55 Important Questions to Ask Before Marriage

Questions to Ask Before Marriage
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Now that you have decided to settle down with Mr. or Ms. right, congratulations!

But wait… how much do you know about each other?

Have you had time to explore some difficult questions to ask before marriage? Have you had a discussion about money and finances, having children and life generally as a couple?

This article will help you with that.

It features a template of the best questions to ask before marriage that are ideal for both him and her.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Marriage

1. Is this the right time to go into marriage?

2. What are your money goals and how are you planning to get there?

3. How do I help when you are stressed?

4. Do you want children at some point?

5. How many children do you want?

6. What happens if I am unable to have children?

7. What happens if I struggle to get pregnant?

8. What are your expectations of parenting?

9. What are your plans for childcare?

10. What are your views on changing a baby’s diapers?

11. How willing are you to stay with the baby at home?

12. What is your biggest fear when it comes to having children?

13. What does a family look like to you?

14. What does marriage mean to you?

15. What are your thoughts on marriage and love?

16. What role should your partner play in your life?

17. How would we interact with the inlaws?

18. What are your expectations of sex after marriage?

18. What is your biggest fear about marriage life in general?

20. What is your marriage deal breaker?

21. What is your communication style when we disagree?

22. How will you handle finances after marriage?

23. What family values do you want for your kids?

24. What role will religion play in your marriage?

25. What will a perfect marriage look like?

26. How do you handle conflicts and disagreements?

27. How are we to make decisions together?

28. How much money do we need to live a comfortable life?

29. What are your thoughts on debt and borrowing?

30. How do we interact with people of the opposite sex?

31. How do we spend our free time?

32. At what point do we need help to resolve a conflict?

33. What boundaries should never be crossed?

34. At what point does distance affect the quality of a marriage?

35. How important is sex in marriage?

36. What are the hobbies that you share?

37. In what ways do you offer compliments to each other?

38. Who are the most important people in your life?

39. What will be your parenting style?

40. How should we handle sexual flaws in marriage?

41. What do we do when we start drifting apart?

42. How are we handling disagreements at the moment?

43. How often should we take vacations?

44. How would you like to spend your holidays?

45. What do you think of the division of labor in the house?

46. Should we have separate or shared bank accounts and assets?

47. When do you feel loved more by me?

48. When do you feel comfortable sharing your feelings and vulnerable moments with me?

49. Is it a good idea to share secrets?

50. Whose work should be given priority if need be?

51. How much lone time do you need?

52. In what ways will dates and fun time change after marriage?

53. Where will you want to live after getting married?

54. What is still missing in this relationship?

55. Why are you getting married?

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