Good and quality communication builds better friendships.

Waking up to a sweet good morning text puts a smile on someone’s face and cheers them up for the day.

Your message might be what they just needed.

We have come up with a list of the best good morning messages for friends to let them know you think and care about them every day.

They are precise and can be sent as a morning text to that someone you care about.

In this article, you will find:

Best Good Morning Messages to Send Your Friends

1. When you read these sweet good morning messages, remember that there are people in the world who think about you all the time.

2. I write this sweet good morning message to my dear friend as a reminder of how much I love her. Good friends like you are precious and hard to come by.

3. Wishing my lovely friend the best of the morning and the day ahead.

4. Good morning, longtime friend! I wish you nothing but the best as you start your day.

5. If you are reading this morning’s message, you are destined for greatness. All you have to do is believe in yourself, friend.

6. Every day comes with new memories and beautiful experiences. Just wake up and claim your place, my dear friend.

7. This is not your good morning message. It is hugs and kisses that I am sending from the bottom of my heart to cheer you up for the day. Good morning!

8. Good morning, dear friend! I wish you success in your daily tasks. Stay focussed.

9. Start your day with a beautiful smile. Everything your heart so desires will fall into place.

10. You are not just a friend to me. You are the best thing God brought my way. Good morning!

11. To my best friend who has just opened their eye, good morning!

12. This message is for you who have been there for me even when I behaved like a jerk, good morning!

13. With friends like you, everything in this world is possible. Good morning!

14. I just wanted to say good morning to the person who has always found time to be there for me.

15. My morning becomes a good morning when I know I will spend some part of my day with good friends like you. Good morning!

16. You never lack ways to make me smile. For this, I say thank you. Good morning!

17. What is life without close friends like you? Good morning, buddy!

18. Being surrounded by amazing people like you make my days more special.

19. Good morning, friend! Just like sunlight makes the night go away, you make my sorrows disappear.

20. However hard things may get, remember the good old days and soldier on, dear friend. Good morning!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

21. This goes to a great friend who has just woken up: Good morning, best friend.

22. Good friends are like pieces of sugar in a man’s life. They sweeten a rather boring life. Good morning!

23. Mornings are more beautiful when you spend them with amazing people like you, my dear. Good morning!

24. The sun lights the sky; friends like you light up my life. Good morning!

25. I write this to say good morning to people who matter the most in my life. How was your night?

26. Good morning, my friend! I wish you a bright day ahead. Be happy.

27. Every time I count my blessings, I remember amazing people like you. Good morning, best friend!

28. I wish you the best of luck for this day and many more to come, dear friend. Good morning!

29. Wake up, dear friend! A beautiful day is waiting for you. I wish you the best of luck.

30. Good morning, my good friend! I wish you a peaceful day.

31. Be happy, my friend. The world we live in has no room for a sad face.

32. Good morning, mate! I always remember you in my morning prayers. God will grant you the desires of your heart.

33. How lucky am I to have a wonderful, open-minded, and caring friend like you? Good morning!

34. Good morning, best friend! I always begin my day by sharing warm wishes and love with the person I care about the most.

35. It is a prayer that all my friends and family have a perfect day. Good morning!

36. Amazing friends like you are hard to come by. I must be the lucky one to have you in my life. Good morning, dear!

37. Good morning, my dearest friend! A blissful day ahead for you and your family.

38. Never have I ever had a friend like you in my life. You are a true friend and your actions speak for themselves. Good morning sweetie!

39. You are the sweetest friend I have ever known. Good morning beautiful!

40. Good morning, lovely friend! I wish you a good morning full of joy. May your plans for the day come to pass.

Good Morning Friend Messages

41. Here comes a new day to celebrate our friendship. Every new day comes an opportunity to love and appreciate the good people in our lives. Good morning!

42. Good morning! Start your day with new hope. Go into the world and make your dreams come true.

43. It is time for my wonderful friend to wake up and accomplish something great like he does every day. Good morning!

44. It is a good habit to start your morning by being grateful. I am happy to be surrounded by amazing people like you.

45. No matter how busy our lives are, I want you to remember I love you, my dear friend. Good morning!

46. Here we are on a planet with unimaginable beauty. Just wake up and immerse yourself in it, my dear friend.

47. I cannot guarantee your day will be wonderful. But, I can say that I have your back no matter what. Be confident and make your claim, my dearie.

48. I like to surround my day with beautiful people, memories, and good things. Your presence in my life alone accomplishes all these in one go. Good morning my friend!

49. I pray that the desires of your heart get fulfilled today. Have a wonderful day!

50. I wish you the best life you can possibly imagine, dear friend. Good morning to you.

51. He never gives us challenges we cannot bear. As you wake up today, remember God is with you all the time.

52. May your day start and end with beautiful memories.

53. I sometimes ask myself, “How would y life be without good friends like you?” I am glad I have you in my life. I cannot take it for granted. I wish you a happy morning, dear friend.

54. My hope is for you to have finer things in life. Good morning!

55. What would I do without your smile, dear friend? Good morning sweetie. Have a great day!

56. Never allow anything to put you down in this life, my dear friend. Good friends support each other. Good morning!

57. I woke up this morning feeling lucky to have you. I pray for more years like these. I wish you the best as you start your day, dear friend.

58. I hope this sweet text will make you feel good at the start of the day. Good morning my dear friend!

59. High achievers like you don’t need inspirational morning messages. All they need is an alarm clock and an irritating friend like me. Good morning best friend!

60. They say life is short. Days are even shorter. Sleep a little longer and the day will be over. Just kidding! Wake up and start living. Good morning!