100 Interesting Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

Truth or Dare Questions for Teens
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Are you looking for some of the funniest truth or dare questions for your upcoming party, friends meet up or good time together with your special one? You are in the right place.

This is a long list of unique truth or dare questions for teens you can use to play with your friends at any occasion, be it a party or just a normal meet up.

We have tried to make them as short as possible and ideal for texting for you to have fun with your special one far away from you.

You can opt to download your beautiful copy of the questions, print and highlight the questions you feel will be more suitable for you. Or, copy and paste them to your text app and send!

Above all, as long as you are having fun with people you value the most, you are good to go.

Truth or Dare Questions for Teens

1. Have you ever peed in a pool?

2. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity with someone you respect a lot?

3. What are your most embarrassing moments with your parents?

4. Have you ever attended a party hoping to get someone to satisfy your desires?

5. Have you ever skidded over a banana leftover or something similar in public?

6. Have you ever tried making passes to someone you respect and fear? How did it go?

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7. What are your most embarrassing moments with your crush?

8. Have you ever stepped on poop?

9. Have you ever tacked your shirt in your underwear and had someone remind you or your visible underwear?

10. Have you ever been caught red-handed peeping at someone sitting in an awkward position?

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11. Have you ever sat in a bad position in a skirt and got the whole crowd looking at you?

12. What is your worst menses story?

13. Have you ever touched yourself telling yourself it is the last time you are doing it?

14. What is your funniest wet dream story?

15. Have you ever walked in on your parents doing it?

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16. Have you ever knowingly eavesdropped on a conversation you are not supposed to hear?

17. Have you ever pushed a door that is supposed to pull until when you were helped by someone?

18. Have you ever found yourself watching two close friends doing it?

19. Have you ever peeped on someone changing clothes? When was that and who is the person?

20. Have you ever tried peeping in someone in the bathroom?

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21. Have you ever been caught trying to do something nasty like peeping someone privates while sitting in a bad position?

22. What do you often find yourself thinking of while sitting on the toilet?

23. Have you ever gotten chocked by food or drinks in front of your friends? Tell us more about it.

24. What is your most embarrassing moment with your siblings?

25. Have you ever peed on yourself?

26. When last did you pick your nose?

27. True or false: You have a crush on ….?

28. True or false: You have ever made out with ….?

29. Have you ever tried telling a lie that backfired right on your face? How did you handle it?

30. Have you ever shared a toothbrush with someone? Who was it?

31. Have you ever worn underwear that is not yours? Whose underwear was it and why?

32. What is the funniest thing you have ever done while drunk?

33. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done while drunk?

34. What is the most while imagination you have ever had on someone you are crushing on?

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35. Have you ever stalked someone online? Who is the person?

36. Have you ever spied on your former girlfriend or boyfriend online? Who was it and would you do it again in the near future?

37. Who are you most jealous of and why?

38. Whose life would you love to have and what makes you think and feel it is your ideal life?

39. Have you ever mistakenly sent an embarrassing text to the wrong person? Who was it and who was the text meant for?

40. Who is the one person you will never ever agree to be your partner even if it means you are the only one remaining and you refusing means extinction of human beings?

41. Have you ever sent someone a text knowingly and pretended it was mistakenly sent to the wrong person? Who was it and what was your intention?

42. When is the last time you went the whole day in public without underwear?

43. Have you ever went out with no bra? How did it feel like?

44. What color is your underwear right now?

45. Who annoys you the most right now? Why?

46. Is there something in your browsing history you will be very embarrassed if someone went through it? What is it?

47. If you are to give your partner your phone right now without deleting anything, how comfortable will you be with the idea? What will make you uncomfortable if any?

48. Have you ever been turned down by someone you did not expect would? Tell us what happened.

49. Have you ever admired someone secretly and felt embarrassed if anyone knew about it? Who was it and why would you feel embarrassed about anyone knowing about it?

50. Have you ever had a crush on a close relative? How were you related and how did you deal with it?

51. What is the longest time you have ever gone without brushing your teeth?

52. What is the longest time you have ever gone without taking a bath?

53. What is the most illegal thing you have ever done in your life?

54. Have you ever shared a secret you were never supposed to?

55. Have you ever snitched on someone close to you?

56. Have you ever let the cat out of the box unknowingly? What happened thereafter?

57. When is the last time you suddenly said a word you shouldn’t have said? What was it?

58. When is the last time you cried bitterly? What happened?

59. What are your secret vices you wish no one knows?

60. Have you ever laugh-farted in front of many people?

61. What is the funniest gift you have ever received? Who was the gift from?

62. What do you find funny that other people see it as normal?

63. Have you ever busted into laughter at the wrong time and had people around you wondering if you are going crazy?

64. Have you ever laughed in public and not be able to stop yourself from laughing?

65. What is the craziest thing you have ever done under the influence of loud music on your headphones thinking no one will hear it?

66. What is the one thing you find funny about people of other races, countries, religions, or cultures? (Remember to be nice )

67. Which word do you find its pronunciation weird and funny?

68. What is the one thing you find no normal but most people in your society find it okay?

69. What are the one thing that is unique to your family and you never find it in any other family you have ever interacted with?

70. Would you rather miss a prom or your graduation?

71. What is your funniest, “It’s only in [place or country] that [people] do [action” thing? For example, It is only in the US where ….

72. Would you rather have your kids look more like you and less like your partner or more like your partner and less like you?

73. What is the last thing you texted someone closest to you?

74. What is one funniest joke you found yourself laughing at several days and months later?

75. What do you find not really necessary and it is just overrated? Why do you think so?

76. What are the funniest names you hear people being called? Why do you think the names are funny?

77. Which countries and cities do you think have funny-sounding names?

78. Which accent do you find sounding funny to your ears? (Be nice and negatively critiquing)

79. Which word have you ever ever heard it pronounced weirdly?

80. If you were to start a successful conspiracy, what will it be and why would you choose that?

81. Of all the public WiFi you have come seen in your life, what are some of the funny names you have come across in your life?

82. What are some of the unwritten rules that you have to observe at home, school, or anywhere yet no one is even enforcing them in the first place?

83. If you were to start a successful secret society, what will it be all about? And, why?

84. What is the funniest inside joke you’ve been part of?

85. What are some of the most embarrassing things you have ever worn?

86. What are some of the embarrassing things you did and thought was right back then that you look and wonder what the hell was wrong with you back then?

87. Have you ever had an irate moment where you suddenly got yourself saying nasty things about someone else? What was it all about and when was that?

88. Have you ever found yourself off-topic in a conversation among your friends? Tell us more.

89. What is the weirdest thing you have ever seen in someone’s photo?

90. What is the worst name you rather die than give it to one of your kids?

91. Have you ever been given a nickname you felt embarrassed of? What name was it and why get embarrassed?

92. What is the funniest business you have ever heard of but still works?

93. What is the funniest business screw up you have ever heard of that brought a whole firm down?

94. What is the creepiest thing you have ever seen someone do in the streets that you wonder if we have dignity within ourselves anymore?

95. Assuming you are a crazy scientist, what experimentation will you run, assuming that we no longer have the guilt, ethics, and money is not a problem?

96. If you are to delete just one conversation on your phone right now before giving it to someone, whose conversation will it be? And, why would you delete it?

97. Have you ever texted someone and wished it could be deleted before they read it? What was it all about?

98. How likely will you play truth or dare questions for teens with friends again in the future?

99. Who are you most jealous of?

100. What is your worst menses story?

Dares for Teenagers

101. Read the last three texts on your phone.

102. Share with the group your best selfie ever.

103. Kiss the person closest to you on the cheek.

104. Look straight into someone’s eyes for 10 seconds

105. Make a prank call to your crush about getting together.

106. Prank call your boyfriend telling him it’s over.

107. Let everyone ask for $1 from someone closest to them and see who will get it the first.

108. Allow another player to apply makeup on you.

109. Apply lipstick to every man in this room.

110. Prank call your girlfriend telling her you don’t love her anymore.

111. Imitate the funniest person in the room.

112. I dare you to say you have never lied about your age.

113. Take a mouth full of gin, spirit, or whisky.

114. Remove your shirt for 3 minutes.

115. Say something about yourself no one will ever believe.

116. Smell another person’s armpits.

117. Tell everyone the unbelievable thing you have ever done.

118. Choose the one person in the room you don’t mind sleeping with.

119. Try seducing someone in the house for a minute.

120. Tell everyone the most common thing you have never done or experienced.

121. Say a secret you know about someone in this room.

122. Read the first 20 people in your call register.

123. Allow one of the players to go through your Whatsapp texts.

124. Say the rumors you have ever heard people spreading about you.

125. Narrate how your very first date went.

126. Slap the person on your right.

127. Touch the most sensitive part of the person on your left.

128. Tell us the worst you have heard people say about someone in this room.

129. Tell us how your first kiss felt like.

130. Allow one of us to go through your texts.

131. Eat a snack without touching it.

132. Take a sip of water without touching the cup.

133. Share your browsing history with everyone.

134. Give a crazy promise to the person seated closest to you.

135. Take a big bite of bread and try talking.

136. Try walking imitating a baboon.

137. Go to the neightbor next door and say hi.

138. Read the name of the last person in your contact list.

139. Check whose contact list has all alphabet letters represented.

140. Call a random person in your contact list and sing them a birthday song.

141. Call and congratulate a couple for their anniversary.

142. Call a random person and tell them how you miss them.

143. Dip you finger in peanut butter and choose the person who will lick it.

144. Text a random person and tell them someone in the room likes them.

145. Crack an egg on your foot.

146. Apply honey on your lips and ask someone to lick it.

147. Talk like a robot.

148. Try talking like someone who is crying.

149. Put a drop of water on everyone’s forehead and lets see who’se will dry first.

150. Apply honey on your cheek and let someone one of the players lick it.

151. Let everyone cry and lets see who’se tears will fall the first.

152. Try talking while breathing in.

153. Invent a new word and give it meaning.

154. Try reading someone’s lips and tell us what they are saying.

155. Sing your favorite song with your nose closed.

156. Let someone post something crazy on your social media page.

157. Prank call someone you have a crush on.

158. Shake your ass.

159. Dance to your favorite song.

160. Allow one of the players to call your crush and let them know you have a crush on them.

161. Shake your waist.

162. Do a belly dance for the whole group.

163. Give a lap dance to the oldest person in the group.

164. Try your best pickup lines and lets see whose lines win.

165. Take a bite of raw Garlic.

166. Dive into a swimming pool and lets see who will last the longest under water.

167. Do a twerking dance.

168. Take a big bite of a piece of lemon.

169. Perfom dutty wine dance moves.

170. Wrap your palm around ablock of ice for 30 seconds.

171. I dare you to say the most inncredible fact you know.

172. Do 10 squats with hands on your ears.

173. Do a sexy runway model walk.

174. Do an impression of someone in this room and let others find out who that is.

175. Do 12 pressups.

176. Allow one of the players to go through your phone for 2 minutes.

177. Perfom your best dance move.

178. Sing your best song.

179. Compete in a karaoke and let’s see who wins.

180. Examine what is in every lady’s purse or handbag.

181. Reveal the color of underwear you are wearing.

182. Draw a sketch of everyone in this room.

183. Howl like a fox.

184. Play air guitar to your best song while singing.

185. Pose for your best photoshoot style.

186. DM your first crush on social media.

187. Demonstrate your best sex position.

188. Make out with a pillow.

189. Cuddle a tedy bear.

190. Let everyone to go through your Instagram DM.

191. Hold your breath for as long as you can.

192. Choose someone and dance with them for 3 miniutes.

193. Allow everyone to go through your snapchat history.

194. Choose one of the players to smell your armpits.

195. Do a griding dance with a player of your choice.

There you have your full list of truth or dare questions for teens.

You can download your copy, mark the most appropriate questions and have fun playing funny truth or dare questions for teens with people close to you.

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