“Every year a day like this, I get reminded of how important you are to me. Happy birthday.”

On a special day like this, we have curated the best happy birthday wishes and messages for you to share with your special someone and make their day more special.

The wishes are short and touching and can be sent as a text, written as a caption for your social media post, or inscribed in a happy birthday wishes card for them.

Looking for some heartfelt birthday messages? Let’s get started.

Happy Birthday Wishes

1. Every year day like this, I get reminded of how important you are to me. Happy birthday.

2. You fill my heart with joy. And, on your special day like this one, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

3. You’re getting better and better with every year of your life. Happy birthday.

4. Thank you for being the happiest person I have ever met; cheers to more years full of happiness.

5. You have grown so much in just a year and I’m proud of you. Happy birthday.

6. Happy birthday! I wish you many more years of good health, happiness, and prosperity.

7. May God keep revealing what He has in store for you for years to come. Happy birthday.

8. As you add one more year to your life, I am here to wish you a happy anniversary.

9. As you add a year into your life, may your wishes come to pass sooner than you expected. Happy birthday.

10. As you get one year older and wiser, may God bless you.

11. Enjoy your special day; and may life continue to bring the best out of a beautiful soul you are.

12. Your life is worth celebrating every single day but on this day all I can say is “Happy birthday my dear.”

13. You are a special person and there is no one like you in this world. Happy birthday to you.

14. Bestie reminder, you are special! Enjoy our birthday my dear.

15. You are a beauty to life in itself and that is more apparent with every year you add into your life. Happy birthday.

16. There are friends and there are best friends. Happy birthday my best friend.

17. Annual reminder: There is no one like you in this world. I wish you the happiest birthday ever.

18. You are a beauty in life itself, happy birthday.

19. If I were to be granted 3 wishes today, I would have asked for: 1. Happy 2. Birthday 3. Dear

20. There are people in our lives and there are special people in our lives. Happy birthday special one.

21. Your life is worth celebrating every day but today, allow me to wish you a happy birthday.

22. A happy birthday to this beautiful dime in her prime!

23. If you are getting older, I am too.

24. If you are getting older, that means you are getting wiser. A happy birthday.

25. Remember to light up the room with your beautiful smile as everyone sings, “happy birthday to you.”

26. What can I say? Happy birthday, cutie.

27. A happy birthday to my forever young bestie.

28. Birthday calories don’t add up so enjoy your birthday cake without reservations.

29. As you blow one more candle, it doesn’t mean you are one year older. All it means is you are one year wiser and better.

30. You are very poor at aging. Can you try to look older? A happy birthday dear one.

31. As you turn XY years this year too, happy birthday to my best friend.

32. ..and how did we get so old so fast?? Happy birthday best friend.

33. Hey you! It’s your birthday.

34. I believed one gets wiser with age. Well, there is always a next year dear one.

35. As you blow the 23 candles, I am here to remind you that I love you.

36. Never think of it as getting older, but getting wiser.

37. It is not jewelry that is a lady’s best friend but her best friend is her jewel. Happy birthday.

38. Birthday calories don’t count. Your birthday cake is on me.

39. Don’t think of it as adding one more year but think of it as

40. How many happy birthday wishes have I sent you over the years? I guess it is official, I am your BFF!

41. Happy birthday to the person who brings joy to my heart.

42. Happy birthday to my irreplaceable best friend.

43. On this special day, I am here to tell you, you are not just my best friend; you are my BEST. Happy birthday.

44. What a joy to see your best friend growing up with you? Happy birthday dear friend!

45. A happy birthday. I hope all your wishes and dreams come true.

46. I send these warm birthday wishes and prayers that you live long enough to receive the 100th birthday message from me.

47. Happy birthday! If I were to be quarantined today, there is no one else I will be happy to be quarantined with other than you.

48. Keep calm, stay safe, happy birthday special one!

49. It is your special day, get out there and celebrate like crazy. Happy birthday!

50. Happy birthday. Your birthday is as special to my life, like you are.

51. If there is one person who should have a perfect day today, it is you. A happy birthday dear.

52. I wanted to write a perfect birthday message to you but the best birthday wishes reside in the heart and cannot be explained by words.

53. Gentle reminder: IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY! Treat yourself.

54. There is something special about your birthday. I am sure it is you.

55. How do you manage to grow older while looking younger? A happy birthday!

56. Sending you lots of love as you add one more year to your life.

57. As you receive this birthday gift, I wish you knew how much of a gift you are to me and the world.

58. Sending you big hugs for your birthday.

59. Sending you lots of kisses for your special day, happy birthday.

60. If it were up to me all your birthday wishes will come true.

61. You deserve only the best in your life, perhaps the reason I am here.

62. You deserve the very best of everything in life. Even on your birthday, you deserve the best birthday money can buy.

63. As you celebrate your birthday, know that age is just a number and we pray that our number goes beyond 3 digits.

64. I pray among all the birthday wishes you ask for, life grants an abundance of happiness, joy, health, and a good life for years to come.

65. There is a birthday and there is a happy birthday, and then there is you – a happy soul God brought to this world 30 years ago.

66. Once upon a time, it was believed the more candles you blow, the younger you become. It is still true to this day!

67. I know it is your birthday but when mine comes, my wish is for your birthdays to be the best anyone has ever had.

68. If birthday wishes had a price, I would buy you the very best birthday wishes life has to offer.

69. Good morning, a happy birthday to you.

70. Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you all the best!

71. You amaze me with your aging process. The older you get, the younger and happier you look. What’s the secret?

72. Don’t forget to smile as we sing a happy birthday song for you later today.

73. When you wake up, I would like you to know that I am always thinking of you. And, here are my warmest birthday wishes of a good and prosperous life for you.

74. Good morning. The goodness in this morning is for you to have the happiest birthday as you turn a year older this day.

75. Youth hs no age. Have all the fun in the world on this special day in your life.

Happy birthday wishes