30+ Easy Math Riddles for Smart Kids

30+ Easy Math Riddles for Smart Kids

Math riddles
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As much as Math poses a challenge for most people, Math riddles are different.

Unlike conventional mathematical problems, Math riddles are a game of trickery and fun.

Like most riddles, you will be directed to think otherwise only to find the solution to the riddles right within the riddle itself!

This article features some of the best, handpicked Math riddles for you to play, enjoy and have fun by yourself or with people close to you.

If you are looking for the best math riddles to challenge yourself or your kids, let’s get started.

Easy and Hard Math Riddles and Puzzles

1. Odd Even Numbers

Riddle: What is the easiest way to get an even number from Seven?

Answer: Remove the S

2. Addition, Subtraction Riddle

Riddle: How do you get the number 4 from 5 without adding or subtracting any number from it?

Answer: Truncate the first and last letters F.IV.E and you will get IV

3. Algebra Math Riddle

Riddle: Which number would you add to itself, multiply by 4 then divide the results by 8 to get the very same number?

Answer: Any number

4. Easy Math Riddle for Kids

Riddle: If you buy a dozen eggs and decided to eat an egg a day. How long will it take you to finish all the eggs?

Answer: Just Twelve days

5. Complex Math Riddle for Kids

Riddle: How many times can you subtract 3 from the number 9?

Answer: Once and it will not be 9 anymore

6. Eight Eights Thousand

Riddle: How do you write eight eights that add up to one thousand?

Answer: 888 + 88 + 8 + 8 + 8

7. Roman Numbers

Riddle: Who is a fan of Roman numeral riddles and jokes?

Answer: I for one am a huge fan

8. Writing Roman Numbers

Riddle: How do you write 1, 1000, 51, 6 and 500 in Roman numerals?

Answer: IM LIVID

9. Using Roman Numerical

Riddle: How do you write high five using Roman numbers?

Answer: HIV

10. Fun Math Riddles

Riddle: Which Roman numerals just CLIX?

Answer: The number 159

11. The Riddle of Xi

Riddle: Which Roman numerals you can land in jail if you decide to criticize it?

Answer: Xi

12. How Old is She?

Riddle: I am five times older than my daughter. At the age of 20, I was twice older than her. How old is my daughter?

Answer: She is 10 years old

13. Math and Logic Riddle

Riddle: I bought 10 pens at $10 and 3 books at $1 each. How much did I spend?

Answer: $13

14. Trick Riddle for Teenagers

Riddle: If my cockerel lays an egg a day and I decide to eat an egg after every three days. How many eggs will I have at the end of 30 days?

Answer: None. Cockerels are male and don’t lay eggs

15. The Number 9

Riddle: How many nines are there between one and one hundred?

Answer: Twenty

16. Math Textbook Says

Riddle: What does a math textbook say to a Science textbook on the shelves?

Answer: I have lots of problems

17. Riddle of the Mist

Riddle: Misty is a mist in the sky. Every one hour, she doubles in the size it covers. In the 5th hour, she covered the whole sky. In which hour was misty covering only half of the sky?

Answer: 4th hour.

18. Double Digits, Single Digit

Riddle: Which two numbers will yield a double-digit when added and a single-digit when multiplied?

Answer: One and Nine

19. The Shark in the Sea

Riddle: What grade did the Shark get in the math test?

Answer: Sea

20. Addition Puzzle

Riddle: How do you make 1+9+1=150 with little effort?

Answer: Tweak the first + to make it look like 4 and you will get 149+1=150

21. Boiling an Egg

Riddle: If it takes 10 minutes to boil 2 eggs, how long will it take to boil a single egg?

Answer: 10 minutes

22. The 10 Centimeters Ruler

Riddle: How long will be 10 centimeters ruler be when viewed using a microscope that magnifies objects 10 times?

Answer: It will still be ten centimeters

23. Mathematical Loopholes

Riddle: What will you get when you multiply 10 (people) by -2?

Answer: 20 people. Ignore the negative sign

24. The Mass of Sand and Feathers

Riddle: What carries more weight between a kilogram of feathers and a kilogram of sand?

Answer: They carry the same weight

25. Geometry Riddle

Riddle: What do geometry teachers like to eat?

Answer: Pi

26. A Teacher’s Problem

Riddle: Which subject has teachers with the most exes?

Answer: Math because most problems ask you to solve for X

27. The Math Teacher

Riddle: Which teacher has the most problems at any given time?

Answer: Math teacher

28. The Square Root

Riddle: What type of roots do plants in math class grow?

Answer: Square roots

29. Math Siblings

Riddle: What do two friends who love math call each other?

Answer: Algebros

30. The Classical Logic

Riddle: If five people met and shook each other’s hands only once. How many handshakes were there in total?

Answer: 10

There you have our complete list of math riddles.

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