150 Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

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Are you looking for dirty questions to ask your boyfriend?

Or maybe new ways to keep the flame of love burning?

Well, you need to know the right things to say, sweet names to call him, and love puns to joke with when he is around.

This article features a list of the best for you to enjoy with him in private or over text at any time and have fun.

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

1. How long should ideal foreplay last?

2. Guess if I am wearing underwear right now or not?

3. What color of underwear I am wearing right now?

4. Does the idea of recording a clip of us excite you?

5. How long should the ideal s#x last?

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6. How good am I of a girlfriend to you?

7. On a scale of 1 – 10, rate how much I satisfy you?

8. On a scale of 1 – 10, rate how much I make you happy?

9. Do you prefer your lady shaved or natural and bushy?

10. How okay are you with playing dirty truth or dare questions?

11. What are your views on bedroom toys?

12. What is the one freaky dare you won’t act upon?

13. What is your thought on having a third person join our bedroom?

14. Are you okay with talking naughty?

15. Can you describe your freakiest fantasy in regards to your love life?

16. What do you wear when going to bed?

17. Can I get a shirtless selfie of you beside a mirror?

18. What is your favorite part of a lady’s body?

19. How often do you check me out when I am walking away?

20. What is one bold action you have ever taken concerning bedroom matters?

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21. At what age did you first kiss a lady?

22. How old were you when you first made out with someone?

23. Have you ever had wild thoughts about a close relative?

24. Should we have massage sessions tonight?

25. Have you ever had a one-night stand experience?

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26. How did you feel making out for the first time back then?

27. What is your favorite position?

28. Do you have a birthmark or a tattoo?

29. How would you identify me in case I cover my head in a bevy of girls?

30. How would you like to be called when you are alone?

31. What defines a sexy lady?

32. How do you define a romantic lady? How do I fare?

33. What is your definition of a sexy lady? How do I fare?

34. Where do you like to be touched the most?

35. Do you mind sending me a sexy photo of you?

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36. Has anyone ever seen you naked accidentally? How did they react?

37. Have you been walked in on in the shower? What happened thereafter?

38. Have you ever made out with your friend’s girlfriend at any point in your life?

39. What is your favorite wild bedroom fantasy?

40. Have you ever had moments you feel should not have happened?

41. Have you ever flirted with your best friend’s girlfriend?

42. Have you ever made out with someone you shouldn’t have in the first place? What happened?

43. If I dared you to do anything to me right now, what will it be?

44. Do you get turned on easily?

45. On a scale of 1 – 10, how would you rate my kisses?

46. Have you ever watched adult content just before making out?

47. Have you ever tried acting a scene you watched together?

48. Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?

49. On a scale of 1 – 10, how satisfied are you bedroom-wise?

50. How satisfied are you having me as your girl?

Freaky Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend Over Text

51. Which body parts do you check out on a lady first?

52. Have you ever tried making out in a public space?

53. If asked we do it right now, would you?

54. Do you prefer lights on or off?

55. How comfortable are you using your mouth on someone?

56. What is your offbeat bedroom fantasy?

57. What gets you in the mood easily and fast?

58. If I asked you to choose a part of my body for me to show you, what will you choose?

59. How many people have you been in bed with? Does it feel any different with every new person?

60. What is your way? Fast and hard or slow and gentle?

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61. When did you last have someone in bed other than me?

62. When last did you have s#x?

63. How often would you prefer we make out?

64. How often is too much s#x to you?

65. How much is too little s#x for you?

66. Have you ever been interested in exploring more daring positions other than the conventional ones?

67. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity? If yes, how did it feel?

68. Have you ever sent a photo of yourself to some?

69. If granted a wish to sleep with anyone of your choosing, whom will you choose?

70. What can’t you get enough of on my body?

71. Send me your nude and I will send you mine, deal?

72. Has anyone ever told you to have the best [Insert Body Part] ever?

73. What was your best s#x ever? Who was it with?

74. Have you ever slept with someone way older than you? How old were they? How did you feel?

 75. Has the thought of experimenting with different body types and races ever crossed your mind?

76. Have you ever slept with someone who later became, famous, influential, or rich?

77. Have you ever attended a party in the hope of getting someone to sleep with?

78. What is your longest dry spell since you became a s#xually active man?

79. What if I tell you I am not wearing anything down there right now?

80. Have you ever touched yourself thinking of me?

81. What did you think of me when we first met? Has anything changed so far?

82. Are you in the mood to get naughty right now?

83. If I asked you to show me your member, would you?

84. If I asked to touch your member right now, will you allow me?

85. How often do you touch yourself?

86. Apart from masturbation and s#x, how else do you cool yourself down?

87. Has anyone had an excuse to have you go to their house? Did you end up sleeping with them?

88. Have you ever thought of something naughty with your teacher?

89. Have you ever been complimented for being so good in bed?

90. Has anyone ever talked of you being too big down there?

91. Have you ever wondered if it can fit at all?

92. Have you ever bedded a stranger you just met the other day?

93. Do you sometimes look at a lady’s down there before doing it?

94. What is the best and most satisfying comment you have ever gotten after the action?

95. What is the worst org#sm facial expression or voice you have ever seen?

96. Have you ever regretted it right after doing it with someone?

97. Have you ever expected oranges only to get lemons from a lady in the bedroom?

98. Have you ever tried drunk s#x?

99. How would you rate these dirty questions to ask your boyfriend?

100. Do these questions get you hard?

Naughty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

101. What do I taste like?

102. How do my lips taste?

103. What is the craziest thing you have ever done to get someone on your bed?

104. How do you ask for it without saying?

105. How do I ask for it without saying?

106. Would you like me to describe your package?

107. How do you know when I want you so bad?

108. If you had a pair of see-through glasses, which part of a girl’s body would be looking at first?

109. Have you ever done it in the movie theatre?

110. What is the cringest place you have ever had s#x?

111. How do you know when you have had enough seggs?

112. Which part of foreplay do you love the most?

113. What are the most freaky questions to ask someone?

114. What turns you on fast?

115. What are the most romantic questions to ask your boyfriend?

116. What is the highest number of times you have done it in a day?

117. How would you feel if I opened the door for you without clothes on?

118. Do you prefer your women shaved or all-natural?

119. Should we play dirty truth or dare questions someday?

120. What is the most embarrassing s#x story you have ever heard?

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121. Have you ever tried edible underwear in your life?

122. What is the worst you have ever thought of doing to me in the bedroom?

123. How do you feel choking me during the action?

124. How do you feel when I cream all through?

125. Is wetting such a big deal?

126. What is the most embarrassing bedroom incident you have ever experienced?

127. Do you like quickies?

128. How much do you like giving orals?

129. What is the most important thing when it comes to s#x?

130. Can there be love without sex?

131. How often should we make out?

132. Do you like it when I am loud?

133. Should we play rough someday?

134. What is your favorite thing to do to me in private?

135. When is the last time you went solo thinking of me?

136. How much do you like it when I g down on you?

137. What do you like the most about going down on me?

138. What am I best at in bed?

139. Have you had a skinny dipping experience?

140. What are your views on hickeys?

141. How many girls have you had this year?

142. How many former girlfriends do you still communicate with?

143. What is your dating app experience?

144. Do you like cuddling as I do?

145. Have you ever had an open relationship?

146. What is your take on benefits type of relationships?

147. Have you ever had s#x after the first date?

149. Which type of girls do you avoid?

150. How many single girls contacts do you have?

151. How do you feel pulling my hair?

152. Do you like it when I tickle or lick your chest while making out?

153. Do you like it when I talk dirty to you?

154. Have ever owned any toy before?

155. If I asked you to come over tonight, would you?

156. Do you prefer ladies with big bottoms or big busts?

157. Do you like it when I send you dirty texts?

158. What is the dirtiest thing you have ever done to a lady?

159. Have you ever poured into a girl’s mouth?

160. Do you prefer making out in the morning or late in the evening?

161. Have you ever bought lingerie as a gift for a woman?

162. What is the best thing a lady can do to you in bed?

163. Do you like it rough or smooth?

164. Do you like it kinky or romantic?

165. Do you like sexting?

166. Does my body arouse you?

167. What do I normally do that makes you want me more?

There you have your list of dirty questions to ask your boyfriend to turn him on. You can print them and ask as you tick to make sure you ask each and every question at the end of it all.

You can play these dirty questions to ask your boyfriend as a question game or ask them passively over a drink on a lazy weekend afternoon. Make sure to have fun asking them.

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