Words have power.

Kind words for yourself have the power to change your life for the better. And, that is where daily positive affirmations come into play.

Saying a few kind words to yourself every morning will not only improve your self-esteem; but also create positive change in your finances, health, and relationships.

Looking for some good feel positive affirmations? This article has the best for you to manifest a perfect day for yourself.

In this article, you will find:

Positive Self-Affirmations

1. I am happy.

2. I am the best version of myself.

3. I am on the right path to success in life.

4. The past cannot dictate my present or determine my future.

5. Obstacles in life sharpen me for what is to come in the future.

6. I have all I need to succeed in life.

7. I will be productive today. I will achieve all the goals for the day.

8. I am getting better, healthier, and more fit.

9. I am the true definition of motivation.

10. Today is the day for me to be great. I can feel the greatness in me.

11. I am living the best life.

12. Tomorrow will be a great day.

13. I am confident and I know what I want in life.

14. I will achieve whatever I set my mind on.

15. I feel thankful every day.

16. I love and attract love back every day.

17. The hard times I am going through shall come to pass. I will be prosperous again.

18. I will not allow fear and doubts to take control of my actions and decisions.

19. I will not create room for bad energy inside of me.

20. All is well for me. All is well.

21. I define who I want to be.

22. I deserve love and happiness.

23. I am courageous and I stand for myself in every situation.

24. I choose peace every time. Violence has no room in my mind.

25. Tomorrow will always be a better day.

26. I will choose myself every time. Selflove is the most crucial thing in my life right now.

27. I appreciate everything I have in life. I have all I need to live a happy life.

28. I am getting better every single day.

29. I am beautiful and I know this myself. I don’t need anyone’s approval for this.

30. I will not look back for what went wrong.

Daily Affirmations for Love, Money and Happiness

31. I will never compare myself to anyone. I am unique.

32. I attract abundance in my life.

33. I believe, so I attract.

34. I always bring value to the people around me.

35. I am blessed. I have all I need and that is a blessing.

36. I will never go broke.

37. Every day is an opportunity for me to be better and more successful.

38. I am bold and beautiful.

39. I will not allow myself to worry about life.

40. I choose to see the good in life every time.

41. My life is headed in the right direction.

42. I learn new things and grow.

43. My businesses will thrive despite a few setbacks.

44. I love the new person I am becoming lately.

45. My children will grow to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

46. The past will never define me. I look happy to the future.

47. Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness.

48. My situation will improve with time.

49. I am grateful to have a family that supports and cheers me on.

50. I love my friends and all the wonderful people around me.

Positive Affirmations for Self Love

51. I am abandoning bad habits and adopting good ones.

52. Everything that is happening now is happening for the greater good.

53. I have many reasons to smile today.

54. I am changing my attitude towards life, love, and money.

55. This phase of my life shall come to pass. Tomorrow will be a new day.

56. My life is just beginning. I should not worry about things happening to me.

57. I will ignore everything that wastes my time.

58. I have no fear in me. I am confident and I trust myself.

59. I am leaving old habits and incorporating new ones for the better.

60. My life is as I had projected. I have everything in control.

61. I grow stronger with every passing day.

62. I will never allow the past to dictate my present.

63. I will chat my path even when the odds are against me.

64. It is okay to take time and heal.

65. I radiate positivity, a good vibe, and beauty.

66. I will stay positive because today is a new day with new beginnings.

67. I am beautiful inside as I am outside.

68. I am free and independent. I make my own decisions.

69. I manifest good health and happiness this year.

70. I am complete the way I am. I don’t need validation from anyone.

71. I feel valued by the people who surround me.

72. I am patient and confident in myself and my actions.

73. I do all things in love.

74. I am wise.

75. All I need in this life is within me. I don’t need anything else to succeed.