100+ Flirty Truth or Dare Questions to Text Him / Her

100+ Flirty Truth or Dare Questions to Text Him / Her

Flirty Truth or Dare Questions to Ask

The early stages of any relationship – especially the crush stage are the hardest and most boring phase.

Often, you don’t know each other that much and you are just trying to figure out their likes, dislikes, views and orientation in life.

Starting a meaningful conversation at this point is as hard, both in person and over text. And, often, you find yourselves nervous trying out topics which often ends up a failure before taking root.

As a result, you end up staring at your phones hoping the other person texts first and sets the tone and topic for your conversation. Or staring at each other and be lost of words for a face to face conversation.

But why all this?

Instead of checking your phone every now and then and be lost of words to say every time you meet, flirty truth or dare questions can be a good place to get the conversation started.

And you need the best flirty truth or dare questions that are unique and you are good to go.

Flirty Truth or Dare Questions for Girls and Boys

1. What is the worst date you have ever been on? What happened?

2. Who is the best kisser you have ever kissed in your life?

3. How much do you admire your body in the mirror?

4. What size is your bra?

5. Do you sometimes opt to go pantyless?

6. How often do you go with no bra?

7. When we first met, what was your impression of me? What has changed over time?

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8. Do you have memories of the craziest thing we have ever done together? What is it?

9. How often do you feel my love for you?

10. What is the one thing when done often rekindles the spark between us?

11. Which moments in our lives do you feel like it should last forever?

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12. What moments of our lives that you feel it should never repeat itself ever again in our lives?

13. At what moment did you realize that you are deep in love with me?

14. Have you ever felt at any moment that we might not be compatible or meant for each other? When was that and why?

15. Have you ever crush to someone while we are together? What happened and how did you deal with it?

16. Who between us loves the other the most?

17. What happens in case we are forced to have a long-distance relationship?

18. What is your favorite place on your body you’d prefer I kiss more?

19. What is the one thing that people don’t know about you?

20. What is the one thing people mistakenly underestimate your abilities for?

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21. Has anyone you have lots of respect for caught you doing something embarrassing and nasty? When was that and what was it?

22. What is the one thing that most people feel and think you will never but you have done?

23. What do you feel every time I am near you?

24. What do you like the most about me?

25. Which part of my body do you like the most?

26. Have you ever asked someone out?

27. Have you ever had someone turn down your request for an out?

28. What panties do you prefer the most? Tight, normal, or baggy type?

29. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done in regards to us?

30. Who is the worst kisser than you have ever kissed in your life?

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31. Who kissed first between us when we first kissed?

32. Which celebrity do you admire the most to be your celebrity crush?

33. If you are asked to change just thing about your body, what will it be?

34. If you are asked to change just one character about yourself, what will that be?

35. Among all the celebrities, public figures and famous persons of the world, who do I resembles the most?

36. If you are asked to improve just one thing about me, what will it be?

37. If we are to choose one person between us for the death squad, will it be you or me?

38. Among all the celebrities, public figures and famous persons of the world, who do I resembles the most?

39. At what age did you first kiss? What happened on that day and what was it like back then?

40. Do you remember the first 3 and the last 3 persons you kissed in your life? Who are they?

41. Who are you most jealous of at the moment?

42. How comfortable will you be kissing someone on the first date? Will you be willing to go beyond that?

43. Who are the best 5 cutest persons you have ever seen? Rank them.

44. How many children do you prefer to have in the future?

45. Would you prefer a full normal marriage with a wedding or do you have other arrangements you’ll prefer the most that you find more appealing?

46. What will you choose between normal delivery and C-section delivery?

47. If you are to become another person or girl in your life, who would it be?

48. What is the sexiest thing about me?

49. Have you ever crushed on your best friend’s boyfriend? Who was it and what happened?

50. Would you rather be a boy or a girl and why?

51. Have you ever secretly crushed on one of your best friends? How did you deal with it?

52. What is the likelihood of you dating someone shorter than you?

53. How comfortable will you be dating someone 10 years older than you?

54. Would you consider someone 5 years younger than you for marriage if they meet all other criteria you have in mind?

55. When stranded somewhere, who will you call first apart from your parents and relatives?

56. When troubled with matters of the heart, who is the one person you would talk to first?

57. How comfortable are you kissing someone of the same sex as you?

58. What is your biggest fear in regards to your love life?

59. What will happen to your current love life if your crush shows interest in you right now?

60. What is the one thing that you like the most about your current boyfriends?

61. What do you love the most about your current girlfriend?

62. What do you feel your current special one should improve on?

63. How comfortable will you be moving in with your current boyfriend?

64. Will you move in with your current girlfriend if asked to?

65. Have you ever thought of marrying someone you are with right now?

66. Have you two ever had a serious fight? What was it about? How did you resolve it?

67. Have you ever had a rebound in your life? What happened?

68. Have you ever accused him or her of something serious only to find you were wrong?

69. Have you ever stopped talking to each other for a few days after a misunderstanding?

70. Who is more outgoing between you?

71. Who makes better tasting meals?

72. Whose cuddles and massages are better and more electrifying?

73. Who between you two kisses better than the other?

74. Who often calls or texts the first?

75. Who gives in the first and apologizes in case of a serious fight between you and your boyfriend?

76. Who has the weirdest taste and preference for things like fashion, food and drinks between you and your boyfriend?

77. How many days will be comfortable staying without seeing each other?

78. Who is more romantic between you and your special one?

79. Who often goes an extra step to make sure the other is happy and comfortable?

80. Who is most likely to leave the other first in case of a breakup?

81. What physical features on your body do you get complimented the most?

82. What are the top 2 turn-ons from your boyfriend or girlfriend?

83. Who has more appealing but?

84. Whose face looks more or less of a model?

85. Who do you feel is generally more innocent?

86. Is there a time in your lives when you felt like you’ve gone crazy over something only to find out it was a lie?

87. Would you prefer life now or back in the ’70s when everything was crazy sexy cool?

88. Have you ever made out with a different person while in a relationship? How did it end up?

89. Do you have secrets you’d rather die than your partner know about it? (Answer YES or NO and leave it at that)

90. Do you have any big regrets so far? What are they?

91. Have you ever worn a G-string?

92. Have you ever had someone ghosting on you?

93. Have you ever been catfished?

94. Do you remember the last time someone you cannot believe and still don’t believe to this day, made suggestive passes on you?

95. Have you ever felt someone is not okay but just pretending in your love life? What happened?

96. When was the last time you peed on yourself?

97. When was the last time you felt the love impulse feeling when with someone you truly love?

98. Have you ever had someone you truly loved with everything you have?

99. What size is your underwear?

100. How much do you love playing flirty truth or dare questions? Did the game rekindle some good memories?

There you have your complete list of flirty truth or dare questions.

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