100 Icebreaker Questions for Meaningful Conversations

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This article covers a list of good icebreaker questions you can use every time you find yourself with nothing to say when with friends – both new friends and old acquaintances.

Most of them are simple and short enough to be sent as a text for a long-distance relationship.

Choose the most appropriate questions for the occasion and kickstart a conversation as you learn the topics the person you are interacting with might be interested in.

Good Icebreaker Questions

1. What did you want to become growing up?

2. What are some of the best times of your life?

3. At what age did you have the best life ever?

4. What is your favorite sport?

5. Do you play indoor games?

6. What outdoor games do you play?

7. What is your favorite sports team?

8. Are you an introverted or an extroverted person?

9. Are you more of a talker or a listener?

10. What is your dream career?

11. What subject did you like back in high school?

12. What major did you take back in college?

13. Do you like your current job?

14. How many goals have you crossed for the year?

15. What did you do with your first pay?

16. What is the worst job you have ever done?

17. What is the best job you have ever done?

18. What is the silliest question you often get asked?

19. What is your hardest interview question?

20. What is your dream car?

21. What car did you first buy with your own money?

22. How did your very first apartment look? Did you like it?

23. Are you a morning or night person?

24. Are you a beach or a safari person?

25. Do you prefer cats for a pet or dogs?

26. Are you an outgoing or reserved person?

27. Do you like spending your time indoors or outdoors?

28. What is your take on the current political temperature?

29. Have you ever thought of running for a political office?

30. What is the best thing you have going on in your life at the moment?

31. What are you grateful for in life?

32. What is the most common thing that everyone around you has done apart from you?

33. Do you play video games?

34. How good are you at playing cards?

35. When is the last time you [insert action here]?

36. Do you believe in life after death?

37. What is your take on spirituality and religion?

38. Do you think the Biblical Satan is the same as Lucifer?

39. At what age are you comfortable dying?

40. When is the last time you heard a new fresh and exciting joke?

41. Have you thought of driving a big truck for fun?

42. Have you ever thought of learning to fly a plane or sailing a ship?

43. What are some of your recent big wins in your life?

44. How do you process grief and loss?

45. What do you do when happy or excited?

46. What are some of your family’s Christmas traditions you still find exciting?

47. Have you participated in an Adrenalin sport in your life?

48. Whom do you think is overrated right now?

49. What is your weird nap posture?

50. What do you wish was legal?

51. What are you paying for but feel it should be free?

52. What motivates you?

53. What do you do when demoralized?

54. What is the scariest thought that has ever crossed your mind?

55. What skills would you love to acquire right now?

56. At what age should people ideally have families of their own?

57. What is your thought on choosing not to have children of your own?

58. What are you nostalgic about right now?

59. How much do you like trying out new ideas?

60. Do you prefer eating out or cooking by yourself?

61. What is your favorite foreign dish?

62. What is your thought on Chinese, Japanese vs. Indian dishes?

63. Which culture fascinates you the most?

64. Which country’s culture do you find weird?

65. Whom do you think is an overrated ass@hole?

66. Have you suffered rejection before in your life?

67. What music genre are you into right now?

68. Which movie do you feel was a masterpiece?

69. How do you get your news?

70. What social media platform is your favorite?

71. When is the last time you genuinely thanked someone?

72. When is the last time you were told these words: I love you?

73. What is the silliest thing you are good at?

74. Do you name your cars?

75. In your view, what should come first? Owning a car or owning a house?

76. What is the funniest hairstyle you have ever had?

77. What is the one thing you would rather die than go through/do?

78. What are you most proud of in life?

79. Do you have a look-alike?

80. What is your birthmark?

81. What is your take on people with [insert a common prejudice around where you live]?

82. What do you normally do in an environment where you don’t know anyone?

83. Did you see the news concerning [insert hot trending topic]?

84. Have you ever been to [insert a trending place in your locality]?

85. When is the last time you [insert the most common thing everyone has done in your locality]?

86. What is your view on same-sex relationships?

87. Have you ever been attracted to someone of the same sex as you?

88. Where do you see your life a few years from now?

89. How good are you at drawing?

90. How good are you at singing?

91. How good are you at coding?

92. How good are you at online games?

93. What brands do you use and love?

94. Which brands don’t you like at all?

95. Where do you hang out around here over the weekends?

96. What is the weirdest food you have ever seen someone eating?

97. How good are you at dancing?

98. Do you like these good icebreaker questions?

99. How would you rate these good icebreaker questions on a scale of 1 – 10?

100. How likely are you to suggest these good icebreaker questions to one of your close friends?

there you have your complete list of good icebreaker questions.

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