100 Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

100 Would You Rather Questions for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

Would you rather questions for boyfriend girlfriend

Question games don’t discriminate, unlike many other games for kids and adults. You can play it with people close to your heart or new acquaintances in the same fashion without feeling intrusive into their private lives.

You get to know the person next to you in a deeper and more meaningful way by asking simple questions that are pure fun.

This is not only beneficial to you. It also forms a strong foundation for a strong relationship and better interactions with the person in the future.

If you are looking forward to getting to know your crush, new girlfriend, your boyfriend, a close friends or a new friend you hooked up with a few days ago and still don’t know how to get started, you can simply invite them for would you rather questions for boyfriend and girlfriend.

You can start with would you rather questions for boyfriend and girlfriend ideal for you before proceeding to advanced questions games that are flirty, more personal and dirty.

The best part of these questions games is, they can be played using cards out in the backyard, unique well-crafted questionnaire list, or premium slides right on your screen in your room with lots of drinks to cheer you on.

Would you Rather Questions for Boyfriend

1. Would you rather smell fishy or smell like garlic?

2. Would you rather feel constantly itchy inside of you or constantly sticky?

3. Would you rather lose the ability to read or the ability to write?

4. Would you rather slide and fall in an important place or have your pants tear in front of your best friends?

5. Would you rather lose the ability to see or the ability to hear?

6. Would you rather have thumb-sized nipples or a nipple-sized thumb?

7. Would you rather travel to a distant galaxy and never come back or live a normal life and die on earth?

8. Would you rather own a beautiful house in an ugly neighborhood or an ugly house in a posh neighborhood?

9. Would you rather kiss the person on your right or the one on your left?

10. Would you rather grow a third leg or a third arm?

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11. Would you rather have 6 fingers on your hand or toes on your foot?

12. Would you rather know you smell horrible and no one else does or others know of your smell and you don’t?

13. Would you rather have pointy teeth or red eyes?

14. Would you rather burp when kissing on your first date or fart in an interview?

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15. Would you rather have yellow hair or green hair?

16. Would you rather wear a suit and tie to bed or sandals to a business meeting?

17. Would you rather be hairy all over or be completely hairless from the head to toe?

18. Would you rather speak in a low grumbling voice or high pitched voice?

19. Would you rather sneeze twice every minute or have hiccups every time you are in a serious conversation?

20. Would you rather have your children look like you or your celebrity crush?

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21. Would you rather have your children a copy of you or your spouse?

22. Would you rather experience a walk of shame or have your parents walk in on you with your boyfriend?

23. Would you rather be smell like fish or garlic?

24. Would you rather be twice taller or shorter than you are right now?

25. Would you rather lose 20 pounds or gain 10 pounds right now?

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26. Would you rather be very strong but look very frail or be very weak but look well built and strong?

27. Would you rather be a hard worker with fast results or a smart worker with very slow results?

28. Would you rather time travel into the future to see how your life turns out or go back in time to the good old days?

29. Would you rather have a handsome husband everyone admires but doesn’t love you or an ugly one everyone hates but he who truly loves you for you?

30. Would you rather be left in the pitch darkness where you feel like animals are moving around you or in a jungle where you feel stalked and watched by danger every step you make?

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31. Would you rather get even when wronged or let it be?

32. Would you rather own 3 pairs of clothing that really look cool and fashionable or lots of clothing that don’t have anything noticeable about them?

33. Would you rather sleep with someone who snores all night or stay with someone who clears their nose every now and then?

34. Would you rather live with someone with a habit of spitting all over the place or with someone who empties their nasal cavities openly every now and then?

35. Would you rather be baren or give birth to and raise 12 children with this economy?

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36. Would you rather be barren for life or give birth to quadruplets in your first pregnancy?

37. Would you rather be with someone who makes you laugh all the time or someone who makes you happy by the way they carry themselves around you?

38. Would you rather get embarrassed by a big mucus balloon-pop or by a big loud fart every time you laugh in public?

39. Would you rather have difficulties in stopping every time you start laughing or every time you start crying?

40. Would you rather have a friend who causes lots of drama in an embarrassing way when they get mad at you or one who gets even right away?

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41. Would you rather live a short life of pure luxury fun and happiness or a long average life with normal daily struggles?

42. Would you rather walk in on your parents or your parents walk in on you cheating?

43. Would you rather be caught red-handed by your better half or be excommunicated for a year?

44. Would you rather eat rice for a whole year or noodles for a whole year?

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45. Would you rather take fish for dinner every day for 6 months or boiled eggs?

46. Would you rather not groom your hair for 6 months or shave your hair clean for a year?

47. Would you rather date someone twice shorter than you or someone twice taller than you?

48. Would you rather have your nudes leaked to the public or be denied access to the internet for half a year?

49. Would you rather have no phone for a year or no access to the computer for a year?

50. Would you rather live next to a noisy quarry or next to a busy noisy street?

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Would you Rather Questions for Girlfriend

51. Would you rather live in a large farmhouse with everything you need or in a tiny posh apartment in a city bustling with life and energy?

52. Would you rather feel an adrenaline rush from a roller coaster or from a Bungee jump?

53. Would you rather get stuck in space or deep in the sea for days?

54. Would you rather go swimming without underwear or a bra?

55. Would you rather have your down there or your boobs exposed?

56. Would you rather have your videos with your current spouse leaked or videos with your former?

57. Would you rather we have another sub-species of human beings or we be pure and the only one?

58. Would you rather discover Neanderthal’s sub-species of humans still exist and live among us today or wish they never exist?

59. Would you rather race of giants still alive or a race of dwarfs?

60. Would you rather learn that your girlfriend is a reptile 15 years into the marriage or know it before you get married?

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61. Would you rather live on the moon or Mars?

62. Would you rather travel to a different planet in a different galaxy with life and never come back again or remain on earth?

63. Would you rather adopt a giraffe for a pet or a Rhino?

64. Would you rather adopt a Bison or a Chianina bull for a pet?

65. Would you rather have a wild horse for a pet or a zebra?

66. Would you rather a unicorn be real or dragons?

67. Would you rather have a horse bite or a horse kick?

68. Would you rather mermaids be real or unicorns?

69. Would you rather have Lord of Rings be real or Harry Potter stories?

70. Would you rather visit the mythological city of Atlantis or uncover the lost treasure of King Solomon?

71. Would you rather be in an ancient Atlantean or Amazonian?

72. Would you rather the evolution theory of human beings is true or the Biblical account of creation?

73. Would you rather live for 1000 years in one short or in 5 separate lives of your choice, 200 years each?

74. Would you rather live for 130 years and let your children take care of you or live up to 90 years and die before you start feeling burdensome to your loved ones?

75. Would you rather die earlier than your spouse or you’d prefer your spouse to go first?

76. Would you rather have yellow teeth rusted teeth or too many teeth in your mouth?

77. Would you rather be toothless or have crocked dental teeth?

78. Would you rather have someone take care of cleaning for you or someone to always cook for you?

79. Would you rather be a jack of all trades or a master of just one?

80. Would you rather have absolute power with no respect or all the respect there is in the world with no power?

81. Would you rather be stuck and alone in the house or be stuck with someone you cannot stand?

82. Would you rather date someone 8 years older than you someone 8 years younger than you?

83. Would you rather cry, be desperate, beg and get what you really wanted or be proud and see it go?

84. Would you rather wear someone’s dirty underwear or use their foul-smelling toothbrush?

85. Would you rather cuddle all night and not be able to kiss or kiss all night and not cuddle at all?

86. Would you rather have a memorable romantic night with no s#x or a wonderful s#x night with no romance at all?

87. Would you rather date for love or for wealth first?

88. Would you rather date for great amazing looks or great noble personalities?

89. Would you rather have the powers to control human emotions or the ability to control time?

90. Would you rather have your spouse get you cheating with another person or you get in action with another person?

91. Would you rather prefer men marrying two wives or women having two husbands?

92. Would you rather watch two men making out or two ladies in action?

93. Would you rather stammer while talking or wobble while walking?

94. Would you rather hold a senior position in hell or be a gatekeeper in heaven?

95. Would you rather get the love of your life or all the wealth, position and status you wanted in the world and let the love of your life go?

96. Would you rather re-live the life of a character in a romantic movie Titanic or Casablanca?

97. Would you rather kiss the person to your left or the one on your right?

98. Would you rather we go on with the game or we get cosy and warm first before we go on?

99. Would you rather take a break or go on playing these would you rather questions for boyfriend and girlfriend?

100. Would you rather we continue playing would you rather questions for boyfriend or we try a different question game?

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