250 Great Philosophical Questions About Love and Life

Philosophical questions
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It is often said, clever people study to find the truth, wise people seek the truth from within themselves.

The process of seeking the truth from within our own selves is called introspection – a process that uses philosophical questions.

Like journaling, introspection starts with a set of right questions that you can use to explore your mind and find answers to the most important aspects of your lives that we more than often ignore.

Most of these questions are philosophical in nature and that is why in this article, we have come up with the best philosophical questions for you to ask yourself and find answers to vital aspects of our lives that we tend to ignore.

Best philosophical questions

1. What does it mean to have a good life?

2. Is it easier to love or to be loved?

3. What is happiness? Is it attainable? Is happiness what we should strive for? Should we go after happiness in life or purpose?

4. What is love? Is love an illusion or a reality? Can we decide to love, fall out of love and unlove when we need to?

5. What harsh truths are better ignored?

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6. Do those who love us truly love us? Or do they love what they think we are? What happens when we stop being what we are, will they still love us the same?

7. Is there a true free thing in this world? Or do we pay for it in one way or the other?

8. What is the purpose of life? Chasing money and a better life from the time you are born till when you die?

9. Would you rather be respected or be liked?

10. How meaningful is life without people around us? Do we need friends? Can’t we be happy and fulfilled without friends?

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11. Is having an ego a good thing? Is it bad? At what point is ego a good thing? At what point does it become a bad thing?

12. Does utilizing our time well make us better, happier and fulfilled? Does keeping time in all aspects of our lives make us slaves of our selves?

13. Do acts of kindness have motives? Is kindness with motives good for humanity?

14. Does evil come from within us? Is it external?

15. Has technology like smartphones and social and interactive media taken away our emotions? How much empathy do we still feel for each other?

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16. Are we free the way we think we are?

17. What should be the main goal of humanity?

18. Do we really need what we aspire for? Is it worth it?

19. Is money a good thing? Is it the root cause of evil and unhappiness?

20. Is religion a good thing? Is it an illusion? Is it some sort of slavery? Should countries be religious or not? What about nations that discourage religion and they still are thriving?

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21. Is accumulating wealth a good thing? How much does it contribute to inequality and making the lives of the unfortunate in our societies harder?

22. At what point is wealth and money enough? Is there a need for us to go on and on accumulating forever and ever?

23. Is feeling more superior than people around us a good thing?

24. Is fate and predestined life real? At what point do we attribute an occurrence in life to fate and at what point should we attribute it to God? At what point should we attribute it to our own making and efforts?

25. Is Karma real or just a coincidence in life?

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26. Is there life after death? How will life be on earth if we stopped believing in life after death and just adopt death as the end of everything?

27. Why do we dream at night? Is there a world beyond what we know that we go to in our dream? Is it some sort of parallel reality that science is yet to explore and religion hasn’t explained yet? Why do some people’s dreams come to life after some time? Is it part of our past lives embedded in our DNA code that we revisit in dreams? Is it the future that we see or both the past and the future?

28. Where do you get your self worth from? Is it from the things you own? The makeup? The expensive jewelry and clothing? The knowledge you have or the status you hold in your society? In what ways does yourself arise from demeaning or looking down upon people around you?

29. Does the end justify the end? Or do we have to do what we have to do to get to our goals even when it hurts many along our paths to our ideal lives?

30. Would you kill to protect another from getting killed? Does it mean the life you took away was worthless? How did you decide to kill to save the other?

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31. Is money a good thing? Is it the source of all evil in this world?

32. Is profiteering a good thing? Is it a form of exploitation? At what point is profiting a good thing? What margin is considered unethical? What should we profit from and what should we not? Is profiting from life-saving drugs or from selling illegal drugs a good thing?

33. How long will the world remember you when you die?

34. Can being spiritual make you happier and more fulfilled? Can it give you a more solid purpose in life? Why are spiritual people appear to be happier most of the time especially when they congregate?

35. Does a bigger bank account make us happier and better people?

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36. Is being obsessed about someone or something a good thing? Does it give us the purpose for life? At what point does it become a bad thing?

37. Is it better to believe in religion? Should we believe in Science or ourselves?

38. If we can erase memories, will it be a bad thing? Do we need bad experiences in our lives for the sake of learning? Should delete them so that we can move forward and chart a new path for our lives?

39. What is your favorite philosophical thought as far as life is concerned?

40. What do you find yourself believing in but find it hard to prove or explain?

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Did you like these philosophical questions?

There you have our complete list of the best philosophical questions. Have fun!

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Philosophical questions

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