crush and record it using your phone.

70. Recreate the scene on your first interaction when you first met.

71. Recreate a demo of the first time when you tried doing it.

72. Text me the secret nickname you’d love we call each other.

73. Say the nicest word ever to your partner looking straight into their eyes and seeing how they will react.

74. Suggest one person you will be more willing to accept as a 3rd person for a threesome.

75. Reveal all the content of your purse or wallet.

76. Read the most romantic or dirtiest text still on your phone right now.

77. Tell us your scariest s#xual experience.

78. Propose to your partner something you think might not be welcome for your bedroom moments.

79. Prank your partner about breaking up and moving in with someone he might be suspecting the most.

80. Prank your partner about being pregnant but not for them or something that will scare them off.

81. Tell us the worst things you do or say to get someone to lay with you.

82. Tell us your one dirty bedroom secret.

83. Try your best to make your partner org#sm in less than 5 minutes.

84. Show your partner a p#rn video you want to act right now.

85. Turn your partner on without touching any place below their waist.

86. Send your partner the dirtiest text that first pops into your mind.

87. Choose between dirty dares for adults vs. cards against humanity.

88. Rate this sexual dirty dares for adults game out of 10.

89. Remain silent and frozen for the next 60 seconds.

90. Twerk in your underwear.

91. With your clothes on, go on to your partner and ride them crazy.

92. Lick and suck the nipples of your partner for a minute.

93. Kiss your partner all around down there for 60 seconds.

94. Nibble your partner’s booty twice.

95. Do the wort impression you have ever seen of someone org#sm.

96. Seduce your partner and see how far you will go in 3 minutes.

97. Put whipped cream on the part of your partner’s body you want to lick and lick it all.

98. Touch yourself until you climax while your partner is watching.

99. Stay naked to the end of the game.

100. Open the front door while completely naked.

101. Sing a 2 minutes video about your partner.

102. Bite your partner’s bottom lip.

103. Whisper a few words to your spouse’s ear that will automatically turn them on.

104. Do an impression of your partner when they are climaxing.

105. Give your perfect hand job for exactly 3 minutes.

106. Drop an ice cube inside your partner’s underwear for 30 seconds.

107. Run an ice cube block all over your partner’s body until it melts.

108. Give 3 pecs to your partner’s privates.

109. Switch underwear with your partner for the rest of the game.

110. Allow your partner to touch your most sensitive parts for 2 minutes and don’t get hard.

111. Act as a sex slave and record the video.

112. Search your favorite p#rn site and category and show it to all players.

113. Retrieve your favorite p#rn video and watch it with all players.

114. Give the person closest to you (opposite sex) a back rub.

115. Take off your partner’s underwear with your teeth.

116. Take off your partner’s bra using your teeth.

117. Make love with your partner for exactly 2 minutes (120 seconds) and STOP!

118. Kiss your favorite part in your partner’s body.

119. Kiss your partner’s nipples 2 times if you like dirty dares for adults.

120. Node your head without saying a word if you’d like to play dirty dares for adults again.

121. Smile without saying a word if you think dirty dares for adults is one of your best games ever.

There you have a complete list of sexual dirty dares for the truth or dare questions game.

You can copy-paste-text the game or download your beautiful copy, mark the best dirty dares to ask in friends get-together party. Above all, have fun and build better memories with close friends.

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