100 Good Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

100 Good Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

Good Questions to Ask a Guy Over Text

If you are looking for a set of good questions to ask a guy over text or in person, this article is for you. It contains some of the best, unique and balanced sets of questions that you can ask someone you are interested in to get to learn from them and understand them better.

Knowing the person you are about to spend part of your life is a wise thing to do and it is always a good idea to do it early enough before you become emotionally intertwined.

But then, it doesn’t need to feel like an interview or psychiatric session. These good questions to ask a guy is a good place to start with.

Choose the most appropriate questions for the stage of your relationship and make sure to have fun. You can ask over your favorite drink or a simple card game and have all the fun doing it. Happy asking!

Good Questions to Ask a Guy

1. Who is [Insert name here]?

2. Mind sharing a few of your personal goals?

3. What are your expectations in a relationship?

4. Will you have children at one point in your life?

5. How do you define beauty in a lady?

6. What attracts you the most in women?

7. What are your expectations of a lady you are dating?

8. What is your relationship with your family?

9. Can you describe your best friends in a few words?

10. Who has influenced your life the most, growing up?

11. What is your type of music?

12. What is your personality type?

13. How do you fair in introverts vs. extroverts personalities?

14. What is your most favorite food?

15. Do you take alcoholic drinks?

16. What is your favorite drink?

17. Are you an outgoing person or more a reserved one?

18. Should men and women be equal in aspects of life?

19. Which social media platform do you use the most?

20. What is your take on religion and spirituality?

21. What is the most important thing you have learned about life in the last 10 years?

22. How do you define love?

23. How do you find happiness in life?

24. What is your philosophy in life?

25. What is your example of a perfect relationship?

26. Whose family and love life inspire you the most?

27. How do you define a successful life?

28. What do you consider a good life?

29. What risks have you taken in the last 3 years?

30. Are people seeing you for what you are?

31. What are you mostly misunderstood for?

32. Have you ever covered up for a friend cheating in their relationship?

33. When last did you contribute to charitable or communal actions?

34. Do you believe in life after death?

35. What is your greatest fear in life at the moment?

36. What keeps you awake late into the night?

37. Have you ever taken someone’s virginity?

38. How old were you when you first had sex?

39. At what age did you have your very first kiss?

40. What is your opinion of same-sex relationships?

41. Have you ever felt another guy’s lips kissable?

42. What qualities make a great woman?

43. What type of ladies do you find most attractive?

44. What keeps a man in any relationship?

45. Would you love to have your children at a point in life?

46. What expectations do you have of a lady you are dating?

47. What are you working on right now?

48. Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

49. What do you expect of yourself?

50. What would you do if you had a million dollars?

51. Do you sometimes wish you could a pet?

52. Have you had a pet before?

53. What is your favorite color?

54. What neighborhoods would you like to move into?

55. Do you have a secret no one knows about?

56. Is it okay to keep some secrets if they have the potential to destroy a relationship?

57. What was your major in college?

58. How do you feel working for [insert a person or company name]?

59. In what field do you think you are unbeatable?

60. What is your favorite sport?

61. Which game did you play in high school?

62. Can you beat me in [insert a sport you are best at]?

63. What did you want to be growing up?

64. In what ways have you changed in the past three years?

65. What is in your bucket list for this year?

66. What is your love language?

67. What have you given up on most recently?

68. Have you ever tried any hard drugs?

69. What is your view of those promoting weed for recreational purposes?

70. Does money sometimes corrupt good people?

71. Would you date a lady interested in politics?

72. Would you date someone who earns more than you, comes from an influential family, and is famous?

73. What makes you insecure when it comes to relationships?

74. What can’t you stand in a relationship?

75. Have you ever been in a toxic relationship before?

76. What is your favorite movie of all time?

77. If I were to get you one gift, what will it be?

78. To what extent does the physical appearance of a girl matter?

79. If money, time, and resources were not an issue, how would your life be?

80. Have girls fought over you at any point in your life?

81. How would you take it if a lady makes the first move?

82. What is your best song at the moment?

83. Which song or music genre uplifts your spirit every time?

84. What is the one thing you are proud of in life?

85. In what ways would you like to be remembered?

86. What is the one thing you are grateful for in life?

87. In what ways do your friends back in high school remember you for?

88. Who are you close to in your family?

89. In which circumstances does an eye for an eye principle apply to you?

90. When is the last time you contributed to a charitable action?

91. Which persons do you feel are just but trouble makers?

92. In what ways do you think you can do better than the president, local government, local leader, or national leader?

93. What is your opinion of the current political leaders?

94. Who do you think is nothing but an overrated [email protected]#shole?

95. What wrongs would you correct in the world if given a chance to?

96. Truth or dare? (Whichever their choice, go forward and dare them or ask a question that demands truth and honesty)

97. Can I ask you one dreadful question? [If granted permission, ask a very personal question]

98. Is it okay to tell a lie on your first date?

99. Do you like these good questions to ask a guy?

100. Would you recommend these good questions to ask a guy to some of your friends?

There you have your list of good questions to ask a guy.

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