100+ Crazy Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

100+ Crazy Never Have I Ever Questions for Teens

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Question games are a great way for family, friends, and acquaintances to know each other in a meaningful way than you did before while having fun.

How else will you know the bad boy, the bad girl, and the holy one among your friends and family members?

You might be surprised to learn the most polite among you is the most risque one.

In this edition, we have come up with a list of the best never have I ever questions for teens. They are ideal for both teenage boys and girls whether in college or high school.

We filtered the most common never have I ever questions for teens and only featured clean, funny, flirty, and dirty questions for your trivia night with family or with friends.

The best never have I ever questions for teens

1. Never have I ever gotten away with a crime

Teenage boys and girls are witty.

They do things and get away with it in a way adults cannot.

2. Never have I ever been arrested

90 percent of the arrests and detentions made over the weekend are for young boys and girls.

The figure is exaggerated, but it has an element of truth.

Young people get arrested on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays more than during the week.

3. Never have I ever been to a strip club

Ever been to a nightclub?

What about a strip club?

Part of being youthful is the love for fun and everything partying and clubbing.

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4. Never have I ever been busted kissing

Where was it?

In an elevator, by a teacher in the school library or classroom?

Or was it in the office where you took your internship?

5. Never have I ever been in a fight for love

Fought someone because of love?

Or hated someone for snatching away your boyfriend or girlfriend?

When was it? Back in high school, college, or the university?

6. Never have I ever kissed a friend of the same gender

7. Never have I ever gone to dating apps for potential dates

What is your dating app of choice? Tinder, Bumble?

Do you prefer dating apps for teens, the likes of Skout, MyLOL, and MeetMe?

8. Never have I ever cheated on my boyfriend/girlfriend

Cheating is defined as being unfaithful to your partner. It can be sexual or emotional.

If an action feels like cheating, it probably is cheating.

9. Never have I ever fallen in love

Have you fallen in love before? Who did you fall in love with? And how did it go?

Falling in love is a sweet of mind to be in if it is reciprocated in kind.

10. Never have I ever traveled out of the country

Traveled out of the country before? Where was your travel destination?

Research shows more than 200 million Americans will never travel out of the US borders from the time they were born till death.

You are the lucky few if you have traveled out of the country (Canada and Mexico border towns excluded).

11. Never have I ever participated in the adrenaline-rush activity

Teenagers are risk-takers.

What is your go-to adrenaline-rush activity?

Sky diving, rock climbing, bungee jumping, or fast and furious style motorsport racing?

12. Never have I ever dated someone I met online

More teenagers are going out with friends they meet online today more than they did a few years ago.

Most of them get connections through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Or, teenage dating apps and services like MyLOL.

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13. Never have I ever spied on my ex-boyfriend/ex-girlfriend

Have you ever spied on your former boyfriend or girlfriend online? Trying to find who they are dating these days?

What about snooping your boyfriend or girlfriend’s text conversations?

14. Never have I ever been cat-fished

Have you ever interacted with some online only to realize the account is fake? You have been catfished!

How far did your conversations go before you realized it?

15. Never have I ever tried a position that backfired

This is a funny one.

What position were you trying?

How likely are you to try it again with the same or different person?

16. Never have I ever faked love

Have you ever faked to love someone at one point during your teenage?

Or felt is faking to love you when they clearly don’t?

Perhaps it was just a teenage crush that ended up in a relationship you never wanted or planned for and didn’t know how to end it?

17. Never have I ever covered up a cheating friend

Close friends cover up each other’s overt activities all the time.

The reasons for this vary other than true friendship.

Have you been in such where you had to cover up for a friend?

18. Never have I ever saved money for a concert

When was the last time you saved money to buy a ticket?

Was it a blockbuster movie release? A ticket to a show or a movie theatre with someone special? A concert by your favorite music band?

Or, was it your celebrity crush coming to your town and you couldn’t afford to miss out?

19. Never have I ever had Valentine’s day date

A Valentine date? Who was the lucky one?

Valentine’s day is a day for us to celebrate love.

If you don’t have a date, you can decide to take your pet out or a member of your family to show how much you love them.

20. Never have I ever been on a night out date for two

Going out for a date is a thrilling experience. Going out for a date at night is even more special.

You can ask your boyfriend or girlfriend for a night date and see if you like it.

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Questions for teenage girls

21. Never have I ever played hard-to-get knowingly

Played hard to get for one reason or the other before?

Girls do it all the time.

What were your reasons? Did you achieve your goals in the end?

22. Never have I ever felt jealous of another girl winning my crush’s affection

Have you ever been in a situation where you have a crush on someone then suddenly, out of the blues, they get taken right before you let them know how you feel about them?

What did you do after?

23. Never have I ever kissed another girl

Showing affection to a person of the same gender as you is increasingly becoming acceptable in today’s society.

Would you kiss another lady in public? Would you consider dating someone of the same gender as you?

24. Never have I ever gone out without a bra/innerwear

Science has proven going without a bra a few times a week is good for your health.

Many teenage girls already walk with no bras.

How confident are you out in public without a brassiere? How about without innerwear?

25. Never have I ever been on a blind date

As a young adult, you are more likely to go out for blind dates than when you get older.

At a young age, you have more time for dates, friends, and fun activities than you will when you get older.

26. Never have I ever shaved/waxed my legs

How often do you shave your legs?

Do you get scared going out to the beach without shaving your legs?

27. Never have I ever felt weak on my knees in front of a guy

True love can make you feel a myriad of emotions whether young or old.

The feelings, the butterflies, and the weakness on your knees tend to be intense when you are a young girl.

28. Never have I ever cried for the sake of love

Why did you cry? When was it? Tears of love or disappointment?

Whichever it is, just know it is normal. Everyone cries for the sake of love.

We probably cry a lot in our teenage relationships for things as simple as when he takes long text or call back.

29. Never have I ever felt the butterflies in my stomach in front of a guy

Have you felt the butterflies in your stomach yet?

Who was it? When was it?

Did he or she notice something unusual with your behavior?

30. Never have I ever had friends with benefits

Friends with benefits, FWBs, is a relationship where two people enjoy spending time together for a specific reason.

They hook up from time to time but without commitments of any kind.

Have you been in an FWB relationship before?

31. Never have I ever had a French kiss

A kiss, with one leg raised, held on your waist, and your tongue searching. It is called a French kiss.

A French kiss is a romantic light kiss filled with love.

Have you had your first French kiss yet?

32. Never have I ever dated a sugar daddy

Are you someone’s sugar baby?

What is your experience with a sugar daddy?

How likely are you to consider this relationship arrangement?

33. Never have I ever faked my periods

When was it and why did you fake it?

Girls fake their periods to avoid situations that are either dangerous or embarrassing.

What made you lie about having your menses?

34. Never have I ever been spoilt with gifts by a boyfriend

What is the most expensive gift you have ever received from your boyfriend?

Who was the gift from?

What is the most precious gift you have ever given out as a teenager?

35. Never have I ever had a one night stand

Have you had a one-night stand as a teenager?

What is your story?

36. Never have I ever kissed my best friend’s boyfriend

Have you ever kissed, felt like kissing, or allow your best friend’s boyfriend to kiss you?

What would you say if one of them asked for a casual kiss, no strings attached?

37. Never have I ever gotten scared of his d#ck

Do you like it big, average or small? Does size matter at all?

Have you ever met a big guy that made you think twice about making out?

How did you react when you saw him or her for the first time?

It is every girl’s dream to be a model at one point in their life, especially during their teenage.

38. Never have I ever wished to be a model

Who wouldn’t like the glamour, fame, and lifestyle of a supermodel?

In as much influencer marketing is undercutting modeling today; it is still a lucrative and highly coveted career choice for young men and women out there.

39. Never have I ever cried when making out or after

What are some of the unique things you find yourself doing while making out?

What about your boyfriend?

Lucid promises? Funny faces? Noisy sessions? Crying during or after?

40. Never have I ever sent a nude photo

It is a teenage thing to send nudes.

Some girls and boys do it voluntarily but most are coaxed.

Have you ever sent one? Did you do it willingly?

Questions for teenage boys

41. Never have I ever crushed on a party hoping to meet someone

Boy oh boy, who were you looking for so badly?

Did you meet her in the end? Have you opened your heart to her yet? Does she know how you feel?

A teenage crush is an intense feeling.

42. Never have I ever suffered a heartbreak

Heartbreaks and disappointments can be painful and unbearable especially for teenagers.

How do you deal with heartbreaks?

Understanding yourself and not expecting too much from someone you love can help lessen the pain, in case of heartbreak.

43. Never have I ever m##turbated telling myself it is the last time

More than half the people who m##turbate often do it promising themselves they won’t repeat it again.

Do you m##turbate sometimes? Did you do it while a teenager?

Has the thought of “this is the last time m doing this,” ever crossed your mind?

44. Never have I ever fallen in love with a mature women

Have you ever fallen in love with a mature person as a teenager? A class teacher, your mentor, or your parent’s friend?

What about being in a relationship with someone way older than you?

What is your story?

45. Never have I ever had a surprise party

Has someone ever held a surprise party for you?

A birthday party, turning 18 parties, or an anniversary party about something in your life?

Surprise parties are a common thing among teenagers these days. They make one feel happier, valued, and special.

46. Never have I ever had a crush on a relative

Have you ever fallen in love with someone closely related to you?

How did you overcome it?

What do you think about dating a distant relative?

47. Never have I ever sneaked for a night out

Have you ever sneaked out of your house as a teenager? Or perhaps tried sneaking out?

Where were you going to?

Have you ever shared the story with anyone else?

48. Never have I ever cheated in an exam

Cheating in an exam encompasses all activities that put you in an unfairly advantageous position in an exam.

Have you ever copied someone else’s work during an exam as a teenager back in college?

49. Never have I ever blacked out

Teenagers with booze and fast life!

Where was it and what was the occasion? Most teenagers tend to blackout during parties in college, especially birthday parties.

What do you remember last before blacking out?

50. Never have I ever had a crush on my girlfriend’s girls

Once in a while, we find ourselves having a crush on someone very close to our partners be it our girlfriend or boyfriend.

Have you ever experienced such during your teenage or adulthood?

How did you deal with it?

51. Never have I ever broken a borne in my body

If you have never broken or anything on your body as a teenager, then you are not a risk-taker enough.

Which part of your body did you nearly break at one point growing up?

52. Never have I ever tried tw#rking

Tried tw#rking yet?

Which song were you dancing to?

If you haven’t, do you mind working something out right now?

53. Never have I ever had a crush on my class teacher

There is always that teacher with whom we develop a close relationship until we start building other feelings on him or her.

What is your teacher-crush story?

Was it in high school, junior school, college, or the university campus?

54. Never have I ever participated in speed dating

Have you tried speed dating yet?

What was your experience?

If you have not, do you mind attending or organizing a speed dating event?

55. Never have I ever been caught speeding on a highway

Have you ever been flagged for driving beyond the recommended speed limit?

When was it and what type of a car were you driving at the time?

How did you resolve the issue?

56. Never have I ever hooked up in a club

People go to nightclubs and casinos mostly to drink and have fun.

Other people go to nightclubs for other reasons, like to get a hookup.

Have you ever hooked up or nearly hooked up in a nightclub while in college or the university? How did it go?

57. Never have I ever felt insecure in a relationship

We all feel insecure once in a while in a relationship.

It is a very common feeling while a teenager.

What triggers the feeling of insecurity in you? How do you control it?

58. Never have I ever rocked chains, sneakers, and leather pants

What is your most rockstar moment in life?

Have you ever owned chains or other forms of rockstar outfits?

What is the most expensive fashion item you have in your closet right now?

59. Never have I ever sent a wrong text to a wrong person

Have you ever sent a text, only to realize it went to the person you least expected?

Or perhaps had an auto-correct feature in your smartphone make you send inappropriate words that may hurt?

What is the text that you sent and how did the person react?

60. Never have I ever dated someone I met online on social media

Have you ever hooked up online as a teenager back in high school, college, or the university?

Which platform did you use at the time?

Teenagers dating apps and services, social media DMs, or do you prefer a face-to-face encounter?

61. Never have I ever uploaded a video on Tik Tok, YouTube, or Facebook

Have you participated in a TikTok challenge before?

Have you ever thought of being an online influencer on Instagram, Facebook, or a YouTuber?

Do you run or tried to start a YouTube channel or a blog?

62. Never have I ever won an online video game tournament

How good are you at playing online video games?

Have you ever participated in a competition or online tournament and bagged an award?

When was it and how much money did you win in the competition?

63. Never have I ever shoplifted

What did you shoplift? When was it? Was it back in junior school, high school, or college?

I remember shoplifting candies at the counter in a store near our house every morning on school days. I later learned that the owner knew it but just allowed me to and sometimes he gave me the candies in advance to see if I will go ahead and shoplift. I feel embarrassed!

64. Never have I ever made money on my own through a side hustle

You will be surprised how innovative teenagers are when it comes to making money.

It is an open truth that teenagers rescued the dot-com bubble after the 2000 burst with the likes of Facebook’s Zuckerberg leading the way.

Other teenage money-making trends that have become mainstream include blogging, influencer marketing, Youtubing, etc.

Never have I ever questions list

65. Never have I ever felt ashamed of making out with someone

66. Never have I ever had a rebound

67. Never have I ever woken up next to someone I barely know

68. Never have I ever begged someone to stay

69. Never have I ever been dumped

70. Never have I ever been ghosted

71. Never have I ever had a clingy boyfriend

72. Never have I ever made out with someone, just to play my role

73. Never have I ever experienced a d#p

74. Never have I ever desired a threesome

75. Never have I ever had the shortest night of my life

76. Never have I ever wished the morning to come early

77. Never have I ever been naked on the beach

78. Never have I ever caused an incident while drunk

79. Never have I ever smoked w##d

80. Never have I ever held a karaoke

81. Never have I ever had my profile on dating apps like Bumble

82. Never have I ever peeked at someone naked

83. Never have I ever been jealous of someone’s love life

84. Never have I ever wanted to be a police officer growing up

85. Never have I ever been in true love

86. Never have I ever found myself hitting on my best friend’s girlfriend

87. Never have I ever felt frozen and speechless with a guy

88. Never have I ever dated a person from a different race

89. Never have I ever mentioned a wrong name while making out

90. Never have I ever wished to be a famous/musician

91. Never have I ever secretly admired someone

92. Never have I ever wished to be with someone in here

93. Never have I ever felt used

94. Never have I ever had a high school girlfriend/boyfriend

95. Never have I ever had a dream of owning a luxury yacht

96. Never have I ever felt divided and not sure when choosing whom to date

97. Never have I ever had dinner in an expensive five-star hotel

98. Never have I ever been thought to be a bad boy/bad girl

99. Never have I ever been approached by a person of the same gender

100. Never have I ever made out with more than one person in 24 hours

How to play

Never have I ever questions for teens is played by 2 people, a number of friends or in groups.

One side reads the question phrase starting with the word, never have I ever.

Other players respond by bending one finger for the finger game, leaving that card facing upward for the cards game, or taking a sip of the drink for the drinking game.

The winner of the first and subsequent rounds is determined according to the rules set down at the start of the game. Often, it is the naughtiest person in the group or in the pair.

Sometimes, the winner is the most innocent player, depending on how you agree at the start of the game.

1. Card Games

Never have I ever questions for teens can be played using cards.

These cards have questions in them ideal for teens.

The best part with the cards version of the game is that questions are well balanced in a way that they are great for teens in a way that no one will feel their privacy intruded into or targeted.

You can also skip the cards you feel are not appropriate for the occasion.

You can get a gift pack of cards for yourself and your friends online for less than 10 dollars.

2. Drinking Game

The drinking game version of never have I ever questions for teens operates under a different rule.

The winner is definitely the naughtiest in the group. The one with most dirty questions cards facing up.

It is however for those already in college and have a level of freedom and are mature enough.

Never have I ever questions for teens printable template + images

If you are into knowing the dirtiest secrets of your newly met friends in college, then, the safe drinking version of never have I ever questions for teens is for you.

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