Every love needs assurances and so does yours.

But wait…

When is the last time you gave him your “reasons why I love you” assurances? Have you ever?

Chances are you have never. And, if you have you probably were at the first phase of dating and it is the right time to try it now.

Open your heart and confess your love for them and here are the best “100 reasons why I love” you to get you started.

Reasons Why I Love You

1. You make me feel complete.

2. Your presence fills me with joy.

3. Your body is just adorable.

4. Your smile is innocent and charming.

5. I can feel you care genuinely.

6. I feel you are that part of me I was missing all along.

7. You always find a way to take care of my problems.

8. I cannot stay without our deep love, care and affection.

9. You understand me in a way no one has ever done.

10. You make me feel awesome every time.

11. I feel genuinely welcome in your heart.

12. I love you because you deserve it.

13. You are a trustworthy person.

14. You make me happy.

15. You make me laugh every time.

16. I love you because I feel you are my soulmate.

17. You always find a way to make me smile.

18. I get all the fun by your side.

19. I love you because when I am with you, I don’t need anything.

20. You brighten my day.

21. I love the way you look at me.

22. You inspire me to be the best I can ever be.

23. I love your beautiful eyes.

24. I love your beautiful face.

25. You opened my eyes to new experiences and things I never knew before.

26. I like your tastes and preferences in life.

27. I love the way we can look at each other and communicate without saying a word.

28. I always feel confident by your side.

29. I love you because you like my food.

30. Your touch makes me feel weak on my knees.

31. You restored my confidence and purpose in life.

32. We share the same passions, goals and aspirations for life.

33. You took good care of me when no one bothered.

34. You are stylish and fashionable.

35. You have a class and taste that I like.

36. You stand out among your peers.

37. There is something about you that I cannot even explain.

38. You have such a charming personality.

39. You always get the best of me.

40. You are very handsome.

41. You care about how I feel.

42. You understand me better than anyone else.

43. You are very beautiful.

44. You are naughty and charming.

45. I love you because you value me and how I feel.

46. I love you because I feel respected by you.

47. You loved me when no one else did.

48. We always have fun when together.

49. I love you because you always have a way of coming up with new original solutions for every problem.

50. When I am with you, life more exciting.

51. You have never judged me.

52. I love that you know my heart.

53. I love you because you know how to please me.

54. You know how to love me better.

55. I love that you know my darkest secrets and you are still here for me.

56. You always know the answer to every problem in my life.

57. I love that you share our secrets with me.

58. You give assurance when I am in doubt.

59. I love you because you have never lied to me.

60. I can feel your trust in me.

61. I love how you treat other people.

62. You are such a good cook.

63. I love how much you like my family members.

64. You are good at listening to me, even when tired.

65. I like how well you get with everyone around you.

66. You love me for me.

67. I love you because we never get bored while we are together.

68. You always deliver.

69. You are perfect in almost everything.

70. You are okay with my imperfections.

71. I find myself dreaming about us every time.

72. You love my body the way it is.

73. There is something about your touch that I can’t explain.

74. You genuinely value my opinions.

75. Your actions teach me about loving unconditionally.

76. You and I make a great team together.

77. You love my terrible jokes.

78. I love that you find me beautiful.

79. I love that you and I have created a whole new world together.

80. I feel lonely when you are not here with me.

81. I love your work ethic.

82. I love your smell. It reassures me every time.

83. I love you because you have always wanted to build a future with me.

84. I love you because I strongly feel you are “the one”.

85. You know how to raise my spirit.

86. You always have a way to surprise me.

87. Life without you feels meaningless.

88. Your absence makes me feel lonely.

89. I can see love in your eyes.

90. I love your touch and cuddles.

91. I love how generous you are with me.

92. I love the way you call me babe.

93. You fill my heart with love.

94. You fill my world with hope.

95. I love the way you call my name.

96. I love how I feel around you.

97. I have never been loved like this in my life.

98. I wish “that feeling” when I am around you remains forever.

99. You satisfy me in bed every time.

100. I love you because I feel loved by you.

Reasons why I love you