100 Funniest Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

100 Funniest Never Have I Ever Questions for Kids

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Are you looking for unique, educational, fun and interesting never have I ever questions for kids?

Well, you are in the right place.

We have compiled an exhaustive list of fun questions for you to ask your kids at any time.

Whether you prefer the competitive version of never have I ever questions or passive leisurely one, we have enough funny questions for you to have an amazing family time with your children.

Let’s get started.

Never have I ever questions for kids (the list)

1. Never have I ever been afraid in/of the dark

Children are different.

In as much as most kids are afraid of darkness, some kids are not!

Who is most the afraid of the darkness in the a family?

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2. Never have I ever participated in a spelling bee

For the sake of nostalgia, fun and memories of the good times, spelling bees or any other competitions for children are some of the most exciting moments in a child’s life.

Why not remind your child of one?

3. Never have I ever admired my classmate friends

Grass is always greener on the other side.

As a child, your gang is always never the best and we always admire and look forward to joining the coolest gang around. Only to realize it is not as good as we thought it to be.

4. Never have I ever tried kicking a ball, missed and fell

The awkward moments in one’s life.

The best part of it is, such moments are always fun and we can’t stop laughing every time we are reminded of it.

5. Never have I ever dreamt of peeing only to wet the bed

What was your story? In a hurry with friends and one of them asked to hurry up or else they will leave without your company?

We all have such embarrassing moments where we end up wetting the beddings. What is is your story?

6. Never have I ever thought of echos as ghost mimicry

Of echoes and ghosts lurking in the corners of alleys and narrow patches of the streets.

We were told to never say a word whenever we hear echoes or else we risk having our voices stolen from us forever.

7. Never have I ever slipped on a banana peeling in public

Slipping on a fruit peel? A banana peel? Or have witnessed it in person?

You can tell the kids a story about such incidences and ask them to be careful out there.

8. Never have I ever licked sugar and denied it

The sugar story always ends up with being caught.

At the moment when you are feeling you have mastered the art of denial, a few sugar particles on your cheek destroys everything!

9. Never have I ever worn shoes on the wrong foot

It is pretty common for children to wear the left shoe on the right foot and the right shoe on the left foot.

Chances of them doing that are higher that wearing them the normal way which is okay.

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10. Never have I ever sniffed my socks to determine if they clean

So, who sniffs their pieces of clothing before putting them on? A pair of socks, innerwear or vest?

How do you determine if you have worn that piece of cloth before?

11. Never have I ever cried for no reason at all

Sometimes, children for no reason at all. But in most occasions, they are trying to pass a message about something they cannot explain in words.

Who is the cry baby in the family?

12. Never have I ever hidden my food and pretended to have finished it

What was it? Vegetables? The food that you never liked but you were to eat it anyway because it is good for your health?

Most often, good tasting foods are not healthy and the bad tasting foods are the healthy ones. “The paradox of life” I call it.

13. Never have I ever pretended to be asleep when I was not

So what were you doing?

Playing a video game? Watching an interesting program? Playing with your new toy? Or just staring at the ceiling of your room?

14. Never have I ever burst into tears to avoid punishment

Kids react in different ways to avoid getting punished. Some will burst into tears of sympathy, some will try to lie while others will hide or run away from home.

What does your child do to avoid being punished?

15. Never have I ever wondered what it feels like being an animal

Movies and visual media have an unimaginable effect on our children, their perception and how they think.

Many times, after watching “The Lion King” my children would say words like, “I want to be like Simba.”

16. Never have I ever secretly used my mother’s/sister’s make up

We are often told children learn more by observing than what we tell them.

If you wear make up, one day, they will try to do the same. But more than often, they end up with lipstick on their cheeks and nail polish on the lips.

17. Never have I ever woken up to find my pet staring at me

Do you have a pet in the house? A dog, cat or squirrel?

Pets can be a source of joy and happiness for the whole family, especially with kids around.

18. Never have I ever missed a step on the staircase and fell

Who fell off the staircase? What happened? Did you miss a step?

You can also tell them funny stories about people afraid of, or falling from an escalator.

19. Never have I ever thought of the moon having a drawing on its surface

Looking at the markings on the surface of the moon, what were you told they were?

Mary mother of Jesus carrying baby Jesus? Whichever stories you were told of the moon while a kid always added up. I still don’t know how!

20. Never have I ever been scared of a tall building

The fear of tall buildings is called batophobia.

All children to some degree suffer from it. Their imagination of the building falling on them is always on their mind but find comfort in the person accompanying them.

21. Never have I ever been scared of jets and airplanes rumbling

How do your children behave when a jet or an airplane passes over you or your house?

Who gets scared the most?

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22. Never have I ever laughed until people around got mad at me

So what happened?

Sometimes kids can start laughing for no reason at all. Your effort to try find our what it is all about not bearing fruits.

What do you do in such instances?

23. Never have I ever burst into laughter only to find everyone serious

Has it ever happened to your family?

Who bursted into a laughter when it was inappropriate to do so?

24. Never have I ever played tricks for my siblings to do my chores

What tricks do some of the kids do to make others do their portion of the chores?

Are the dishes always for the lastborns?

25. Never have I ever fallen down the bed while sleeping

You can tell each child about their sleeping habits.

Who fell from their bed most often. Who sleeps in a bad position. Or, who does kicking while they sleep.

26. Never have I ever woken up scared from a nightmare

Children dream all the time and that is normal.

However, there are a few common dreams that scare children the most every time they occur: falling from a bottomless pit and dreams where they are being chased by some wild alien animal.

27. Never have I ever secretly thrown away my vegetables

The paradox growing up is that all the good foods – the healthy foods for kids, taste bad.

Candies, biscuits and ice creams and fast foods we admire all the time are said not to be good for our health.

28. Never have I ever impersonated my parents while answering a phone call

We all have those moments when we try to speak like our parents when responding to a phone. Children find it fun and reminding them of such moments is a good idea.

29. Never have I ever messed my hair trying to shave it myself

Have your children tried shaving their hair by themselves? Or have they tried shaving you while you were taking a nap?

30. Never have I ever felt neighbors food taste better

Grass is always greener on the other side. Often, children feel food prepared by their parents doesn’t taste or smell delicious enough compared to the neighbor next door.

31. Never have I ever sleepwalked

Young children sometimes walk and talk in their sleep. They revisit their interaction with other children in school or in the neighborhood while in their sleep.

32. Never have I ever slept while praying

Falling a sleep during prayer times is perhaps part of being a child?

More than half the children in the world fall asleep every time the prayer session takes three minutes or more. For some, sleep comes as soon as you mention the word prayer!

33. Never have I ever procrastinated on my homework

Who procrastinates on their homework the most? I guess they do receive their fair share of punishment in school. Or how do they cover for it?

Kids are creative. You will be surprised to learn how they make sure to not land the class teacher or principal’s radar for not doing their school work!

34. Never have I ever cried while watching a movie

Who cried in your recent family movie night? Why did they cry?

When Simba’s father was overrun by a heard buffalos? When Elsa of Ariendelle died? Or, when their favorite superhero seemed defeated by the villain and losing the battle?

35. Never have I ever admired other kid’s items in school

I wonder why everything from other kids in school always looked better and superior to mine? Their books, friends, uniform, baseball caps, etc.

Children admire things they don’t have all the time and it is part of being a child.

36. Never have I ever wanted to be a superhero

Who is your superhero? What will you do if you gain the powers of your favorite superhero for a day?

In what ways will you change the world?

37. Never have I ever lost an item and lied about it

Kids lose items all the time: books, pens, lunch money etc. How many times do they come home and confess about the lost item?

Who is the most honest of your children?

38. Never have I ever had a crush on my classmate

Children as young as toddlers can develop affection. It can be seen by the way they treat each other, how much they talk about them and how they behave when the other kid is around.

39. Never have I ever kissed someone

You will be surprised to learn that your kids not only know how to kiss but also have kissed their fellow kids.

Kids kiss in mimicry of their parents. They learn fast by observing than what they are told to do or not to do.

40. Never have I ever spent a week without a mistakes

Who is the most stubborn? Who is on the wrong side all the time? How long have they taken without being found on the wrong?

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41. Never have I ever passed an exam with all A’s

You can remind them of the times when they came home with all As.

When kids are appreciated, they feel good about themselves and will work harder to attain higher levels of success.

42. Never have I ever failed an exam

If a child failed in the latest exam or in one of the papers in an exam, you can remind them that they can do better.

Kids feel bad every time they disappoint us and this lowers their morale. Encouraging them with positive words will help a great deal in making them feel it is normal to fail and that they can do better next time.

43. Never have I ever scored 100 in an exam

Did someone just score 100 percent in the recent exam paper?

Recognize them for their effort and this will go a long way in motivating them to want to perform better in the coming school exams and tests.

44. Never have I ever thought of swapping families with my friend

Why is it that there always is that one cool friend whose parents have everything we desire in our parents?

They get the latest toys to play with, the latest video game consoles, the latest dolls, good-looking clothes, care, name it.

45. Never have I ever participated in an online video game competition

There are thousands of online video games competitions and tournaments for kids with huge rewards.

If your kids skills are as good, let them try one and see how they fair on.

46. Never have I ever saved money in a piggy bank

How much did you save? What did you save it for? A new doll? A new toy? To buy a birthday gift for someone?

Teaching these young souls the importance of money and savings at an early age will go a long way in making easy their financial future and make them more financially responsible in their lives.

47. Never have I ever missed a school bus

This is one of the never have I ever questions for kids that will have almost everyone raising their “I have” card.

Who has never missed a school bus?

48. Never have I ever saved money to buy a toy

Did you have a piggy bank? Have you ever saved money to buy one of the latest toys or video game consoles you liked so much? or perhaps a gift for someone?

49. Never have I ever made funny faces when alone

It is common for both children and adults to make funny faces or do weird funny things when alone. This happens a lot when in front of a mirror or in the shower.

What funny faces do you make?

50. Never have I ever gone to school with my pants zipper open

Have you ever walked around with your pants zipper open?

Who informed you of it? How did you learn about it?

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51. Never have I ever laughed so hard that I cried

Do your kids laugh? How often?

Laughter for kids and everyone else is good for health. The more a child laughs, the happier they are and their physical and mental health will be on the right path.

52. Never have I ever peed on my pants

When last did you pee on your pants? What happened that made you do it?

Some kids pee on your pants especially in school for fear of approaching the class teacher. Who peed on their pants most recently?

53. Never have I ever tried singing “Let it go” from Disney’s animation: Frozen

Do your children sing along famous animation or superhero movies? Or follow in the sound track of the cartoon movies?

“Speechless” was such a hit, in addition to “Let it Go”, “Loyal Brave True” and “Beautiful Soul”.

What is your kid’s favorite classical animation song or soundtrack?

54. Never have I ever been to Disney theme Park

Have the kids been to the famous Disney theme park or any famous kids theme park near you?

What was their experience of it?

Never have I ever questions list for kids

56. Never have I ever wanted to be a police officer

57. Never have I ever wanted to be a firefighter

58. Never have I ever liked spiders

59. Never have I ever had chewing gum stuck on my hair.

60. Never have I ever had a nightmare

61. Never have I ever cried because I missed mom

62. Never have I ever admired my friends’ toys

63. Never have I ever ridden a horse

64. Never have I ever seen a wild animal

65. Never have I ever dodged a question in class

66. Never have I ever thought of stealing from a friend

67. Never have I ever lied about where I was going

68. Never have I ever tried slow farting to not get caught

69. Never have I ever made funny faces by the mirror

70. Never have I ever broken something and tried to cover it up

71. Never have I ever said an F word.

72. Never have I ever tried to change grades on my school report

73. Never have I ever chewed the tip of my pen

74. Never have I ever tried stealing someone’s pens after losing mine

75. Never have I ever tried on my sister’s clothes (sibling of the opposite sex)

76. Never have I ever hidden a few coins and claimed they got lost

77. Never have I ever accidentally broken eggs

78. Never have I ever tried forging my parents signature

79. Never have I ever done something odd through the window of a moving vehicle

80. Never have I ever thought of running away from home

81. Never have I ever faked sickness to avoid school

82. Never have I ever pooped my pants

83. Never have I ever been on a bullet train

84. Never have I ever faked a shower

85. Never have I ever picked my nose

86. Never have I ever laughed so hard that I peed on myself

87. Never have I ever worn the same clothes for days

88. Never have I ever skipped shower for a week

89. Never have I ever spent days without brushing teeth

90. Never have I ever wanted to own a pony

91. Never have I ever done something embarrassing in public

92. Never have I ever broken a window

93. Never have I ever gotten giggles while answering a question in class

94. Never have I ever lied about what I was doing to avoid being punished

95. Never have I ever messed up with ink

96. Never have I ever had difficulty pronouncing some words

97. Never have I ever scored zero on a test

Want more never have I ever questions for kids? Check the sections below.

Why children should play never have I ever questions game?

This is a passive leisure-time questions game. Like many of its type, it helps you learn about your kids as you bond with them.

And given how the questions are set, they demand an environment of openness in a way kids might not realize.

As a parent, you will get to learn the other side of your children in a way that you might never have by simply observing them.

Never have I ever questions for kids also builds their imagination, cognitive ability and emotional strength which is good for them as they interact with the world around.

Never have I ever questions for kids printable template + images

Download and print the above template of the best never have I ever questions for kids and let me know in the comment below if you need more templates.

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