Yes, drawer slides can be replaced, and their utility upgraded. You can upgrade the slides to carry heavier items. The capacity of the drawer slides will determine the weight of items it should carry. You may need an expert to help to replace your drawer slide. Reaching out to an experienced manufacturer of industrial telescopic slides and linear guide rails for replacement is advisable. 

Meanwhile, some signs show you need to replace your drawer slides. Read and learn the signs of broken drawer slides that need replacement. 

It is difficult to open and close the drawer. 

As soon as it becomes difficult to open and close the drawer, the slides must be replaced. Wear and tear of the bearing on the slides makes it stiff. Furthermore, lubricating the slides often would stop it from becoming difficult to open and close. However, as soon as it becomes difficult to open and close, replace the slides. Don’t buy a new drawer because the slides are difficult to open or close. 

Wobbly drawers

If your drawer becomes wobbly or uneven, then you need to replace the slides. The cause of a wobbly or uneven slide is overloading with heavy items. When the bearing of the slides becomes worn out, the slides will start wobbling. Also, the heavy items you put in the drawers could make the slides bend. 

Visible damage

When you discover any physical damage on the slides, you must replace them. Some of the notable physical damage are bending rust and broken components. These issues affect the slides negatively and could make them unusable. Meanwhile, if the rust is not too much, you could lubricate it. 


When the drawer slides in good condition, it doesn’t make any annoying noise. Instead, it runs smoothly without hanging while trying to open it or close it. However, when the drawer slide is not good, it makes a squishy sound. Usually, the sound is because the bearing on the slides has worn out. Aside from the sound, the drawer will be difficult to open and close. Don’t let the noise become so loud before fixing the slides.


The age of the drawer could also affect the drawer slide. The drawer slide often becomes older and worn out because of constant usage. Meanwhile, if the drawer is nearly used, it may become stiff and difficult to open. Therefore, the slide starts to wear and tear as the drawer ages. 

How to choose a drawer slide for replacement

Before you choose a drawer slide for replacement, there are certain factors you must consider. For the best drawer slides, consider the factors below.

  • Type of slide: There are several types of slides, and your choice should depend on what suits your needs. Also, the design of the drawer should be considered before choosing any type of drawer. 
  • Capacity: If the drawer is used to store heavy items, then you need to ensure that slides can do so. Using a slide designed for light items would not be suitable if you use the drawer to store large items. The weight of the slide should be of utmost priority. 
  • Length: The measurement of the slide is important. As a matter of fact, ensure that the new slide you want is the same measurement as the one you want to replace. Therefore, go with a sample of the old one to the shop to ensure it’s the same.
  • Material: The material of the drawer slide is important because it affects its longevity. Usually, metal slides are durable and can carry heavy items. Not to mention, avoid plastic slides if you want to use the drawer to carry heavy items. Also, check the brand of the metal slide you want to buy. 
  • Ease of installation: Not all drawer slides are easy to install. Some drawer slides need experts to install. Therefore, if you can’t afford to pay a professional to install the slide, go for any that is easy to install and durable. 


Most often, some technicians advise that the entire drawer be replaced if the slides become difficult to open and close. Meanwhile, a simple change in the drawer slide can solve the problem. However, you may have to replace the drawer if the slide becomes too difficult to remove. A good drawer slide should last for more than one year. Finally, the drawer slide you use will determine how long it lasts. In addition, how often you open and close the drawer affects the slides.