Buckle up for a roller coaster of choices as we bring you the best this or that questions game.

The game is designed to spark interpersonal debates, reveal hidden preferences and bring joy to a conversation between friends.

From spicy to romantic to questions for teenagers, we have questions that cater to every personality, age and taste.

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Spicy This or That Questions to Ask

The funny this or that questions for friends and family

1. Success or happiness?

2. A silly t-shirt quote or an embarrassing graphic?

3. A sore throat or runny nose?

4. A zoo experience or an aquarium?

5. Jackets or sweaters?

6. Credit cards or cash?

7. Amazing abs or toned legs?

8. Do dishes or work on laundry?

9. Talking cats or talking babies?

10. Long hair or short hair?

11. A club party experience or a house party experience?

12. Making more money or finding true love?

13. Test the waters first and dive in the deep end?

14. A bizarre haircut or bad dye job?

15. Freedom with poverty or authoritarianism with riches?

16. Resist hunger or ignore thirst?

17. Pet a beautiful baby turtle or a cute baby bunny?

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18. Home-cooked dishes or chef-prepared restaurant dishes?

19. A very cold weather or hot weather?

20. Plain clothes or patterned clothes?

21. An early morning phone calls or late-night phone calls?

22. Instagram influencer or a TikTok star?

23. Beautiful tattoos or good-looking piercings?

24. Birthday party or Christmas Holiday?

25. College life or high school memories?

26. Powerful motivational videos or inspiring stories/books?

27. Live with false hope or with unnecessary anxiety?

28. Lonely and alone or contentment and bad company?

29. Dine and dash or shoplift?

30. Annoying friend or dramatic friend?

This or That Questions for Couples

Romantic and flirty this or that questions for banter

31. Winter fireside cuddle or summer ice cream date?

32. A kiss in the rain or a kiss under a mistletoe?

33. Sunrise hot air balloon date or yacht sunset date?

34. Breakfast in bed or romantic dinner out?

35. With the lights on or with the lights off?

36. A lovely good morning note or romantic morning text?

37. A sunset beach walk holding hands or a walk under the moonlight?

38. A sweet pet name or an insider joke for two?

39. Flowers, handwritten note and chocolates gift or money gift?

40. A flirty partner or a romantic partner?

41. A touchy partner or teasy partner?

42. A very romantic lover or a caring lover?

43. A movie date or a stand-up comedy date?

44. Red roses or handwritten love notes?

45. A surprise picnic or breakfast in bed?

46. A surprise kiss or a gentle hug from behind?

47. A meaningful personalized gift or an experience gift?

48. A verbal apology or actions to show they are sorry?

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49. A bouquet of mixed flowers or assorted chocolates?

50. Dating a gym trainer or dating a yoga instructor?

51. Romantic sticky notes or love messages in the mirror?

52. A flirty text or romantic voice message?

53. A sweet pillow fight or a romantic card game?

54. Confiding sweet secrets or telling silly jokes?

55. Romantic message in the sand or a fireworks message in the sky?

56. A super yacht or private jet experience?

57. A random phone call or random text?

58. A lovely whisper to the ear or a surprise kiss on the neck?

59. Matching outfit color or holding hands?

60. A sweet compliment or love text?

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This or That Questions for Kids

Interesting this or that questions for teens and kids

61. Play the guitar or play the piano?

62. Painting or drawing?

63. A bouncy castle or roller coaster ride?

64. Vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream?

65. Play a favorite video game or have a tour of Disneyland?

66. One more brother or one more sister?

67. Online schooling or real schooling?

68. A sweet milkshake or a savory smoothie?

69. Bedtime stories or bedtime games?

70. Play hide and seek or tag game?

71. A Disney princess or a superhero?

72. A dog pet or cat pet?

73. Cherry pie or apple pie?

74. Become a princess or a queen?

75. Win a spelling bee or a math bee?

76. Sing your favorite song or dance to your favorite music?

77. Become friends with Cinderella or become friends with Snow White?

78. Become a pilot or a police officer?

79. Eat pancakes every morning or waffles?

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80. Drink a milkshake or juice?

81. Eat Pizza daily or eat burgers every day?

82. Drink yogurt or eat ice cream?

83. Become a wrestler or a boxer?

84. Become a movie actor or musician?

85. Have a trampoline or a swing?

86. Dance so well or sing perfectly?

87. Become a genius or have lots of talents?

88. Become a football player or basketball player?

89. Silly Putty or Play-Doh?

90. Eat Skittles or Oreos?

This or That Questions for Work

This or that questions for the office or team building

91. A pay rise or a promotion?

92. Monday meetings or late Friday meetings?

93. Group projects or individual work?

94. An angry client or a difficult co-worker?

95. Physical labor or mental work?

96. Working with a big multinational or a small startup?

97. Career growth or job security?

98. Corporate retreats or quarterly team-building activities?

99. More education in a specialized field or more experience?

100. More productive working under pressure or working without deadlines?

101. Follow routine or space for innovation?

102. A private office or a reserved parking space?

103. A happy fool at work or an always troubled genius?

104. An underdog in the office environment or the favorite one?

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105. A victim of office politics or office gossip?

106. Date your boss or a coworker?

107. Fired from your job via a text message or in person?

108. A demotion or salary reduction?

109. Bad traffic to work or bad weather?

110. A bad boss or annoying coworker?

111. A lazy coworker or an annoying whiner?

112. Work from home or work from the office?

113. External hire or internal promotion?

114. Some background music or a quiet office?

115. Webinars or real workshops?

116. Open office space or the cubicle arrangement?

117. Slack or Teams?

118. Company-branded outfits or your clothes?

119. A desktop workstation or a laptop workstation?

120. Flexible working hours or fixed working hours?

Pop Culture This or That Questions

121. Flowers or money gift?

122. Keeping Up With The Kardashians or The Bachelor?

123. Dance or sing?

124. Pizza or sushi?

125. The Simpsons or Family Guy?

126. Afrobeats or hip hop?

127. Netflix and Chill or a house party?

128. Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings?

129. Adele or Taylor Swift?

130. Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad?

131. Action movies or science fiction?

132. Street fashion or high-end luxury brands?

133. A TikTok star or Instagram influencer?

134. House party or clubbing?

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135. A personalized poetry or surprise serenade?

136. An Android phone or an iPhone?

137. Hang out in Dubai or a party in the Caribbean?

138. A superyacht or private jet?

139. A Lamborghini or Ferrari?

140. Own a premium Rolex watch or a crypto asset?

141. Own a popular podcast or an authoritative YouTube Channel?

142. Date a supermodel or a popular Instagram model?

143. A tattoo or a piercing?

144. Watch Blockbuster or attend a concert?

145. An athlete or a sportsperson?

146. End up as a popular politician or rich business person?

147. Master AI or master blockchain technology?

148. Snapchat or Instagram?

149. A musician or an actor?

150. A gold chain or a diamond ring?

151. Rihana or Beyonce?

What is This or That Questions Game?

This or that is an exciting question game exploring two impossible options that you have to choose from.

It is a game for two or more people to explore their preferences and get to know each other’s preferences better.

What are Good This or That Questions?

The good this or that questions are those that are those designed for you to get to know each other better.

They spark interpersonal debates, reveal hidden preferences and bring joy to conversations between friends.

How Do You Play This or That Questions Game?

The game is played by two or more people. And, depending on the setup, you can read the questions, one person at a time from a card, printout or smartphone.

You can also choose one person to ask all the questions and each person in the group will pick their most preferred option in either of the options presented to them.

What are This or That Questions Game Rules?

Unlike many other questions game, this or that questions has fewer rules.

Allow each persona short window to explain why they chose that option.

You can also limit the amount of time someone takes to respond to 5 seconds; making it more of a 5 seconds game.

For a large group game, eliminate members based on how long they take to respond or if they have repeated a previous answer.

Feel free to make more rules for the game as you play along.