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60+ Best Little Johnny Jokes in 2022 | Keep Laughing!

Ever heard of Little Johnny or Little Johnny jokes? He is someone annoying, silly yet funny who has never failed to provide the online world with much amusement with his jokes.  Every time Little Johnny unintentionally spills a secret...

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60+ Best Guess Who / Guess What Jokes that are Fun

Guess what I found online today? The best guess what jokes ever! And the best part is, they are fresh, funny, and entertaining; making them ideal for an evening family fan time. If you are looking for the best guess what jokes or guess who jokes...

Christmas puns

100 Christmas Puns and Captions for You to Sleigh With

The best Christmas puns to crack your ribs with laughter? Well, We have come up with the best puns, jokes, and one-liners about Christmas that are not only fun but also educative. They are short and clean and are ideal for a family setting with...

Happy birthday wishes

75+ Best Happy Birthday Wishes

“Every year a day like this, I get reminded of how important you are to me. Happy birthday.” On a special day like this, we have curated the best happy birthday wishes and messages for you to share with your special someone and make...

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75 Yo Mama Jokes to Waken Childhood Memories

It is an open truth that good jokes are medicine to the soul. They help us laugh out and forget the day-to-day sorrows and weight that life bears on our shoulders. Of all the good jokes out there, yo mama jokes hit differently. In this article, we...

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