75 Interesting Wedding Shoe Game Questions

Wedding Shoe Game Questions
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Wedding shoe game questions are becoming a common wedding reception activity across the world.

They are the best way to spend your time meaningfully with the bride and the bridegroom.

Like most newlywed games, wedding shoe game questions test the couple’s knowledge of each other.

And as such, questions will range from who is the funniest, whose meals taste better to who paid for the first date.

Wedding Shoe Game Questions

1. Who loves more?

2. Who says I love you more?

3. Who’s meals taste better?

4. Who made the first move on the first date?

5. Who has the better voice for singing?  

6. Who talks the most?

7. Who pays for most dinners?

8. Who cooks the most?

9. Who is better at organizing the house?

10. Who said I love you the first?

11. Who starts the most fights?

12. Who is the funniest?

13. Who decides on the most critical issues?

14. Who gets hit on the most by strangers?

15. Who flirts the most?

16. Who is the most outgoing?

17. Who flirts better?

18. Who is book-smart?

19. Who is street smart?

20. Who is the poorest at spending money?

21. Who is the stubborn one?

22. Who’s dance moves are better?

23. Who has traveled the most?

24. Who likes trying out new things?

25. Who is more adventurous in the bedroom?

26. Who’s the most romantic one?

27. Who has the weirdest sleeping positions?

28. Who is more likely to tell a lie?

29. Who is more likely to cry first?

30. Who sings better?

31. Who is more conscious about the food you eat?

32. Who is more likely to be a comedian?

33. Who gives better gifts?

34. Who has a crazier family?

35. Who takes the most risks in life?

36. Who drinks the most?

37. Who is the most extroverted?

38. Who is more likely to cancel the wedding at the last minute?

39. Who makes more money?

40. Who is more likely to arrive late at a meeting?

41. Who is more likely to forget anniversary dates?

42. Who was the party animal when young?

43. Who is more likely to feel needy?

44. Who is the big baby when sick?

45. Who has a better sense of fashion?

46. Who actively avoids unnecessary fights?

47. Who snores the loudest?

49. Who is more likely to get into a fight with other people?

50. Whose work environment is the most interesting?

51. Who is more addicted to junk food?

52. Who is more addicted to social media?

53. Who wants more children?

54. Who had a crush on the other when you first met?

55. Who paid on the very first date?

56. Who pursued the other early on in the relationship?

57. Who wants children the most?

58. Who spends more time on their phone’s screen?

59. Who is more likely to get caught staring at a stranger?

60. Who is more likely to do something silly in public?

61. Who wanted children from the word go?

62. Who never gets enough when it comes to bedroom matters?

63. Who is more likely to apologize first?

64. Who is more likely to end up as a stricter parent?

65. Who worked harder to make sure the relationship is working?

66. Who is more likely to go to prison first?

67. Who’s parents are more welcoming?

68. Whose parents are you more likely to stay with?

69. Who is the daredevil when it comes to bedroom matters?

70. Who is the most religious one in the relationship?

71. Who is the most cautious one when it comes to making decisions?

72. Who took more time planning for the wedding?

73. Who decided on the wedding theme and color scheme?

74. Whose idea was the wedding venue?

75. Who called the first on the wedding day?

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