Overwhelmed by the thought of loving someone or being in love?

Well, love affirmations are a great way to attract the best love we all long for.

Words have power and as we affirm, so do we get what we asked for.

If you are looking for the best love affirmations to say to yourself, this list has the best entries for you.

Love Affirmations

1. I give love, so I must receive.

2. I deserve love and affection.

3. I am loved by the people who matter to me.

4. I am attracting only the good and lovable people to my life.

5. I love myself and so does my partner.

6. I will find my soulmate very soon.

7. I am happy in this relationship.

8. I love my life.

9. I feel loved and cared for by my partner.

10. My heart is open to new love.

11. I love my body and take good care of it.

12. I am loved more than I ever dreamed.

13. My love is deep and genuine.

14. I shall find the right person for me when the time comes.

15. Loving is my priority at this point.

16. I am attracting good people who love openly to my life.

17. My next relationship will be the best I have ever had.

18. I am a great person with a big heart for people.

19. I love myself.

20. All my dreams shall come true.

21. True love starts with self-love and I love myself.

22. I leave my past where it belongs and allow myself to love again.

23. I am emotionally fulfilled and happy.

24. I love that my life is turning out to be what I have always dreamt.

25. I share my love with others and I receive it back in equal measure.

26. The more love I give, the more love I receive.

27. It is time for me to love and get loved.

28. I attract the type of people I want to be part of my life.

29. I am at peace with my soul. Love comes naturally to me.

30. I like spending private moments with the person I love.

31. I am becoming someone my partner will love to spend the rest of their lives with.

32. I will have many suitors for marriage when my time comes.

33. The love I am getting from my partner is all I ever needed in this life.

34. I am grateful for all the good things my partner is doing for me.

35. I will find my prince charming.

36. My partner will love me more with every passing day.

37. The love of my life and I deserve a lasting love life and a happy relationship.

38. I will find my queen. My queen will be adorable, just like I had pictured her.

39. The love between my partner and I will keep growing.

40. I am open to loving and I receive love in all forms.

41. My spouse is loving and supportive of my dreams.

42. I open my heart for love to flow in.

43. I want a prosperous relationship. I want to be loved and to love.

44. True love starts with me.

45. I will love unconditionally.

46. I am loved and feel secure in this marriage.

47. My partner will love me or who I am.

48. I am happy and in love with my partner.

49. The only thing I see is love everywhere I go.

50. I am worthy of an epic love story in my lifetime.

51. I am devoted to this love and life with my spouse.

52. I will be happy, loving, and content in my next relationship.

53. He makes me laugh every time. I love him very much.

54. My partner is my lover and that is enough for me.

55. I will find someone for myself soon.

56. The love of my life is a reliable partner and a responsible one.

57. I attract good potential dates naturally.

58. I am a loyal lover and my partner is too.

59. The love of my life is a reliable person.

60. I feel understood and loved by the people I care about the most.

61. I trust the person I love.

62. I enjoy being with my partner very much.

63. I have a wonderful man in my life. He listens to me and cares a lot.

64. We are meant for each other. I love the level of compatibility that we enjoy with each other.

65. My love is precious and intimate.