The world has become a small global village in this era of advanced technology and systems.

But with all these advancements, there are still dozens of simple yet mysterious wonders and unanswerable questions that still puzzle human brains to this day.

These mysteries and questions we cannot find answers to puts us right into the line of thought of the former US Secretary of State for Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, who is famous for known unknowns and unknown unknowns.

There are known knowns. There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.

Donald Henry Rumsfeld, former secretary of defense, US

What are our known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns?

Let’s find out in this edition of unanswerable questions with no clear answer.

100 Unanswerable Questions List

1. Can someone become allergic to water?

2. Were human beings created the way they are or they evolved from ape-like creatures?

3. At what point does human life begin?

4. Were there better civilizations like us before?

5. Why do we love the way we do?

6. Why do people cheat in their relationships?

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7. Is it men or women who enjoy it the most?

8. Why do we cry when emotional?

9. Can we decide to love and not to or does love come automatically?

10. How come some couples end up resembling each other after years of marriage?

11. Is it truly ethical to kill another animal for your food? Do vegetarian activists have a point?

12. Should we base our lives on science or religion?

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13. Where do human emotions reside – the heart or brain? Why do we feel heartbreak in our stomachs and chest and not in the head?

14. Did the world start with the day or night?

15. Do truly good people exist?

16. Is it right to kill in the name of protecting yourself or your loved ones?

17. Do spirits exist?

18. What visions do blind people see in their dreams?

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19. Are human beings still evolving or has evolution stopped?

20. When we forget, where does the information go?

Which of these unanswerable questions do you find most difficult?

21. What is the reason for life?

22. Must there be a reason for someone to do something? Can you do something entirely for the sake of it?

23. What do we enjoy the most between sex and love?

24. Why do older people feel disrespected when you don’t allow them to disrespect you?

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25. Are we living or are we dying slowly?

26. Are human innovations discoveries or inventions?

27. Are thousands of languages we have today a result of human evolution?

28. Killing someone is not right. Why do we kill people who kill others?

29. Are we individuals or a collective in a singularity?

30. How do we handcuff a person with only one hand?

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31. Where does the passing time go to?

32. Are there unanswerable questions?

33. What is the opposite of the word opposite?

34. At what point did time begin?

35. If black holes absorb all the light and cannot be seen, how do we know they exist? Is this science or faith-based idea?

36. What happens if time stops?

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37. Do avocados feel embarrassed when you peel them?

38. Is it easier or harder to become successful these days?

39. What does the unexpected become when we already expect it?

40. Did we have seeds or the plant first?

41. Did you succeed when you succeed while trying to fail?

42. Some months have more days than others. Cant we just balance them out mathematically?

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43. Are there instances where animals commit suicide?

44. Do stairs wind up or down?

45. What color is the mirror?

46. If someone had a brain transplant, do they become the owner of the body or retain the memories of the brain owner?

47. Where does the lost time go to?

48. If time moves in spacetime, where does it go to? What is its end?

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49. Do mentally challenged people live in the world we live in? Is it us who do not understand how they perceive the surrounding?

50. Is money real or just a value and faith we place on it?

51. Is the existence of evil a good thing? How will we know good if evil doesn’t exist?

52. We can measure the speed of light. How do we measure the speed of darkness?

53. Is poverty and lack of part of being human? Is it unavoidable?

54. Why don’t we kill the person who kills a person found guilty of killing?

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55. What are dreams and where do they come from?

56. Does Karma work in real life?

57. Why do living things have to die in the end?

58. Is there good living or is it a slowed process of death?

59. Why doesn’t glue stick inside its bottle?

60. If Adam and Eve were created, did they have a belly button like us who are born?

61. Where do human emotions originate from?

62. How comes we cook bacon and bake cookies?

63. Are flies without wings still called flies?

64. What was there before the universe?

65. What happens when we did a hole down the ground and never stop? Do we drop off to space or emerge in a different point opposite to where we are, give the earth is not flat?

66. If we evolved from ape-like creatures, why do we still have them around?

67. Did time start with the universe or it existed way before then?

68. Is wasting time really a waste of time?

69. Do animals have memories of the good old days like humans?

70. Is human innovation and technology a good thing?

71. Who exactly is it that we are talking to when you pray alone in your room? The wall? Imaginary being in your brain?

72. Are bananas fruits or vegetables?

73. Why do we love?

74. Do we love so that we can be loved back?

75. What exactly makes something fun and others not fun?

76. Are we any special than other animals on earth or we only give ourselves that role?

77. Is it right for humans to genetically engineer other animals and plants and themselves or should we let nature take its cause?

78. If we made from one Adam and one Eve, how come we have all this racial diversity today?

79. Is the ground rising given all the animals, plants, and people that die and get buried in it?

80. Are we really polluting the environment, given what we use was already here and nothing was brought from outer space?

81. Are we working to better our lives or to be better than people around us whom we compete for limited resources with?

82. Is it power or money that corrupts the most?

83. What language do people who are unable to speak, speak in their mind and thoughts?

84. What exactly happens after we die?

85. Are we even alive as we think we are?

86. Are there better humans? What makes one a better person?

87. Does time run differently for a child visa vee an old person?

88. Why do people call their mothers and not fathers when their existence is threatened?

89. Why is there a difference between the magnetic north and the true north?

90. How comes the higher we go the cooler it becomes?

91. Are we really free with fully human rights? Or are our rights given to us by our governments and the constitutions?

92. Is there life after death? Is death the end? Endless darkness and void?

93. Is there merit to wealth accumulation? What happens when we all become wealthy?

94. Are we living or are we surviving? Why do we struggle to get, keep and maintain every day?

95. Would there be days if nights never existed?

96. We are all one people. But why do different people behave differently?

97. How do you describe something indescribable?

98. Is it possible for someone to yawn while they are asleep?

99. Can we say animals that don’t live in houses are homeless?

100. Why is the pizza box square when the pizza inside is round?

101. If you had your lunch for breakfast, is it still lunch?

102. Can we really learn about something that doesn’t exist? What is the point of research?

103. Why are some cars made with speed limits way above the average global speed limit?

104. If you hate haters you become a hater too. Do you end up hating yourself?

105. Scientists say the universe is expanding fast. What exists outside the universe where it is expanding to?

106. At what point do the present stop and the past start?

107. At what point does the future begin?

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