60 Health Affirmations for Body, Mind and Soul

Health Affirmations
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Health affirmations help you to be more aware of your body and state of mind.

Over time, research has shown the more you say positive words to yourself and mean them, with time these words become part of you and change your life in ways you so desire.

In this article, we have come up with a list of health affirmations for you to tinker with.

Choose a few that work for your situation — ones to help you achieve your end goals and get your journey to better health started.

Health Affirmations

1. I take good care of myself.

2. My mental health comes first.

3. I am in charge of my health.

4. My skin is glowing.

5. Only I decide what a healthy body looks like.

6. I will not fall sick.

7. I am all healthy, smiley and happier.

8. My mind is healthy and so is my body.

9. I only focus on positive energy for my mental health.

10. Meditation and mental wellness come first for me.

11. I will read the information that is healthy for my mind.

12. I make sure to watch what I eat.

13. My body is healthy because my mind is.

14. I focus on growth and positive progress.

15. I am in good shape.

16. My mental health comes first in any situation.

17. I do not compete with others where it’s not necessary.

18. My mind is strong. I will overcome any obstacle that comes my way.

19. I watch what I eat every time.

20. The power the create the life I want is within me.

21. I like the progress I have made in my mental health.

22. I make sure to eat healthily every time.

23. The power for a healthy body and mind is within me.

24. I like the progress I am making with my body.

25. All problems in this life have solutions.

26. I am in good shape, thanks to my effort.

27. My body feels good, healthy and at peace with my soul.

28. I will eat healthy food all the time.

29. I am not allowing stress into my body today.

30. My healing journey is one of the most amazing stories ever.

31. I am drinking enough water today and keeping my body hydrated.

32. I am open to new ideas that improve my mental and physical health.

33. This is the body I have been longing for all along.

34. I am in love with the calmness I am experiencing in my life.

35. All the difficulties I am going through with life will pass.

36. I make conscious choices and effort to have better health.

37. I am in control of my life and my destiny.

38. Calmness and peace will reside inside of me.

39. Every day is a good day for me.

40. I manifest strength and good health for the rest of my life.

41. My healing starts with me thinking positively.

42. I make sure to let go of all the worries in the world.

43. My life is balanced.

44. I try my best to look good and have a good body.

45. I work out regularly.

46. My mind and body are one and the same.

47. I will live long to die of old age.

48. My priorities are enough sleep and good rest every day.

49. I love my body the way it is.

50. I will never feel lonely and miserable.

51. My body needs good care and love.

52. I will have good quality sleep every day.

53. I will never be anxious at any time in my life.

54. No more pain in my body for the rest of the year.

55. I will choose healthy habits above everything else.

56. My mind, body and soul are at peace.

57. I am energetic and full of life.

58. My health condition will not affect how I live and enjoy life.

59. I am proud of my body and the transformation I have seen in the recent past.

60. I will never be on drugs again.

61. A healthy body and mind are good for me.

62. I think positively and eat healthily.

63. All the decisions I make, I make them with mindfulness.

64. I will not break a born in my body.

65. I am embracing all my strengths and weaknesses and using them to better my life.

66. My immunity is strong. I will not fall for any sickness whatsoever.

67. I will surround myself with friends who support my health journey and transformation.

68. I will keep unhealthy food far from my table.

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