100 Interesting This or That Questions: The #1 List in 2022

This or That Questions
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The quickest and easiest way to start a meaningful conversation with a total stranger is by using the right conversation starters. This or that questions game is an excellent example of this.

Unlike great question games we have covered so far, this or that questions have a unique approach when it comes to questions games that makes it different. And therefore, ideal for many situations, especially when the general atmosphere is tensed.

A good set of this or that questions a great place to get the conversation started. The questions narrow down responses to only one of the two options given.

And therefore, it can be played by friends, among family members, between two in a relationship or with a crush you really are looking forward to winning their hearts.

You can either text with your soulmate, play the drinking or cards version of this or that questions with your buddies in your free time.

You can also play and have fun playing it by yourself gauging the options that make the most sense to your lifestyle, opening a pandra box of the things you probably never noticed bout yourself in a more philosophical approach; for instance, Mom or Dad?

This or that questions game

Best This or That Questions

  1. Breakfast or no breakfast?

Really? Of cos breakfast. How else do I get powered for the day?

2. Coffee or tea?

I am a tea guy tuned coffee. Why feel basic throughout the day? Perhaps coffee is life??

3. Movies or series?

Do I have time? Movies can be too short for my attention span or series be a time-wasting when my schedule is packed!

4. Official, high street or street fashion?

I will go with street fashion, always. How else will you feel comfortable and breathable in an outfit if not a sneaker, a jean and a loosely t-shirt? And, a blazer.

5. Europe or Americas?

Europe always. Asking why? Has Paris, Venice, Amsterdam or Budapest or is it Bucharest (pun intended) never crossed your mind? Roman-era antiquity in Antalya, the gates of Brandenburg, French culture…

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6. Country music or soul RnB?

All things constant, I will go with soul RnB.

7. Early morning or late in the night?

I am never a late night owl. Early morning works for me.

8. Text messaging or calls?

Mmmh. With bae? Texts. Any other person? Please, just call.

9. French or Italian?

Am I allowed to choose both this time round?

10. Love or money?

Money first! Ha ha… Can survive without love but not money in these times.

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11. Books or movies?

All things held constant, a great book does miracles. A movie is also good but they get replaced in our memories so fast by every new release, unlike books.

12. Vanilla or chocolate?


13. Sports car or sportbike?

A sport bike first. Sport car comes latter. Hello Kawasaki H2 Ninja series.

14. Romantic or horror?

Movies? I go romantic always. There is a reason as to why the Titanic is still fresh in our memories 30 years later and barely remember The Witch 5 years down the line.

15. Singing or dancing?

Hello Karaoke fans! Lets say together.

16. Writing or reading?

I wrote this post. But I like reading more.

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17. Tshirts or shirts?

T-shirts always. Always.

18. Shorts or sweat pants?

It is always cold outside for me. Sweat pants are ideal. Even indoors, sweatpants still win the day.

19. Smartphone or computer?

Laptop! I can still play games and chat with my PC.

20. Transylvania or the Maasai Mara?

The Mara. You’ve never been to this 6th wonder of the world. The only one to involve animals. I love the cave home of Dracula though.

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21. Milk or fruit juice?

I go with milk. It always makes me feel fully nourished.

22. Blue eyes or green eyes?

Green is a rarity. We all like to be unique. I go with green.

23. Wizards or witches?

The younger me will never allow me to choose a wizard over a witch. Witches hold such an immense power in as much as they are scary.

24. Game of Thrones or …

Whatever the second option is, I go with the Game of Thrones.

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25. Mom or dad?

Wait until you are at the point between life and death, will you hear your innocent soul calling for mama (sorry for this).

26. Last born or first born?

I have always loved the privileges that come with being the most responsible kid in the family. It feels more like being in the league of parents only that I am still young. First born.

27. Introvert or extrovert?

I am an extroverted introvert (what the hell is that?). I wonder how being a complete extrovert feels.

28. Male friends or female friends?

I am into persons of the opposite gender to what I am. I have more friends of the opposite gender though than I do of the same gender as me.

29. Solid food or drinks?

A sip is always better than a bite for me.

30. Money or fame?

Moneeeeeey! Wait a minute. What is fame for if you cannot even pay your bills?

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31. Living room or bedroom?

I wrote this in my bedroom the other night, just like most takes do.

32. Men or women?

The opposite gender.

33. Older or younger?

I wonder how an older me will look like. Can’t wait. I have seen the younger me. It was ambitious and extremely confident in my own abilities which were often overrated haha…

34. Weird or crazy?

Do I have to choose here? I am okay with both. Weird is weird and crazy is crazy. Both give meaning to a cool life.

35. Watch or play a game?

I play always. Be it indoors or outdoors. But on the weekend, Old Trafford comes out of London to grace my house.

36. A light kiss or a tight hug?

Hugs from the right person feels warm and comforting. I choose a hug.

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37. Big a#s or big b#oty?

Quit the game. I surely don’t know.

38. Shower or bathtub?

A shower is enough.

39. Reality TV shows or movies?

Movies always.

40. Movies or music?

Do I really have to choose here too? Perhaps movies… and music too? Haha…

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41. Facebook or twitter?

Facebook passively until I get old enough for tweet.

42. Tik tok or Instagram?

I withhold my choice between these two.

43. Text message or WhatsApp chat?

WhatsApp chats. Normal messaging feels ancient compared to texting over internet.

44. Crazy or weird?

Do I have to make a choice? Can I choose both?? Haha…

45. Guns or gunless?

Guns NO! How do I feel secure by wielding something that makes the person next to me insecure??

46. Online shopping or in-person in-store shopping?

There is substance in seeing what you are buying. Appearances often deceive.

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47. Family or good friends?

Family! Friends will always come second to family.

48. Feeling too warm or too cold?

I better live in the Arabian desert than Russian forests or Alaska. Historically men has always live in the desert but not ice.

49. Eating out or dinning in-house?

I’d go with eat outs.

50. Kids or no children?

Children of cos. I was raised in a large family and children is part of my DNA.

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51. Indoor or outdoor sports?

Depends with the weather. The sun is always good.

52. Self-employment, entrepreneurship or blue chip executive?

I choose self-employment.

53. Government or business?

Top-level government official? Yes. Mid-level is a big NO!

54. Snow White or Cinderella?


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55. Hotels or AirBnB?

It depends. I go with AirBnB most often. I also use hotels if I don’t plan to stay for more than 3 days.

56. Meat or veggies?

I work out and I get the best out of proteins, so meat is a yes.

57. Black coffee or white?

Untainted coffee is better. I want to taste the bean sugar free and not milk and sugar!

58. French fries or salad?

French fries unfortunately!

59. Tattoos or body piercings?

I would choose none. But if I must, maybe tattoos??

60. Bright or neutral colors?

Neutral. I shy away from anything that directs surrounding attention to me.

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61. Sweat pants or jeans?

Jeans all time. In office, field or out with family and friends.

62. Dress or blouse-trouser?

It feels great in a free dress. But trousers are more convenient.

63. Jacket or sweater?

Jackets. Sweaters remind me of school days with uniform.

64. Physical books or soft copies?

Physical books sink the knowledge deeper into my head.

65. Guitar or piano?

Speak of piano melodies until you listen to any of the tunes of the Spanish guitar or When Love Came to Town cover. Can’t say more.

66. Football or rugby?

A simple this or that questions. I go football.

67. Zoo or aquarium?

We are used to zoos. What about aquarium this time round?

68. Chinese or Japanese food?

Chinese is taking the world by storm! Lived in Japan though but still Chinese taste better.

69. African print fashion or colorful Indian fashion?

African print always.

70. Bubbly or skinny?

71. Athletic or built body?

Muscles look better. I go with a built body.

72. Fame or love?

Love is everlasting. Fame only makes us feel loved by many.

73. Money or love?

What is the use of love when we cannot afford the means to make those we love the most at least happier? When they are happier, then do we get happy in return. Money first.

74. Romance or real s#x?

Good romance with the right person evokes a heavenly feel.

75. Clubbing or in-house parties?

I am an introvert and shy away from crowds. I go with in-house parties.

76. IOS or Android?

Android is robust.

77. Wines or spirits?

Wines. Unfortunately spirits make me dizzy even before the first shot.

78. Card games or board games?

Either. Do I really have to make a choice here too?

79. Ninjas or Kung Fu?

I haven’t had an experience with any but Ninjas look really cool and professional.

80. Clean dishes or laundry?

None. But maybe I do laundry this time? Don’t like greasy or oily feel of the dishes.

81. Cleaning the house or taking care of the lawn?

Gimme the tools I go for the lawn.

82. Working in a team or alone?

I am really introverted. Alone is always better for me for all intellectual works. But maybe in groups for physical works. Or we work independently then review them together and come up with final output?

83. African Safaris or Asia?

You’ve never been to the Savannah. If you’ve lived in a city with many people for the most part of your life, an Asian tour won’t give a better experience. Go wild in the wild in Africa and come back feeling replenished. No pollution.

84. Amazing abs or toned chest?

Men? A toned chest gives a better look. Ladies? Better-looking abs brings out the best body shape. Which one are you?

85. Truth or dare?

Truth or Dares can be strenuous at times. With a bad person, you can really do some bad dares ha ha…

86. Music for productivity or podcasts?

I go with music always. I find podcasts to be more or less or an audio version of some expert motivation which I rarely touch. I prefer motivation than comes from within me.

87. Swimming or sunbathing?

Hello North African beaches. Here is come for sunbathing.

88. On the beach or hiking in the mountains?

On the beach always.

89. Credit cards or cash?

Cash feels substantial at hand that a card. Doubt it? Have One million stashed in your house vs a card having one million in it and feel the difference.

90. Football or basketball?

Always a football fun for life. I like basketball too but not more than football.

91. Brunette or blonde?

Do I really have to make a choice here?

92. Colored or black hair?

Black looks good.

93. Kinky or curly?

Do I have to make a choice here too?

94. Long hair or shot?

Shot is better. I was raised to believe clean means short hair. I do try long hair but always fall back to the default.

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95. Beards or clean shaved?

Beards look better. But shaved is also okay.

96. Smoking or drinking?

None applies to me. Perhaps drinking? I see no benefit in smoke.

97. Sneakers or sandals?

Why is this even among this or that questions list?

98. Movies at home or theatre?

There is a reason movie theatres are still in business. The experience can never be replicated at home however much we try.

99. Successful or rich?

Success gives a higher level of internal fulfilment and peace. It is worth pursuing.

100. Respected or feared?

Unless I like living in Gotham where the order of the day is fear. How else would I love to be feared?

101. A smart partner or a funny one?

A smart person makes me fulfilled. I love funny people though.

There you have your complete list of deep this or that questions. You can download and print your copy, read them straight right on this website or opt for the beautiful card game option. The choice is yours to make.

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