True love in most relationships is built through communication.

Part of communication is for you to let them know how valuable they are in your life.

This article features flirty texts to help you with just that.

They are short enough to be sent to your girlfriend, boyfriend, or crush as a romantic text message.

Want to appear funny and romantic, without being obvious? Let’s get started.

In this article, you will find:

Cute Flirty Texts

1. What would you say if I asked to come over right now?

2. No one gets me as you do, my dear.

3. I am lucky to have a handsome man like you in my life.

4. You cannot imagine what I dreamt about last night?

5. Stranger, stop being a stranger and say hi.

6. Strangely, I am still thinking about you at this hour.

7. How will your reaction be if I said I love you?

8. You are beautiful. I am sure you already know that.

9. I love the feeling I get being around your hands.

10. I am lucky to have a handsome man like you in my life.

11. I miss the warm hugs from you.

12. Your smile makes me run out of things to say.

13. You are terrible at telling lies.

14. You looked hot today. Never mind where I saw you.

15. How about you wear that red innerwear again today?

16. You are such a romantic fellow.

17. Has anyone ever told you how charming you are?

18. It seems like I am getting addicted to your sweet lies.

19. You are such a funny soul. I love funny people.

20. Guess what color my innerwear is.

21. I would rather be with you than do anything else.

22. I am looking at your photo right now. I cannot help but blush.

23. How about you wear the red dress for the dinner date next time?

24. Want to see some skin, baby boy?

25. How about you show me some abs? My day will be complete.

26. I would love to take you out for dinner tonight. What do you say?

27. I get lost looking at those hips every day. Your hips don’t lie.

28. U and I are increasingly becoming my favorite letters in the alphabet.

29. When can I see you again?

30. You cannot guess what goes through my mind every time I look at those beautiful lips.

31. How about I see you every day that ends with the letter Y?  

32. Every time I look at you, you remind me of my next girlfriend.

33. The best angle for a lady like you is an acute one.

34. I bought a new bed. Should we test it together?

35. I would like to rearrange the alphabet such that U and I come close.

36. My girlfriends want to know if you think I am hot.

37. I heard that you are a poor kisser. Don’t worry. You can practice it on me.

38. Every time I see a cucumber, it reminds me of how blessed someone is.

39. I need nobody with your body by my side.

40. Can you show me how to drive — you crazy?

41. Can we be soulmates?

42. I never knew love at first sight existed. Then I saw you.

43. How good are your photography skills? Can you picture us together?

44. Would you like to know what I am thinking?

45. Such soft lips you have must be tasting like vanilla.

46. I like the way you are turning my mornings into mourning!

47. I have some crazy thoughts about you. Would you like to hear them?

48. I feel cold. Do you want to warm me up?

49. What do you think was in my mind the first time we met?

50. I am photophobic but cannot help but picture us together.

Romantic Flirty Texts

51. How do I handle you? You look hot!

52. Tempted to touch, but you look too hot to handle.

53. Why am I excited about seeing you?

54. I love that this pillow still smells like you.

55. This bed is cold without you. Are you coming back soon?

56. You really know how to turn me on, my love.

57. How can I resist your touch?

58. I am about to take a shower. Join me.

59. Imagine me whispering to your ear: I love you, babe.

60. Would you like a steamy massage? Someone is in the mood to give one.

61. I am in the mood for exploration. Join me.

62. Wanna see some skin? I am getting undressed for the night.

63. Out of sight but never out of mind.

64. Lately, I cannot explain how I feel about you.

65. If the love I feel for you is a dream, don’t wake me up.

66. How about I make your dreams come true tonight?

67. Flirting with you is so much fun.

68. If this is not the love I am feeling, then I don’t know what love is.

69. The thought of sharing you with someone makes me jealous.

70. I dare you to come to pick me up tonight.

71. Guess what I am holding in my hands.

72. Why do I feel so special when I am with you?

73. How about you drop by with a bottle of wine, chocolates, and flowers this evening?

74. Wanna undress someone tonight? Just a joke.

75. If you need something warm by your side tonight, you know how to find me.

76. It is long before I felt like suffocating. How about we try something over the weekend?

77. Wanna blow off some steam tonight? Such a stressful day it is.

78. I am in the mood for something, but I am not sure what it is.

79. I want to be on cloud nine tonight with someone reading this text.

80. Do you miss me?

81. You distracted me from work. I kept dreaming about you all day.

82. I am listening to a song that perfectly describes how I feel about you.

83. Allow me to skip the chit-chat and go straight to flirty texts.

84. I am your cat. I will spend all my nine lives with you.

85. I am missing someone, like crazy!

86. I am trying to send you flirty texts, but none fits into this text box.

87. I am single, in case you were wondering.

88. I have a pokemon in my house. You better come and catch it.

89. Hey, handsome.

90. Hello, sexy.

91. I still like you, in case you were wondering.

92. My cat asked me to tell you that she misses you.

93. Want to make your move? Now is the time.

94. We should text less and start seeing each other more.

95. How do you manage to stay this sexy?

96. Hi, Stranger. Would you stop being a stranger?

97. I am poor at pick-up lines. Do you want to give it a try?

98. I am done reading a book I am confident you will love. Want to come and pick it up?

99. FYI, I adore you.

100. You already know how I feel about you. What are you going to do about it?

Late Night Flirty Text Messages

You are a wonderful human being, in case you doubt it.

Are you still as good as you were the last time we met?

Why are you this beautiful?

How about an adventure for two over the weekend?

You are a good kisser.