55 Best Hot Seat Questions for Him and Her

Hot seat questions
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However close you are, there is always something or two you don’t know about your closest friend.

Hot seat questions are helpful in this scenario where you get to know them better.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best questions for you to ask and have.

So, grabs a seat and a drink and find a good place where you can enjoy these hot seat questions together.

Hot Seat Questions

1. What is your very first paid job?

2. What is your worst job ever?

3. What makes you nostalgic?

4. What is our very first memory growing up?

5. Who is your first love?

6. What do you think of your very first relationship?

7. When did you first kiss?

8. What is your favorite food and drink flavor?

9. What did you want to be when you grew up?

10. Who is your crush right now?

11. What is the best joke you have ever heard?

12. How do you know if you are falling in love?

13. What used to excite you as a child but no longer does?

14. What is your favorite movie genre?

15. What is your favorite music genre?

16. What song lives in your head rent-free?

17. What is the most embarrassing moment in your life?

18. Who has had the most influence in your life growing up?

19. Where would you rather be right now?

20. What is the most interesting tongue twister you have ever read?

21. What are you afraid of right now?

22. How do you tell if someone is lying?

23. Which book influenced your life in recent years?

24. What is the one secret you have kept from your best friend?

25. What happened that made you realize you are a responsible adult?

26. What advice would you give a 20-year-old self?

27. What is your biggest fear in life?

28. What family tradition did you find embarrassing?

29. What song did you sing in the shower?

30. What is your mantra when you are in trouble?

31. What do you do to keep calm when anxious?

32. What is the best thing you have heard people say about you?

33. What face do you make when alone in the mirror?

34. What is the worst risk you have ever taken?

35. Whose life are you admiring at the moment?

36. What do people get wrong about you?

37. Who is your hero?

38. Do you still love someone even after parting ways?

39. If you were to go to jail today, what crime is likely to take you there?

40. What is the most interesting story you were told as a child?

41. Which memories would you wish to re-live if it was possible?

42. Which part of your body do you like the most?

43. Would you rather fight or flight?

44. What game are you good at playing?

45. Who is your look like?

46. What do you wish to forget?

47. What is your favorite season of the year?

48. Which celebrity would you like to meet?

49. How crazy can you be?

50. What is the farthest you have ever traveled to?

51. What is the worst you have ever done?

52. What are you least proud of?

53. What is the worst advice you have ever received?

54. What is the one thing people don’t know about you?

55. What is the worst you have done and are still proud of?

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