75+ Best Cat Puns and Jokes for Die-hard Cat Lovers

75+ Best Cat Puns and Jokes for Die-hard Cat Lovers

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We all love cats in one way or the other. Or do we?

Perhaps we love those funny cat videos we come across in our social media profiles.

And as such, we come up with the best and funniest cat puns and jokes that will keep you entertained with your friends or family.

They include funny cat puns, Instagram caption cat puns, punny cat names, and crazy jokes about cats.

Let’s dive in.

Funny Cat Puns

1. It was a catastrophe when all cats were let loose last summer.

2. She looks fur-miliar.

3. I will love my new cat fur-ever.

4. They wanted to whisker me away.

5. I like my paw-jamas soft and white.

6. This is a Gucci pur-se. I got it as a gift for my birthday.

7. Feeling infurior is a disease in itself.

8. We are the fur-tunate ones to be here today.

9. My cat likes cock-tails a lot.

10. I need to take a paws and think.

11. Where there is a way, there are countless paws-ibilities.

12. Where do we purr-ty this weekend?

13. I can’t believe my cat likes my Furr-ari.

14. Good Mousekeeping my go-to magazine for all matters Home Décor.

15. What does it feel like to be the litter of the largest democracy in the world?

Cat Puns for Instagram Captions

16. Here is a tail of the old days. Swipe left for more.

17. Think paws-itive. Stay healthy.

18. I am too hot. Call the paw-lease and firemen.

19. Bae be like, “please, furgive me.”

20. Any radi-claw in the house?

21. How claw-some is that photo?

22. Cool kids be paws-ing like…

23. The cat is finally out of the bag! Swipe left for more.

24. I am the new est and cutest cat in the town.

25. I love you fur-real.

Crazy Cat Jokes

26. What is the cat’s favorite photo mode? Paw-trait.

27. Why don’t some people like cats? They litter a lot.

28. What happens when tabby cats are scared? They meowt.

29. Where do felines hide their nails? In their claws-et.

30. Why do cats love computers? They come with a mouse.

31. Which subject do most cats master in school? Hiss-tory and meow-sic.

32. What is Munchkin cat’s favorite dessert? Mice cream.

33. What is Maine Coon’s punchline? You gotta be kitten me.

34. What did the cat say when no one believed in him? Listen guys, I am fur real.

35. What do we call cats that look the same? Copycats

Cat Puns Names

36. Catsanova

37. Clawdia

38. Pawcahontas

39. Santa Claws

40. Fidel Catstro

41. Furgie

42. Jean Clawed Van Damme

43. JK Meowlings

44. Kitten Perry

45. Pablo Picatso

Purr Cat Puns

46. When is your purr-thday?

47. He wore a purr-ple dress yesterday.

48. I have never met such a purr-suasive person in my life.

49. The girl sur-purr-sed all her expectations to emerge victorious in the beauty contest.

50. She bought a new designer purr-se.

51. Let us organize a surprise birthday purr-ty for him.

52. Purr-haps we should visit the national museum next time.

53. While looking for a cat, keep an eye on purr-sonality.

54. It is purr-ceived that big cats are aggressive.

55. Is New York a gangster purr-adise?

Paws Feline Puns

56. Think paws-itive every day.

57. That too is a paws-ibility.

58. The judge is expected to paw-don him today.

59. The paw-lice station is just around the corner.

60. You need to take a paws on relationships.

61. You need to take a paws on your busy schedule and enjoy these funny cat puns.

62. Is it money or paw-er that corrupts?

63. My paw-sion is in taking care of cats.

64. Have you applied paw-der on the diaper rash?

65. Persian cats are the most paw-lite cats I have

Meow Puns

66. He is meow-ting on me. He neither calls nor replies to my text messages.

67. Have you watched the news? A meow-tini is unfolding.

68. I am waiting for my meow-ment to shine.

69. Her hobby is meow-ntain climbing.

70. The meow-st important thing right now is to relax and have fun.

71. My Bengal cat likes meow-sic a lot.

72. Let’s live the meow-ment. Tomorrow will let care of itself.

73. I find sphynx cats a-meow-sing.

74. You freaked meowt. Don’t do that again.

75. I am a cat person and I love cats meow than dogs.  

Cat Puns

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