How do you keep your kids engaged when physical activity is not a possibility? Or, how do you get them in the mood for the next activity in a party setting?

Well, perhaps the answer lies in question games, truth or dare questions for kids being among them.

Unlike other questions games, truth or dare questions for kids is not only fun but also very easy to play.

You start by asking, Truth or Dare before daring or asking a question whose answer MUST be the truth.

If the kids choose a dare, you will dare them to do something. For instance, you can dare them to whistle.

By any chance the child seems uncomfortable with the question or takes long to answer, feel free to skip and ask the next one.

The main aim of the game is pure fun for the kids. There no winner or loser in truth or dare for kids. Therefore, getting the best set of truth questions and dares is very important.

Truth Questions for Kids

1. What color are your shoes?

2. What is your favorite snack?

3. Who is your best friend?

4. What is your favorite TV show?

5. What would you call your pet?

6. How do you know when you are full?

7. What scares you easily?

8. Who annoys you often?

9. What is the name of your girlfriend?

10. What is your favorite toy?

11. What is the name of your boyfriend?

12. How do you know mama is angry at you?

13. What do you say when you wrong someone?

14. What is your favorite joke?

15. What do you like about your school?

16. Who is the prettiest person in your school?

17. What is your favorite tongue twister?

18. Which teacher is your favorite?

19. Who is mean to you in school?

20. Can you tell a funny knock knock joke?

21. What is the last lie you told?

22. Do you swap food in school?

23. What is your favorite pet?

24. What do you do when you get lost?

25. What is your favorite fruit?

26. What do you say when someone wrongs you?

27. What is your favorite animal?

28. What do you want to be when you grow up?

29. Where should we go on our next vacation?

30. Who is your favorite person?

31. What is your favorite animation?

32. What wish would you ask a genie to grant you?

33. Who makes you cry back in school?

34. Who do you feel is a bad friend?

35. What will you buy when you grow up?

36. What will you do when you grow up?

37. How do you know if you are growing or not?

38. Which food don’t you like?

39. What would you like for your upcoming birthday?

40. Which of your friends should we visit?

41. What will you do if you were to be my parent?

42. What is your favorite dress?

43. What is the funniest thing you have ever done in school?

44. Did you ask a question in class this week?

45. Would you like to be the first in class next time?

46. What mess do you keep under your bed?

47. Would you like to e a wizard when you grow up?

48. Which school rule don’t you like?

49. Which house rule do you hate the most?

50. If I give you a lot of money, what will you do with it?

51. What magic can you perform?

52. Have you ever lied about being sick?

53. What makes school better than home?

54. What makes home better than school?

55. What do you tell your teacher when you have not done your assignment?

56. Have you ever faked your parent’s signature?

57. Have you ever wanted to walk around without clothes on?

58. Have you ever slept in a church service?

59. Have you ever picked food from the ground?

60. Have you ever slept in class?

61. What is your favorite breakfast?

62. What is your favorite meal when we go out?

63. What game do you often play at school?

64. Have you ever danced on the bed?

65. What is your favorite lunch?

66. What do your friends call you?

67. What are your secrets?

68. Why are kids afraid of the dark?

69. Have you ever sent a letter to Santa?

70. Do your friends have nicknames?

71. Do you still pick your scabs?

72. Do you still want to live in a tree house?

73. What is your favorite dance style?

74. Do you bite your nails sometimes?

75. Have you ever seen a monster in the dark outside?

76. Have you helped someone today?

77. What is the meanest word you have ever said to someone?

78. What do you do if someone is mad at you?

79. What do you do when your friend is unable to finish their assignment in class?

80. What is the grossest thing you have done this week?

81. Should we have a new baby in the family?

82. What is the one thing you would like to change about this home?

83. Have you ever lied to me?

84. What is the coolest thing your friend has ever brought to school?

85. What name would you like to call yourself?

86. What is the one thing you’d like to change about mama?

87. Have you ever hidden something from me?

88. Has anyone ever told you something and asked that you don’t tell mama?

89. Who is the worst person ever?

90. What is the one thing you would like to change about dad?

91. Who is the nicest person you know?

92. Who are you most afraid of?

93. Do you think you can beat me in a video game?

94. Who is the best person ever?

95. What would you like me to teach you?

96. What do you want me to buy you today?

97. Which animal are you like?

99. Which celebrity do you want to be like when you grow up?

100. What do you like about the house?

Dares for Kids

1. Mew like a cat.

2. Dance on the table.

3. Say a bad word.

4. Imitate mama when she is angry at you.

5. Try not to blink for 10 seconds.

6. Imitate a baby talking.

7. Try not to laugh while I make a silly joke.

8. Imitate daddy coming from work.

9. Fly with a broom like a wizard.

10. Imitate an old person speaking.

11. Recite the alphabet backward.

12. Act like your class teacher doing her lessons.

13. Act like a police officer flagging down an overspeeding car.

14. Hope like a frog with hands on your ears.

15. Count 1 to 10 backward.

16. Take a teas spoonful of peanut.

17. Spell your two names backward.

18. Sing a lullaby for your baby.

19. Talk in the voice of your superhero.

20. Imitate your favorite cartoon.

21. Sing Twinkle Twinkle little star in Santa’s voice.

22. Draw a bird while blindfolded.

23. Try talking without moving your lips.

24. Walk backward for 30 seconds with your eyes closed.

25. Do a silly dance move with eyes closed.

26. Show me your dimples.

27. Give me your best smile.

28. Try not to laugh at my funny face.

29. Try a moonwalk.

30. Hold an ice cube in your hand for a minute.

31. Nod your head like someone who is understanding what is being said.

32. Do five pushups.

33. Rap your favorite song.

34. Give dad a prank call.

35. Take a spoonful of sugar.

36. Take a bite of raw onions.

37. Prank call your class teacher.

38. Spin for a minute and try standing on one foot.

39. Put an ice cube down inside your tucked-in shirt.

40. Use sign language to communicate something to me.

41. Take a small bite of ginger.

42. Sing Jingle Bell in an Italian accent.

43. Try to make me laugh under 1 minute.

44. Paint someone’s face the way you like.

45. Draw a funny sketch of someone.

46. Take a bite of raw meat.

47. Let someone redo your hairstyle.

48. Take the stage for a 3-minute standup comedy.

49. Lick your elbow.

50. Touch your opposite side ear over your head.

51. Lick your nose.

52. Imitate Gollum’s voice.

53. Perform a ballet dance like a pro for a minute.

54. Breakdance like your life depends on it.

55. Imitate the president’s speech.

56. Sing your favorite song in 2 different languages.

57. Imitate how your best friend in school talks.

58. Imitate your favorite new anchor reading the news.

59. Pretend to call an ambulance.

60. Act like a gangster walking down the street.

61. Pretend like you are calling 911 emergency to report a robbery.

62. Crack an egg on your head.

63. Bite an apple so that it ends up looking like an iPhone logo.

64. Give one person in this room a kiss.

65. Say something mean to someone in this room.

66. Hug one person in this room.

67. Do something no one believes you can.

68. Eat a whole banana without biting it.

69. Take 3 bites of unpeeled lemon

70. Imitate daddy talking to mammy.

71. Get to the window and shouT, “good morning my neighbors.”

72. Pick a nickname for yourself.

73. Walk like you are on a fashion runway.

74. Try singing like someone in an opera.

75. Say something in a different language.

76. Tell a funny joke and see who laughs first.

77. Say a foreign word you got from watching a movie.

78. Do the chicken dance.

79. Wear your underwear on your head for 30 minutes.

80. Knock on a neighbor’s door and tell them you wanted to say hi.

81. Give everyone in here a nickname.

82. Speak like a captain on an airplane.

83. Take a big bite of bread and try talking.

84. Dress the family pet to your best.

85. Imitate someone during a praise and worship session.

86. Do a disco dance.

87. Try talking like a robot.

88. Try playing an imaginary Spanish guitar.

89. Cry like a newborn baby.

90. Do your best and try sounding like a speeding motorbike.

91. Hold an ice cube until it melts.

92. Quack like a duck.

93. Talk with your tongue out.

94. Swap your clothes with someone in here.

95. Let me tickle you for 30 seconds and don’t laugh.

96. Do a cha-cha dance for a minute.

97. Make a funny sound.

98. Make a scary face.

99. Draw a mustache on my face.

100. Act like you are driving a car.

Truth or Dare Questions for Kids

Truth: What is the last lie you told?

Dare: Tell a lie that we all think is true.

Truth: How often do you lie about your age?

Dare: Guess everyone’s age in this house.

Truth: Who is your best friend and why?

Dare: Prank call your best friend.

Truth: What are your best moments ever?

Dare: Tell us a story about the best day in your life.

Truth: What was your worst day ever?

Dare: Tell us about a nightmare you have ever had.

Truth: What is the one thing you will never admit to anyone?

Dare: Tell us a white lie.

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Truth: What is your darkest secret?

Dare: Tell us one thing no one will believe about you.

Truth: How many nicknames do you have?

Dare: Give yourself a new nickname.

Truth: Which nickname don’t you like at all?

Truth: Which nickname do you love the most?

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Truth: Do your siblings have secrets they warned you not to tell mom or dad? What are they?

Truth: What is the most amazing thing you have ever seen?

Truth: What have you wished for all your life but never gotten it yet?

Truth: What is your ideal birthday gift? Have you ever received one? How many times so far?

Truth: What is your best meal from mom’s cooking?

Truth: Would you like dad to prepare meals every day as opposed to mom?

Truth: What is the weirdest talent you have ever heard of?

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Truth: Do you have a secret talent no one knows about it? Show us the talent.

Truth: Have you ever peed in bed?

Truth: Have you ever experienced the worst moments in your life? What was it?

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Truth: Have your friends ever laughed at you for wearing dippers?

Truth: What is the funniest thing you used to do when you were a toddler?

Truth: What is the funniest word you used to say when you were a toddler?

Truth: What s the most embarrassing word whose pronunciation you barely can to try?

Truth: Have you ever pranked anyone? Who is it and what was it about?

Truth: Have you ever admired your friend’s parents? Whose parents are they?

Truth: How often have you lied about your grades and bad scores from a test?

Truth: How do you cheat on house chores?

Truth: How do avoid your house chores?

Truth: What is your go-to punchline when you haven’t finished your school assignments?

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

Who is your role model?

Whom do you want to be like when you grow up?

Which superhero inspires you the most?

What TV program you can’t get enough of?

What is your best movie ever?

What is your best video game of all time?

If your wish is to be granted right now. What will you wish for?

Have you ever been a snitch?

What is the one thing your friends hate you for sometimes?

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Have you ever been called a snitch by your friends or siblings?

Would you prefer to be the last born or the first born?

Would you rather be older than you are or go back to being a baby?

What is the least favorite gift you have ever received?

What will do if you were to be a superhero?

Is there anything hidden under your bed? What is it?

When is the last time you sincerely apologized to your friends?

What will be your new name if you were to choose one today?

Would you prefer to wear a uniform to school or be casual?

When is the last time you cried watching a movie? What is the movie and what made cry?

Have you ever skipped school using a flimsy lie? What did you say?

Have you ever had a nightmare? What was it about?

Have you ever woken up from sleep screaming?

Have you ever tried smelling or listening to the hollow space in a seashell?

What is the most annoying thing on this planet for you?

What is the one thing you would like to go on forever and never stop?

What will you prefer between cookies and cakes?

Have you ever tried to forge your parents’ signatures? When was the last time you tried it and why?

Have you ever had someone you crush on at one point in your life? Who is it and what happened in the end?

If you are to become one of the most popular celebrities, who will you be?

If you are to live in any country on the planet, which country will choose to go to?

What secret do you have?

What is your favorite amusement park?

What is your favorite sleeping position?

If a genie was to grant you 3 wishes, what will the 3 wishes be?

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Have you ever lied to me?

Have you pretended to have finished your food?

Do you have an online friend from another part of the world

If you are in control of the time machine, what period in history will you most likely to visit?

If you were to speak a second language, what will it be?

Which language will you be willing to learn between Chinese and French?

Do you what time it is in Moscow right now?

What city do you know in Africa?

Which part of Europe would you like to visit the most?

Do you think Dracula is real? Why?

Which country would you like to visit in Africa Kenya or South Africa?

If you were to choose between a dragon and a lion, what would you like to be?

Do you remember all the birthdays of your family members?

What will you prefer between Vanilla taste and Chocolate?

What is the one thing that you are most afraid of?

Which animal is most like you?

What is the one thing you are most afraid of in this world?

What is the best surprise you have ever gotten?

Are you afraid of the dark?

What is the best dream you have ever dreamt of?

Do you pick your nose?

Do you bite your nails?

Have you ever thought of sucking your fingers?

What bad habits do you have that you wish to stop but cannot?

What is the one thing you wish you were better than everyone else at?

What was the last time you did something good and generous to someone? What was it?

Have you ever peeked at a Christmas present before Christmas day?

Have you ever done a mistake and blamed someone else?

Have you ever broken something and blamed else?

What is the favorite meal that mom rarely makes?

Have you ever farted and blamed someone else for it?

If given a $100 right now, what will do with it?

Do you have someone you wish was still your friend up to now?

Have you ever said something you wished to take it back? What was it and why?

Which animation or cartoon character does the player on your left look like?

What is the one thing that you feel is unique to your family?

What is the weirdest thing about your family that never happens in other families in the neighbourhood?

Does your family have a tradition? Which one do you cherish the most?

What is the clumsiest thing you have ever done in your life?

Between mom and dad, who is the funniest? Who makes you laugh most often?

Do you have a pet peeve? What is your pet peeve?

What is the one food you can never live without in your life?

What is the scariest nightmare you have ever had?

Have you ever been spoilt by goodies? Who spoils you the most?

Do you have a friend you wish could be part of your family? Who is the friend?

When was the last time you peed on the bed?

Which second language would you like to learn next? Can you pretend to speak in that language right now?

What is your least favorite food?

Have you ever heard of ghosts and witches? Do you think they are real?

What is the ugliest item that you have right now?

What will you choose between a pet rat and the Juliana pet pig?

What is the strangest dream that you have ever had?

What is the one thing your best friend does that you find weird and amusing?

Do you like truth or dare questions for kids?

There you have you list of the best truth or dare questions for kids.

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