150 Interesting Best Friend Tag Questions for Your BFF

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You must have had a couple of best friends over a number of years that you identify with, love, and admire.

How deep did you know and understand each other?

What about the one you have right now? How well do you know each other?

Most often we assume, just by the fact that someone cracks friendly jokes, you have been to their place and them to yours that you know and understand each other well.

You are wrong!

If you are going to give someone the title of being your best friend, then you have to take time and make an effort to get to know each other better.

And, how do you do that?

Invite them over, grab this list of the best friends tag questions and find out how deep you really know each other.

Best Friend Tag Questions Templates

Best friend tag questions game template

Best Friends Tag Questions

1. How and when did we first meet?

2. What was your first impression of me at the time?

3. What do you admire the most about me?

4. What is our favorite inside joke?

5. What is our best memory together?

6. Let’s describe each other in one word

7. What phrase describes me/you best?

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8. Which word am I fond of?

9. Which phrase or statement do I say most often?

10. Which word do I pronounce differently that is unique to me?

11. Name 3 items that I rarely miss with me?

12. What is my most favorite movie series of all time?

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13. Whose song cant I resist singing along?

14. Whose song cant I resist dancing?

15. Who is my celebrity crush?

16. What is my go-to drink every time we are out?

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17. Which food can’t I get enough of it?

18. What is the most embarrassing moments of us together?

19. What is the happiest moments we have ever had together?

20. What do I like that you don’t like at all?

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21. What are we both equally passionate about?

22. What binds our friendship making it as healthy as it is?

23. What is my favorite online and offline game?

24. What sport do I like the most?

25. Which public figure, celebrity do I go crazy every time I hear news about them?

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26. On a free lazy day, what would I be doing?

27. What are some of strengths you admire the most from me?

28. What are some of the weaknesses that might results into my downfall?

29. If I was do travel to a different planet, what will you remember me for?

30. If I were to leave to different country for good, what should I leave behind as your memory of me?

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31. What is your nickname of me?

32. What that one thing that you like and I don’t like at all?

33. What is the one thing that we often fight about, over?

34. What thing do you often feel I do wrongly and I feel I am damn right?

35. Is there anything weird that I like?

36. Am I allergic to anything?

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37. What is the craziest moments, memories of us together?

38. If I we were to tour a place on earth and have fun, where will it be?

39. Where and when will our next vacation be?

40. How long do I take to get ready when going out?

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41. What is my favorite color?

42. When is my birthday?

43. Where was I born in?

44. What are the two names of my parents?

45. What is my middle and last name?

46. What word do I find hard pronouncing?

47. What is my favorite TV show?

48. If my house was on fire, what one thing will I rush to save first?

50. Do I chew pens and nails?

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51. What is my favorite color?

52. What is my favorite ice-cream flavor?

53. What is my go-to pizza toppings?

54. Who is the last person I kissed?

55. When last did I go for a date?

56. What character or behavior do I detest the most?

57. If I were to make a wish knowing it will granted right away, what will it be?

58. What personality type do I love to identify with the most?

59. What did I want to be, when I was a child?

60. One word for the photos of the younger me?

61. Who is my favorite musician or band currently?

62. Have I ever been in love?

63. What is my favorite breakfast meal?

64. What is my go to drink?

65. What do I prefer the most for dinner?

66. What is my dream career?

67. Do you know my dream partner for life? If yes, can you describe them?

68. What do I do that always puts a smile on your face?

69. If there was a crime that will take us to prison one day, what will it be?

70. What will I do if you say you don’t want want to talk to me again?

71. What do I do when you get mad at me?

72. What am I fond of every time I get mad at someone or something?

73. Do I snore?

74. How good am I at posing for photos?

75. Is there a time when you felt we shouldn’t be friends anymore? When was that and what happened?

76. What do I like doing when I feel very low?

77. Do I have a phobia? What is it?

78. Do I miss anyone at this moment?

79. How easy is it for me to fall in love?

80. How easy is it for me to let go?

81. Do you feel and think I have secrets I haven’t told you? Intentionally or not?

82. Who do I detest the most in the whole world?

83. Who has better dance moves?

84. Who gets naught when drunk?

85. Who gets drunk easily?

86. Between us, who has a higher chance to mess up?

87. Who cooks better tasting meals fast?

88. Who is good at making and handling money?

 89. What is my greatest achievement in life so far?

90. What am I really poor, bad at?

91. Did I vote last time? Who did I vote for president?

92. Which part or character do you admire the most in me?

93. Do I sing in the shower, car?

94. Who was my high school crush?

95. Who am I in love with at the moment?

96. When do you think is the last time I told someone I love them?

97. Without checking, what was my last text to you?

98. What is the worst job I have ever done?

99. What secret do I have that only you know it?

100. What is the least kind, mean thing someone has ever done or said to me?

101. When I am provoked, what will be my sudden next move?

102. What movie types do I like watching the most?

103. If I were to meet anyone right now, who will it be?

104. What one thing about you annoys me most often?

105. What is the one thing that I will want as a present right now?

106. What will I be caught dead wearing it?

107. What are 2 things you strongly feel I don’t know about you?

108. If by chance you suddenly become extremely wealthy, will I still be your best friend? Will I directly benefit from your wealth?

109. What is the weirdest thing I have ever done for money?

110. What is the most weird thing I have ever done for the sake of love?

111. What is unique about me that only a handful of people close to me know?

112. How do I eat my meals? With bare hands or using spoons, folk and knives?

113. If I choose to study and master on thing this year. What will it be?

114. What is the funniest story about me?

115. What is a funny story from me when growing up?

116. What is my secret arsenal when it comes to attracting persons of the opposite sex?

117. Who is more introverted. extroverted between us?

118. Who is more optimistic, pessimistic about the future?

119. Who is good at interacting with people and making new friends?

120. Who is stubborn and annoying between us? Who is more reliable between us?

There you have your complete list of the best friends tag questions.

Best friends tag questions

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