100 Best Flirty Texts for Her that’ll Change Her Mind

Flirty Texts for Her
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If you are looking for flirty texts for her, to make her smile, you have come to the right place.

This article features only the best flirty messages for your girl, be it your wife, girlfriend, or crush.

They are short and optimized for text flirting.

All you have to do is copy and paste it to your text box and send it to that special lady in your life.

If you are looking for new ways to put a smile on her face, these flirty texts are what you need.

In this article, you will find:

Cute Flirty Texts for Her

1. You don’t know how much I miss your radiant smile.

2. I love how your presence in my life makes me feel.

3. Good morning, sweetheart. I miss you.

4. If this is not the love I feel for you, I don’t know what is.

5. An hour is yet to pass since you left and I already miss you.

6. You make things HARD for me and I like that about you.

7. I see myself having dimples very soon because of the smiles from your flirty texts.

8. I miss your soft skin on my body.

9. When I saw you, I knew you are the ONE for me.

10. Every time I am sad, I look at your profile picture and find myself smiling.

11. You don’t know how much impact you have had in my life. You are the summer in my winter.

12. Do you want to know what I dreamt last night?

13. My friends want to know if you think I am a hot guy.

14. If you send me a hot photo of yourself, you might get something hot from me.

15. I will be getting a new bed today. Do you mind helping me test its strength?

16. I am not good at photography but I can always picture us together for life.

17. Want to see some bare chest?

18. I was filling a document at my workplace and, guess what? I found myself writing your name instead.

19. I wish you knew how much I am obsessed with you.

20. You are always in my mind, my love.

21. I have some dirty thoughts about you today. Want to hear them?

22. If you were a song, you would have been the hottest single on Spotify.

23. If you were a vegetable, I guess you would have been a cute-cumber.

24. I wish you knew how beautiful you are. God must have taken His time making just you.

25. I now understand why the snake chose to trick you my eve.

26. Have I ever told you, you have a body of a goddess? Now you know.

27. I have never had a weakness but since you came into my life, I cannot resist you.

28. I can’t wait to hold your delicate body in my arms once again.

29. You drive me crazy every time you lay on my chest.

30. Someone is missing you already, my dear.

Flirty Texts for Her in the Morning

31. You are the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.

32. You are the perfect gift for my birthday. I don’t need anything else when I am with you.

33. I can’t imagine having children with the only person I love. It would be heaven on earth for me.

34. You have changed my life in a thousand ways and made me a better person.

35. If we were cats, I would have asked we spend our nine lives together.

36. I wanted to send you something flirty, but my phone keeps saying delivery failed. I don’t know why this is happening.

37. I was swimming over the weekend. Do you want to see some photos?

38. I am in the mood for soft music, candlelight, and champagne for two.

39. When Santa comes, I will tell him all I want for Christmas is you.

40. I cant wait to hear about all the crazy thoughts in your mind.

41. I love the way you say my name.

42. I want to hold you close to my body every night.

43. My friends want to know what you do to remain this beautiful. Any secrets for their girlfriends?

44. I am lucky to have a girl as beautiful as you.

45. I love the way you are turning my morning into mournings.

46. I made an order for your favorite innerwear. Want to come and fit it tonight?

47. You are the reason I work this hard so that the queen will never lack anything in life.

48. You are beautiful, my dear. I wanted you to remember that.

49. I wish you knew what thoughts you inspire in my mind.

50. I miss those soft lips very much.

51. You are a good kisser, in case you didn’t know.

52. Your cuddles are the best in this world. Those tiny soft hands know where to touch.

53. I miss those moments when you call me daddy. They mean everything to me.

54. Waking up next to your face makes my morning a good morning.

55. I want to get lost in your arms once again tonight. Are you available?

56. You don’t know the satisfaction you give me when you sleep by my side, wrapped up in my arms.

57. I can’t get enough of you, despite spending thousands of hours together.

58. I have tried resisting you before, but you know what? I failed miserably every time.

59. I used to think that I don’t have an addiction until you came into my life.

60. How about you come over and warm me up? I feel so cold.

I Miss You Texts for Her

61. I know we saw each other in the morning but I already miss you.

62. How about I make you dinner wearing an apron only?

63. Want to know how your lips taste? Let us meet for a drink in the evening.

64. I promise to make your heaven on earth, my love.

65. You have an amazing body shape every man with eyes will crave.

66. I wish you knew how much fun it is to flirt with you.

67. You always have a way to take me to cloud nine and back. You are such an amazing soul.

68. I have ordered dinner for two. Where are you?

69. Why do I find every text from you flirty these days?

70. How about I make your toes curl later tonight?

71. By the way, I want you all to myself. No sharing.

72. I seem to fall in love with you every day and I can’t help it.

73. I am all smiles every time I see your beautiful face.

74. I bought something special for you. Would you like to see it, babe?

75. You mean so much to me.

76. One of my friends is jealous of you. Please, don’t ask for their name.

77. I miss the person reading these flirty texts so much.

78. Someone says I always get excited when I receive a text from you. That is how much I am obsessed with you.

79. All my friends like you. Want to know who likes you the most? It’s me.

80. My heart has known peace since I met you. You make me complete.

81. I love the person I fell in love with very much.

82. You are the queen of my heart, but I am sure this is not news to you.

83. I miss every inch of your body, my love.

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