100+ Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

100+ Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

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It is not easy to come up with neutral fun questions to ask your boyfriend without making him feel like he is being interviewed.

That is why came up with this list of well-thought-out questions that are balanced in a way that will make your conversation smooth and fun.

You can use the questions as a base to formulate more or simply download them, print, and ask the questions over a drink in a casual question game fashion.

In the end, you will get to know him better, under him more and know his views on important aspects of life while having fun doing it. Enjoy!

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend to Know His Orientation in Life

1. Which pick-up lines did you copy from someone?

2. What is the worst movie you have ever regretted paying for?

3. What song do you sing when alone?

4. If you were a DJ, what will your name be?

5. Who are you mostly mistaken for?

6. Who was your teen crush? Where is she now?

7. What game are you really good at?

8. What video game do you think you are unbeatable?

9. Can I see photos of your childhood?

10. Can you play Cards Against Humanity with me?

11. If I were to suggest something for us to do, what is the last thing you’d ever want to hear?

12. If you were a movie director, which actor would you like to work with?

13. What comedy show do you think is the funniest?

14. What do you find not funny but most people around you do?

15. Which movie cant you get enough of?

16. If we are to act a movie for the second time, which movie would it be?

17. What is the craziest thing you did most recently?

18. If you were to become a character in the movie “Game of Thrones”, who will it be?

19. How does crushing on someone feel like for you?

20. If we are to learn one dance move this month, which move will it be?

21. Where do you take your dates to most often?

22. How likely will you accept to run away with me to a new country and start a life together?

23. What do you need right now to become a better person than you already are?

24. What is the wildest adventure you have ever had?

25. When last did you play cards?

26. What is the one funny yet embarrassing incident from your childhood that you haven’t forgotten to this day?

27. How have your dreams and aspirations in life changed since childhood?

28. Are you still on course to achieve what you wanted to be when you grow up?

29. If I had a twin sister or brother, who will it be?

30. Which song do you feel should have been yours?

31. When was the last time you felt embarrassed in front of a large crowd? What happened?

32. If polyandry was allowed as part of affirmative action towards gender equality, would you allow it?

33. Can you describe your perfect day?

34. If money wasn’t a problem, how would your life be right now? Do you think we would have met?

35. What habits do you have that you think are crazy?

36. Do you have a secret you would rather die than say?

37. Have you ever been nervous in front of a girl? Why were you nervous?

38. Do you have any hidden talents?

39. What are your relationship goals for us?

40. Do you have a bucket list for us to start crossing now?

41. What makes you stand out from the people around you?

42. Have you ever crushed into a party or club in hope of finding someone to make out with?

43. How do you feel when you notice a girl crushing on you?

44. When is the last time someone other than me expressed their love for you?

45. What is the most romantic thing you have ever done to someone you love?

46. What are your best memories of us so far?

47. Who don;t you want to get close to me? Why?

48. What are your thoughts on aliens? Are they real? Do they exist?

49. Do you think we might see a new world superpower while we are still alive?

50. Describe yourself in 3 words.

51. Describe yourself in one word?

52. What do you generally think of me as your girlfriend?

53. What silly things do you find yourself doing when alone?

54. Who do you sometimes wish was never born into this world?

55. If you were to choose between becoming the best entrepreneur the world has ever seen vs a top-ranking politician, what will you choose?

56. What foods do you find disgusting that people in other parts of the world enjoy as a delicacy?

57. What conspiracy theory would you spin if you get a chance?

58. What is the best gift under $20 you would like right now?

59. What would you choose between an ugly pet dog vs a beautiful cat?

60. What is your go-to stress reliever?

 61. When last did you watch cartoons?

62. Have you ever hated a villain in a movie? Which movie was it and why?

63. What is your most favorite emoji?

64. What social media platform do you use most often?

65. What is the first thing you’d like us to do when alone?

66. Cards, Sudoku or croquet?

67. Who was your favorite superhero or fairy tale while growing up?

68. What is your dream car?

69. A sports bike or sports car?

70. What scares you the most right now?

71. What is the weirdest thing you have ever thought of doing to me?

72. What is the one thing you’ll never ever want us to try together?

73. Who is most likely to break up the relationship?

74. Who loves more than the other?

75. Who cares more than the other?

76. What is the worst prank you’d ever expect?

77. Have you ever crushed on your best friend’s girlfriend?

78. What is the most inappropriate word you have ever said in front of people and felt ashamed of it? Where was it?

79. What is the one thing you are most embarrassed to talk about?

80. Do you have a nickname you don’t like at all? What is it?

81. If you are to give me a new name or nickname, what name will it be?

82. What is the funniest lyrics you have ever heard wrongly?

83. What do you think about time travel? Does it have some truth in it or it’s just a conspiracy?

84. If you to become a movie actor, which movie would you like to star in?

85. How long is your longest dry spell?

86. What is the longest you have ever gone without brushing teeth?

87. What is the longest you have ever gone without changing your underwear?

88. When last did you smell your underwear to determine if it is dirty or clean?

89. What is the lamest excuse you have ever given for not doing something or for doing a wrong thing?

90. What is the longest you have ever gone without taking a bath?

91. Which celebrity or public figure do you feel would be your BFF if you get a chance to meet them?

92. Whose relationship do you envy the most?

93. Who do you sometimes get jealous of? Why?

94. Have you ever felt like I am leaving you? What made you feel that?

95. Do you think I am of your class and status?

96. Do you think I am beautiful enough for you?

97. Do you feel I am up to the task of being your girlfriend?

98. If I were to change one bad thing in relation to my behavior, what would that be?

99. Do you like me with makeup on or without one?

100. What does love and relationship mean to you?

There you have your complete list of fun questions to ask your boyfriend. The questions can be used as they are or form a basis over which you can formulate more fun questions to ask your boyfriend.

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