A compliment is one of the best ways to show someone you have noticed what they are doing in your life and that you value their presence.

Like women, men like to be complimented once in a while.

In this article, we have compiled a list of flirty compliments for men that you can use on your boyfriend, crush, or husband.

They are a great alternative to flirting with him without making it obvious.

In this article, you’ll find:

Flirty Compliments for Men

1. You know how to make me feel good.

2. I like the way you smell. Do you use cologne or something?

3. I love the way you think. You think differently!

4. You are a wonderful man. I wish you knew how good you are to me.

5. Your confidence inspires me.

6. You are a great friend. I cherish that.

7. You are so handsome.

8. Where did you get your shoes? I like them.

9. You have an open mind and I love that.

10. I love the fact that you always find time to listen to me.

11. Where do you buy your clothes? I find them to be unique.

12. I am impressed by how calm you are in difficult situations.

13. You look smart today. I love it.

14. Every time I see you, I fall deeper in love with you.

15. I like the way you talk to me. It makes me feel appreciated all the time.

16. I wish you knew how good your accent sounds on you.

17. I like your grooming. It brings out the perfect gentleman in you.

18. Your shirts fit perfectly on your body. I like that.

19. I like the way you wear your cologne. The smell and the intensity are just right.

20. You look sexier in those jeans. Where did you buy them?

21. How much did you buy that watch? It is elegant!

22. I like it when you bite your lips.

23. You have such nice skin for a man. What do you use on your skin?

24. You have such an athletic body. I like it.

25. Those abs look really good.

26. You are the reason I smile these days. I love you!

27. I am attracted to your natural scent. It turns me on.

28. You look taller in those pants.

29. Spending time with me makes me happy.

30. I love your deep manly voice.

Compliments for Your Boyfriend

31. You look hot! I am sure other girls are jealous of me for having you.

32. I love your jokes. I wish you knew how funny you are.

33. I find everything about you so sexy. What is the secret?

34. You make me feel proud and comfortable in my skin.

35. You always know how to make me happy. I love you for this.

36. In my life, I have never met a man like you. You are the best!

37. I can’t help but feel at peace when I am with you.

38. I love the way you pronounce my name. All the syllables in it come out perfect.

39. Do you know how irresistible you are?

40. You are the gentlest of all gentlemen in the world.

41. How do you manage to stay hot as you are all the time?

42. I feel lucky to have someone as romantic as you.

43. I wish you knew how much respect I have for you.

44. You are amazing in everything you do. Keep it up.

45. You are a loving and caring man. I am proud to be your girl.

46. I love that you know how to fix almost everything.

47. You have a way to make my bad days less painful and thank you for that.

48. You are smart. You have my respect for that and many more.

49. I like how respectful you are to me and everyone around us. You are such a gentleman.

50. I love watching you help other people. You have a kind heart and I love that about you.

Compliments for Your Crush

51. You are an open and honest man. It makes me trust you more.

52. I like the fact that you are an open-minded person. With you, I feel free to express myself without feeling judged.

53. I like the energy when around you and the positive vibe.

54. Have I ever told you that you have an amazing personality? Yes, you do.

55. You are a hardworking and smart guy.

56. You are so eloquent and that inspires me.

57. You are such a kind-hearted man. Your kindness comes out naturally in you.

58. I love listening to your voice – so deep and manly.

59. You are so funny. I love your jokes so much.

60. You have a warm personality that makes me want you more.  

61. I like how much you value honesty and true friendship. It makes me trust you more.

62. You look so good in those new outfits.

63. You are as book smart as you are street smart and I like that about you.

64. You have a great sense of humor and it comes out naturally in you.

65. Have I ever said you have a unique walking style? Yes, you do and I like it.

66. Every time I see you, the word – fun- pops into my mind.

67. You are a wonderful boredom buster. I wish you knew how good you are at this.

68. Your girl must be lucky to have you by her side.

69. The confidence you have in yourself is impressive.

70. I look up to you for advice and guidance.

71. Around you, I feel at ease, confident and comfortable.

72. Somehow, you make my soul feel alive.

73. You are a good man! You have a good soul.

74. I love the way you carry yourself professionally.

75. You have a magnetic persona with positive energy and a good vibe.