150 Interesting Conversation Starters for Teenagers

Conversation starters for teenagers
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How is your communication with your teenager? Do you have the right set of conversation starters for teenagers?

If there is a turbulent phase in a person’s life, growing up; it is the teenage phase.

As childhood gives way to adolescence, most teenagers, unfortunately, start withdrawing more into themselves; shying away from the openness, information sharing and chatty attitude they once had growing up.

This, as noted by Dr. Carl E Pickhardt, is more prevalent among the information age generation Z compared to any other generation before them.

But how do you cultivate an atmosphere of openness and information sharing and bridge the gap between you and your teenager? Well, the right set of conversation starters for teenagers would be a good place to begin.

In this article, we have handpicked the best conversation starters for teenagers for you to get started with, with your teenager.

Conversation Starters for Teenagers

1. Where would you like to go this weekend?

2. What are your favorite TV shows?

3. What are you most passionate about right now?

4. How about we go to Santorini this summer?

Santorini or any other sunny tourist destination they might be interested in would be an ideal summer vacation.

5. Can you help me choose between these two?

6. What are you saving your money for?

7. Do you have a BFF?

8. Which career path would you take?

9. How much do you like your online classes?

10. What is your Zodiac?

11. How did your XYZ go?

12. What are your creative ways to make money?

You will be surprised at how creative teenagers can be.

They can invent a whole new money-making ecosystem right under your nose and you will never know about it unless you make an effort to ask.

13. What is your favorite movie genre?

14. What is the next thing on your bucket list?

15. What is your dream job?

16. Can I listen to your favorite music playlist?

17. What are your thoughts on people who…?

18. Have you been to a “trending place near you”?

19. What is your best book of all time?

20. Which subject do you wish wasn’t taught in school?

21. How satisfied are you with your pocket money?

22. What do you wish to buy when you save enough money?

23. Hey, show me around.

You will be surprised how much these growing souls know about the area.

24. Where do you feel you need help the most?

25. What is your most favorite fashion trend right now?

26. Any trending Tik Tok challenge you’d like me to be part of?

27. Having fun in your/ with your …?

This seeks feedback from your teenager about the recent item you bought or an experience he or she is participating in.

28. You make me proud!

29. Never have I ever…?

30. What do you miss the most about XYZ?

It can be the neighborhood you relocated from recently or an amazing experience you had with your teenager recently.

31. Truth or dare? Whichever their choice is, go forth and ask or dare. It can be fun.

32. Is there a musical instrument you’d like to learn to play?

33. Who inspires you the most?

34. Tease them about something cool that might feel embarrassing to them.

35. Complete this: I cannot imagine living without…?

36. Do you like your current school?

37. Which sports do you play?

38. How do you handle bullying?

39. How much do you enjoy singing?

Can we hold a karaoke duel and see who wins?

40. How much money is enough money for you?

41. What qualities make a good boyfriend/girlfriend?

42. Have you kissed before?

43. Hamburgers or pizza?

44. What cuisine would you like to try out?

There you have a complete list of handpicked conversation starters for teenagers.

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