100+ Best Trivia Questions for Adults

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A party for 18+ friends? No problem.

We have a list of the best trivia questions for adults to suite all age groups and events.

Be it a girls’ night, bachelorette party, a sleepover, or friends get-together party, this list of trivia questions for adults are ideal for you to learn from while having fun.

Let’s dive in…

Best Trivia Questions for Adults

1. Which city is the city of love?

2. What is sold the most during Valentine’s Day?

3. What is the national drink for the US?

4. Vodka is a Russian drink. What does it translate to in English?

5. Which city receives the most tourists every year?

6. Where do we find the most naked paints housed in the same place?

7. Which is the most expensive sports car brand in the world today?

8. What are the full names of Queen Elizabeth?

9. What is the difference between a duke or a duchess and a prince or a princess?

10. Who is the current prince of the United Kingdom?

11. Which house rules the gulf kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

12. Who took over after Karl Lagerfeld in the fashion house Fendi?

13. What is the rarest and the most expensive diamond in the world?

14. What is the most expensive item in parenting in the US today?

15. Which country is famed for the best wines?

16. In which month is the Oktoberfest held in Munich, Germany?

17. Who is the most followed person on Instagram today?

18. Which country does the boxing legend Joshua Anthony from?

19. What is the name of the founder of Victoria’s Secret?

20. What does compounding mean when it comes to money and investments?

21. Who is the youngest among the Kardashian sisters?

22. When did Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ first premiere?

23. How many seasons are there in If Loving You is Wrong?

24. What is the TV series Friends all about?

25. Who acted as Monica Geller in the TV series Friends?

26. Who are the founding members of the music group Destiny Child?

27. How many children can a person bear in one year?

28. Who broke the world record for the highest number of children by one mother?

29. What is the genesis of identical twins?

30. How comes some twins look very different from each other while some look alike?

31. What does LGBTQ mean?

32. What does the acronym B#D#S#M stand for?

33. At what age is one considered an adult?

34. Which country still holds an annual beauty contest to determine the next bride for its ruler?

35. What is the relationship between Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip?

36. What is the average menopausal age for women?

37. What is the most consumed alcoholic drink in the world today?

38. What is the most expensive coffee brand in the world today?

39. What is the most popular dating app today?

40. How did John Legend meet his wife?

41. How many children do Americans opt to have on average?

42. How many children are Chinese permitted to have by law?

43. What percentage of Americans are religious?

44. What is the most popular church in the US?

45. What is the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the world?

46. What is the most expensive place to rent an apartment in the US?

47. Which American city has the highest number of billionaires?

48. Cupid has evolved to be a symbol of?

49. Who are Cupid’s parents?

50. Why does cupid have a pierced heart?

51. Who does Cupid end up loving?

52. How many Shakespeare plays are there?

53. What is the shortest Shakespearean play?

54. What is the most popular play by William Shakespeare?

55. Which popular quote was invented by Shakespeare?

56. What does it mean when you receive roses of mixed colors?

57. What does it mean when you receive a bouquet of lillies?

58. What does it imply when you send your loved one black roses?

59. Which Zodiac sign persona falls in love easily?

60. Who is the potential soulmate for a Gemini person?

61. What is the average wedding cost in the US?

62. Who invented disposable menstrual pads?

63. What does the Q stand for in LGBTQ?

64. What does the G stand for in the G-spot?

65. Which animal has the largest penis?

66. How many vaginas do Kangaroos have?

67. What is the widely accepted family planning method in use in the world today?

68. In which year were catholic priests barred from marrying and having families?

69. When was the movie Fifty $hades of Gr#y first released?

70. Who wrote the book Fifty Shades?

71. Which celebrity inventor and entrepreneur has twins and triplets?

72. Who was the first American to marry a member of the British Royal Family?

73. Which year did Meghan Merkle get married to Prince Harry?

74. What is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean?

75. How did John legend meet his wife?  

76. What is it called when you open a bottle of champagne with a sword?  

There you have the best trivia questions for adults. I hope you had fun.

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