If you are looking for sweet good night messages for him, this article covers the best for you.

Be it a husband, boyfriend, or that crush you are eying, romantic late-night text messages are the best way to go at it without appearing needy.

A text or two just before they sleep will go a long way in improving your love profile and earn a special place in their heart.

This article has the best good night messages you can send to him over text that guarantees a favorable response.

Here is what we cover:

Sweet Good Night Messages for Him

1. I miss every moment we have spent together, my love. As I retire to bed for the night, all I can say is a good night to my man.

2. Some days, I wake up in the middle of the night wishing you were here with me, my dear. Anyway, sweet dreams, sir.

3. Nights are long, cold, and lonely without your touch, my love. But good night messages like these make them bearable. I love you, babe!

4. A lovely night to the man who makes my days worth living. I love you, babe.

5. I was lying on our bed looking at the ceiling, then I remembered the good times we shared on this bed. I miss you big, my man. Sleep well. Goodnight!

6. This is not a good night message but hugs and kisses from Mrs. to Mr. to make him sleep better. Your Mrs. loves you very much.

7. This is not a good night message but a whisper to your ears before you sleep, my king. I love you, babe. Sleep tight, my king!

8. The far you are from me, the harder it is for me to sleep. Just know I love you.

9. I feel tired and sleepy but can’t sleep without saying good night to my love.

10. I love you, king of my heart! Have a good night.

11. You might be far away, but you will always be in my heart. Good night my prince.

12. This is a good night message for him, who is reading.

13. A good night’s sleep to you, my sweetheart. I hope I will be the first thing in your mind when you wake up. Miss you.

14. Sleep well, husband! I wish you were holding me tight for the night.

15. I keep myself distracted by work during the day. But with these chilly nights, I really miss you, babe.

16. The distance between us might be astronomical, but you will always be on my mind, dear husband. Good night and sweet dreams.

17. Chilly nights like these make me long for those days when I used to sleep and wake up by your side.

18. Sweet dreams, boyfriend! I hope I am in them. You are already in mine.

19. Late night text message is not enough for me to tell you how much I love and miss you. I am glad that we will be seeing each other soon.

20. I never thought I will find a soulmate in my life; until I met you. Loving you has made me understand the true meaning of loving. Good night!

Good Night Messages for Boyfriend

21. A good night’s sleep to my love until tomorrow when I get to see you again. I am missing that smile!

22. Good night, my love. I know a good night message from the one we love is all we need sometimes.

23. You don’t know how much it makes me happy to see a sweet text message from someone I love. Goodnight, babe!

24. You are the man in my dreams, growing up. I love you, babe. Sleep tight, my love.

25. Hello, babe. Loving you is the best thing to have ever happened to me in a long while. Sweet dreams!

26. I am happy to be under the love of a capable man you are. Have a good night, my knight.

27. I am going to bed but not without your hot kisses and warm hugs, my love.

28. This might not be true,  but I used to believe the moon shines for just you and me. Good night, babe!

29. It is you and only you in my heart, always. Sweet dream, sweetheart.

30. I feel the union and the love between us was forged in Mount Olympus long ago before we were born. Nothing can break it. Sleep tight, young king!

31. The moon lights up the night skies, but you, my dear, are the one who brightens my night. I love you.

32. I wish I were in your bed tonight. All I see in my dreams is you, my dear. I love you.

33. You are the reason I am developing dimples because every time I see your message, I can’t help but smile. Good night!

34. I wish you a peaceful night and sweet dreams. If only you were here to hold me tight like you always do.

35. I miss those tight hugs and cuddles from you, my dear. I cannot wait for the time I will be in your arms again. Good night, sweetheart!

36. A good night to the only guy who makes me feel like a true babe. I love you!

37. I wish you were here so that I could make you feel the king you are. Good night, my king!

38. Despite the distance between us, I can feel your presence. I love you so much, dear boyfriend. Good night!

39. I am not afraid of the nightmares with you by my side. I know I have a lion in the house, a protector, and a true lover.

40. If you ever feel lonely at night, look into the sky and call my name. My spirit will come and comfort you. Have a good night, handsome.

Good Night Messages for Husband

41. I looked up into the sky, but I couldn’t see any moon. All I could see is your face. Good night, sweetheart!

42. I wish you a sweet and dreamy night. Good night!

43. Good night, dear. Here are my kisses, cuddles, and hugs.

44. Good night, my love. I pray for joy, love, and happiness for you and me for years to come. I love you.

45. I am grateful that God made a handsome soulmate you are just for me. What else can I ask for? Good night!

46. My dream becomes a sweet dream with you in it. I love you, babe. Sleep tight!

47. Good night, boyfriend! Despite my days being challenging and stressful, thinking about you makes me sleep better. I miss you.

48. A sleepy night to the most handsome guy I have ever seen. I am missing you already!

49. May you experience the sweetest dreams of your life tonight. Sleep tight, my love!

50. I wish you were here so that I could be your wife. I miss your every sense and touch. Good night!

51. A great night to the most caring and loving man the world has ever produced. I wish you a peaceful night full of love and sweet dreams.

52. Have a lovely night, my man. Your lady misses you a lot.

53. A good night, sweetheart. Sweet dreams.

54. May all your dreams and aspirations in life come to pass. I am here to support you with every step, my king. Good night!

55. I have lost all other desires in life since I found you. I wish you knew how much I am addicted to you. Good night, king of my heart!