Ways to Engage: 150 Deep Conversation Starters for Lovers

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Deep conversation starters are powerful. They always lead to meaningful discussions about life topics that matter.

Whether with a new friend or co-worker, a crush be it a boy or a girl, or your spouse, the right set of conversation starters will always lead to meaningful discussions that build stronger relationships between individuals.

In this article, we have come up with a handful of the best and deep conversation starters for you.

They cover a wide range of conversation topics from normal or flirty chit chat to serious topics like personal finance, productivity, spirituality and other human development-themed topics.

Deep conversation starters

1. What has had the biggest impact on your life lately?

2. What are your views on spirituality and religion?

3. What matters most to you right now?

4. What is your favorite quote, mantra, or slogan?

5. What is your story?

6. What excites you lately?

7. Undertaking any passion project right now?

8. How do you handle your money matters?

9. Is money a good thing?

10. How important is your career to your life?

11. What are your worst fears?

12. Who is your role model?

13. Which book have you been reading lately?

14. Do you feel your life heading in the right direction?

15. What do you think about financial markets/stock market?

16. What do you think about most of the time?

17. Do you have a workout plan/physical exercise schedule?

18. How do you detoxify yourself?

19. What do you do to achieve clarity?

20. What do you feel is a waste of time?

21. Are gifts the best way to appreciate someone?

22. What topics do you like to talk about?

23. Do you have a daily routine that works?

24. What is your most important trait for success?

25. Is the country headed in the right direction?

26. What is your favorite sports team?

27. What game do you play in your free time?

28. Which movies would you suggest to someone like me?

29. Which song shouldn’t miss in everyone’s playlist?

30. How do you define a good life?

31. What do you find essential for good health?

32. Are human beings creatures of habits?

33. Are your new year resolutions still part of your goals?

34. How much money is enough money?

35. What is the rationale for saving money?

36. Should the financial sector have fewer or more regulations?

37. What technological innovation has revolutionized the world lately?

38. What is your go-to social media platform?

39. What are your views on online dating?

40. Have you tried speed dating?

41. Would you prefer to work online or in an office space?

42. Would you rather attend a physical class in a school or an online class?

43. Are virtual reality and artificial intelligence the future of humanity?

44. What is the one mistake we are making that might prove catastrophic to humanity?

45. What are your thoughts on climate change?

46. What is the most powerful smartphone you have ever owned?

47. Have you ever transacted using digital currencies/cryptocurrencies?

48. What is your go-to luxury car/sports car today?

49. Are you a movie, music or TV person?

There you have our deep conversation starters.

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