100 Best What If Questions for Friends (the Definitive List)

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If what if questions (hypothetical questions) is what you have been looking for, then you have come to the right place.

This list contains uniques and some mindblowing what if questions that will get you thinking and questions almost everything in life.

Most of the what if questions in this list are fun and can be used by close friends as a conversation starter.

We have also tried to answer them in a more casual manner (nothing too serious) for they are meant to be fun and to elicit casual discussions between friends.

What if Questions (Hypothetical Questions) for You

Here is a list of the best what if questions (hypothetical questions) you can use to start a conversation and have fun.

You can use them to get to ask some of the age-old questions that seem to have no answer or whose answers can only be imagined.

A list of good what if questions (hypothetical questions) for you:

1. What if we are not alive?

Of cos we are alive. If you can feel your surroundings, be it heat, cold or sound you are still alive. Unliving things possibly dint feel such.

But, imagine if the life we live was not true or even existent and more of a hoax?

2. What if the neanderthal never went extinct?

The possibility of a mix of human species in the nations the Neanders lived will be a reality.

If their population was very small, they would have been absorbed by humans by now or secluded depending on our perception of the Neanders.

3. What if the race of giants existed?

We would have giant monuments, giant structures and everything giant! The normal human being would be living in tiny structures in between or withing the giant’s mega structures.

Imagine the 160 floors of the Burj Khalifa being giant-sized!

Anyway, it is just a what if questions (hypothetical questions) to help us imagine strange possibilities.

4. What if Pandora never opened the box?

The world as we know would have been more peaceful and good as the gods intended it to be. And maybe we would still be under the age of the gods!

The Greek myth of Pandora says that she opened the box out of curiosity only to unleash all the evil that plagues man today. But she also released one good thing in the end, HOPE.

5. What is Lucifer never revolted in heaven?

Would there be need for good if bad never existed in the first place?

The concept of good and bad, the light and darkness, evil and good would not exist. Everything would be in order and the world very peaceful for God’s most beloved creation, man, as intended in the beginning.

6. What if Lucifer won the heavenly war and took over the throne of God?

Music would have been the order of the day, entertainment more advanced and perhaps beauty would have received more attention than it does now.

As it is written in holy books, Lucifer was in charge of music, entertainment and beauty before he fell.

7. What if the world never industrialized?

Based on the positive outcome of industrialization, slavery and the slave trade would still be with us. It is the machines that made slavery obsolete. The standards of living would still be lower and perhaps the whole world less polluted.

Wars of conquest in need of resources would still be the order of the day as the human population grows and the need for more resources to sustain the growing population increases.

8. What of the concept of different human races inhabiting the earth at different times is real?

We sure don’t know if these metaphysics is true. But like every other form of knowledge, there must be some truth in it. We should expect to see the Amazonian, Atlantians and other races at one time in life.

9. What if the God of Abraham was killed during that time?

Perhaps we would be living Gotham City-like life, every man for himself.

Or maybe other minor gods like the Greek ones would have risen in His place and given meaning to life?

Or maybe, Lucifer would have found a good opportunity to return as a god.

10. What if we humans had no conscience?

Perhaps we would have been cannibals eating other weaker beings until they are extinct before starting to eat ourselves.

Most labs would be filled by human test subjects and not rats and Lockheed Martin would be using real people to test their new weapons.

This is just what if questions (hypothetical questions), nothing too serious.

11. What if another more advanced species of animals existed?

I don’t know what would have happened but current human mindset would scheme ways to either dominate or wipe them out.

These attempts would have been foiled out before they happen and maybe all humans wiped out instead.

But whatever happens, humans would still look for an opportunity to dominate at one point.

12. What if norms, cultures, and the concept of justice were universal?

We may have fewer unsatisfied persons on earth.

We would all condemn the bad things and applaud the good actions in the same fashion without questioning or feeling others imposing their values and cultures on us.

Countries will be pointing fingers at each other less.

13. What if all cats died today?

I surely don’t know what will happen to the cat lovers.

My grandma would perhaps become lonely and depressed for losing a friend she has lived with all her life.

Rats on the other side will become bolder. In the worst-case scenario, we will have another bubonic plague wiping half of the human population on earth.

14. What if there was no money in the world today?

As they say. money is the root cause of all evil. So I guess there will be less or no evil in the world. But NO! Even when people exchanged their goods for other goods in the old days, evil still existed.

Perhaps international trade will be very limited and mostly bilateral as opposed to the current multilateral systems.

15. What if ghosts are real?

Perhaps children would be more scared. We also would have an army or ghosts fighting on the battlefield.

The number of mysterious occurrences will be more than what we see today and most of them blamed would be blamed on ghosts.

This is just a what if questions (hypothetical questions).

16. What if witches and the powers they wielded like in the movies were real?

Witches would be the most powerful and revered bloodlines on earth.

Most of them would be in positions of power and influence and make most decisions for us all.

The need for most of the technologies we have today will not be there. With a wink of an eye and you are teleported to Japan in seconds.

17. What if Germany and the Central Axis won WWII?

German would have been the de facto superpower with Japan and Italy doing her bidding.

Russia on the other hand would have been annihilated and completely destroyed to fend off any future threats.

Other groups of persons would be considered a sub-race and therefore inferior in line with Hitler’s vision of a future Germany.

18. What if the US never existed?

The current version of near pure capitalism would not be the dominant system in the world today.

Either Germany or Russia would-be superpower.

The trans-Atlantic slave trade would not have occurred at the scale it did. Most slaves were used in plantations in the Caribbean and the US.

This is just a what if questions (hypothetical questions) to get us thinking of the possibilities.

19. What if polyandry was widely accepted in place of polygamy?

A polyandric society would be more planned and peaceful than a polygamy society.

Women tend to be more caring, concerned and loving compared to men.

We would see a more just society, less bloody conflicts and inequality would not be as bad.

20. What if women played a dominant role in life and not men?

Women are generally peaceful and less aggressive. There would have fewer wars. more planning and perfection.

Societies would have been more conservative and caring and as a result, the global population would have been perhaps five times what we have now as a result of the above conditions.

21. What if everyone on earth jumped up at the same time?

The earth will get lighter and therefore spin faster? NO! There will be no noticeable difference. Everything will remain as it is and no one will even notice that we all did jump.

It is pointless.

22. What if you shoot a gun in the space?

If a gun is short in outer space, the bullet will travel forever and eventually get sucked into one of the big planets in the galaxy.

The person shooting it will also go in the opposite direction as a result of the recoil thrust pushing you back.

23. What if you win a million-dollar lottery today?

Chances are you are already thinking of how you are going to spend the cash buying things that will make your life happier.

You will rarely think of ways to use the cash to generate more money over time.

24. What if we had no gravity?

Most of the things on earth wouldn’t be the same as we see them today.

First of all, the earth itself would have broken apart into fragments and pieces.

Gravity is what pulls planets together and everything in it to its centre.

25. What if an alien tries to colonize us?

It will depend on how intelligent they are.

Most probably, it will be human beings oppressing other humans on behalf of the aliens.

They would perhaps appoint a handful of individuals to rule on their behalf at first and it will be these persons who will do the unthinkable to us all.

26. What if there is no life after death?

Most religions and religious practices will lose meaning.

It is the belief of life after death, among other things that make religion and religious practices relevant.

We are told to do good unto others for us to have a better life after we die.

27. What if dinosaurs never went extinct?

I am not so sure what would have happened, but one thing is certain, they would still be dominant above all other animals.

Over a long period of time, a few species would have evolved to have higher levels of intelligence and ruled over others.

28. What if humans are removed from the earth today?

Other species of animals will thrive better than they do now.

Human activities threaten the existence of other animal species driving some of them to extinction or near extinction.

Over thousand of years the levels of pollution would have reduced and the whole world a paradise like in the beginning.

29. What if the current human population shrinks by a third?

Human consumerism would have shrunk by a third. And, so will pollution and everything else.

Cities will be lonelier, nations poorer and labor shortage skyrocket.

We will also see increased automation in most sectors of the economy.

30. What if there is another you in a different world?

I would love to meet another me, become friends and learn what he or she does that I do differently. And why that happened.

I also would love to travel to their world and experience it myself.

31. What if we are parts or organs of one greater being?

It might be true, who knows for sure? I will play my role in my capacity until my time comes to an end and another rises in my place.

Anyway, we are not a cell in one giant being! If this were the case, we would not be able to change our talents, skills and jobs easily.

There is no way salivary glands starts to produce bile in a matter of days.

32. What if you can travel in time?

I would go millions of years into the future and see what happens there. Perhaps evolution would make me look very basic millions of years into the future.

I only hope I don’t get captured and kept in a zoo enclosure for the people at the time to view me.

A human being can be as cruel! Ha – ha!

33. What if every poor person is given $1 million?

Will poverty end in the world? No, it will increase!

Giving people such a large amount of money will automatically result in inflation. Prices of goods and services will skyrocket and widespread shortages experienced in the short run.

Other externalities like shortage of labor in some sectors will be experienced given that a person with $1 million in the bank will be less willing to work for lesser pay or jobs that are labeled “not decent enough”.

34. What if the world wars never happened?

Europe’s population would be twice as high.

We will not be enjoying technological advancements that were necessitated by war, like planes, cars, telecommunication and modern medicine and surgery. All these will still be in their infancy stage now if not non-existent.

35. What if robots take over the world and rule human beings?

Robots taking over is a future possibility if the robotic development goes on at the pace it does right now.

Intelligent robots will become conscious and develop the ability to modify their own programming.

At this stage, a deadly revolt by robots will be inevitable.

36. What if the black hole concept is true?

There is chance that the black hole exists.

So far, available evidence supports the existence of a black hole.

But so far, it is just a belief among the scientist and no actual evidence exists to support it.

37. What if there is a parallel world and lives within our world?

And that we are living and sharing the same space right now? That will be a fascinating discovery.

Perhaps the first person to discover such will have the ability to live in two realms at the same time.

I wonder how that will feel. Living in a VR world?

38. What if quantum physics concepts are lies?

If quantum physics was a lie, we will not have some of the technologies we enjoy right now. We will have no QLED screens, GPS and modern computers.

These products are but the simplest evidence of the great things quantum physics can do to human life.

39. What if the whole education system and concepts are lies?

Education is not a system modeled to make us serve a few as a few people are starting to believe lately.

In as much as the system has its shortcomings, we all can see the fruits of learning that comes from educated minds.

40. What if China and the US went to war right now?

If China and the US went to war, the two powers will definitely absorb other nations into their war in the name of supporting friends or allies.

That will be the start of world war III.

The war will be a stalemate with no clear winner and if it reaches the nuclear options, the world would perhaps come to an end.

41. What if India and China could join hands and work as one country?

The country will be the richest in the world, the most powerful with vast resources, manpower the world has never seen before.

Its population alone can drive domestic consumption enough to support expanded industrial production that can sustain the economy without the need for external trade.

But unfortunately, no great power will ever want such a powerful country to exist.

42. What if there was no s#x in the world?

A greater part of earth as we know right now depends on sex for reproduction.

Having completely no sex will result in the extinction of more than half of species inhabiting our planet today.

Over time, the asexual species will thrive in place of the sexual world and the whole world will be more coniferous with more comodo dragons and insects.

43. What if we could develop a new colony in mars?

It will not be a colony we are building but a settlement. There is nothing to colonize in mar. We human beings will go there looking for a place to settle.

We are however limited by the currently available technologies. If it happens, it will be a beautiful thing.

44. What if we could abandon capitalism and rather live in a socialist society?

Theoretically, our societies will be juster and happier than we are now and with less pollution.

Overall poverty levels will be higher and so will be an individual struggle.

A mix of the two will be better.

45. What if the Gulf States never discovered oil?

If the Gulf states never discovered oil, the region would be one of the poorest in the world given how limited and scarce other resources are.

Most of the land will be mounds of sand dunes unlike bustling cities we see now.

Camels and camel products would be the main export and also its people more religious than they already are right now.

46. What if we stopped learning for good?

If we stopped learning, then we will not stagnate. We will move backward.

Time moves fast and so does life. It will take a generation or two before everything catches up with us and most problems find no solution.

This means we will be backward in most of the things we do.

47. What if we discover aliens first?

If we discovered aliens first, I am certain it won’t take long before they know they are being watched and perhaps studied!

I don’t know how they will react to that but let’s hope they are friendly and not as aggressive as we often think.

48. What if we travel to the center of Jupiter?

Getting to the center of Jupiter is unthinkable. The planet has one of the highest forces of gravity and lots of burning gases.

There is no equipment so far that can get through its atmosphere. Most of the hardest materials we use will either melt, get stuck or get torn into pieces by violent storms and extreme temperatures.

49. What if the US had an empire in place of the British empire? Would the world be richer?

It will depend.

The Us has had dominion over some parts of the world in the same capacity as the British back then.

These nations are not any richer than the former British empire.

Also, a US empire will have more conflicts given the style of central (dominating) leadership the US prefers as opposed to the decentralized semi-autonomous style the British used.

50. What if questions asking is banned?

Not asking questions means the end of learning. Stopping t learn means stagnation in human development.

The world moves fast and if no new developments come our way, we are likely to slide backward in many areas of our lives.

Anyway, this is just a what if questions (hypothetical questions) to get us thinking.

51. What if entertainment was banned?

If the entertainment was banned for good, a good number of people would be sad and depressed.

Most people find joy and solace in music, movies and other forms of entertainment.

Banning them will be equal to imprisoning millions of people. This will not be successful in the long run. People will always find ways to have fun.

52. What if a nuclear bomb was never invented?

The world would have been less peaceful.

Nukes deter nations from being overly aggressive on others.

Looking at the world as it is now, it is only nations with no nukes that get bombed whenever stronger nations feel like.

Nuclear powers, however small only get threats and functions and not a single bomb dropped on their civilians.

There you have a complete list of what if questions (hypothetical questions) you can ask your friends and have fun.

The answers provided are my own opinions and should act as a guide to help you in the process of thinking.

You can also download a beautiful template of what if questions (hypothetical questions), mark the most appropriate ones and use them as a basis to formulate even more what if questions (hypothetical questions) and have fun.

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