Cracking Wednesday jokes is a fun way to add some humor to the middle of a busy work week.

Also called hump day — the midpoint between the start and the end of a workweek, Wednesdays can be long and boring.

But some humor and witty one-liners can go a long way in making the day feel shorter and less daunting.

Whether you are in for the laughs or looking for a way to lighten your mood in the office, Wednesday jokes are a good place to start.

Wednesday Blues? Not Anymore with These Side-Splitting Jokes

Why did the girl cry on Wednesday evening? She believed it to be whine Wednesday.

What did Wednesday say to Thursday? “Hey buddy, I am halfway there!”

How did Wednesday get over the hump? By rolling over!

What do you call Wednesday that always comes late? A midweek Tardy!

Why did Wednesday hit the gym? He wanted to get over the hump.

Why were they not happy about Ash Wednesday? They never wanted to give up their work for lent.

Why did she bring the camel to work? Her boss said to her, “Bring in the hump day!”

Why are Sundays believed to be stronger than Wednesdays? Because they are not weakdays!

What did the factory workers say on Wednesday after working all day long without rest? This is the Monday-est Wednesday ever!

What do Wednesdays dream to become when they grow up? A Thursday!

How comes an ever-late student has only reported late three times this week? It was only Wednesday!

How do astronauts have parties in space? They planet.

Why did Wednesday cross the road? He wanted to get into the middle of the week.

How do you make Wednesday sweeter? Replace “W” with a “B” and you have a Bednesday!

Why does it feel like we are in limbo on Wednesdays? Because Wednesdays are never neither the beginning nor the end of the week!

What do you call a boring Wednesday? Midweek Dullsville!

What do you call a trendy Wednesday? A Midweek Trendy!

What is the best way to live your Wednesdays? Always look forward to Fridays.

Why do Wednesdays feel like they are dragging? Because they are in the middle of the week and weekends are still far away!

Why isn’t Wednesday happy? It is caught in between two weekends.

How do you celebrate on a Wednesday? By throwing in a midweek fiesta!

Guess how I slept last Wednesday? With my eyes closed!

What is the cleanest and greenest day ever? Wind-nesdays!

Guess how my Friday got ruined? I found out it was only Wednesday!

Wednesday is derived from a Latin word that means, it’s almost Friday!

How do you make a dummy laugh on Saturday? You tell them a joke on Wednesday!

Why do you call it when it doesn’t rain on Wednesday? A dry hump day!

Why is the letter “D” silent on Wednesday? It is because, on Humpday, you are always getting the “D”.

Which day do we celebrate camels? The Hump Day!

What is the best day to drink camel’s milk? Wednesday!

How many days does it take to Wednesday from Sunday? Twosday!

Why do people call Wednesdays Hump Days? Because it is downhill from there!

How do you motivate employees on a Wednesday? By telling them it’s only two days to Friday.

What do we call a Wednesday that behaves like a Monday? A Wence-day!

What do you call Wednesday everyone is complaining about? Whiny Wednesday!

Why do Wednesdays behave like they are missing something? It is because they are missing the weekend!

What did Wednesday say to the weekend? Let’s meet halfway.

Why do calendar designers quit their jobs on Wednesdays? Most of them realize their days are numbered on Wednesday!

What do you call a Wednesday that is trying to be a Monday? A wishful Wednesday.

What do we call a Wednesday that is feeling down? Mid-week crisis.

What did Wednesday say to Friday? When having fun, don’t forget about me.

What do we call it when Wednesday is moody? Midweek grumpy!

Why do Wednesdays feel like the longest day of the week? It’s because it is stuck in between other days of the week!

Why did Wednesday see the doctor? He was suffering from midweek blues.